Education As A Way To Go Out Of The Darkness Into The Light

By Viktorija Mitevska. Viktorija, 21, is a freelance poet and columnist. She lives in Skopje, Macedonia. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

We learn what is bad and what is good from the youngest age, through education. Education is, for sure, the highest value of modern society. The level of tendency for well-educated people to ask for, and demand, their rights is significantly higher, compared to non – educated people. Hence, we can say that education is the best defense mechanism; if we have it and know how to use it.

If we don’t want to miss our ‘’once in a life chance’’, we should work on our educational development, because that’s the strongest weapon we have to fight in this modern, developed, innovative, fast-paced and well-educated world. A world where people speak at least three languages, travel a lot and work abroad. There are big competencies in every field. The world is a big ocean with mix of different ideas from very clever minds.

The only way to be something in this kind of world is to have at least a good educational background and then everything else will follow. In order to use the fruits of life, and harness the benefits of innovative and modern societies, we should not hide and wait, but we should act and show ourselves to the world – providing that we have knowledge and skills that we can show. Otherwise, we can never be contribute to society.

Everyone has a different conception for what it means to have a good education and how this influences good behavior and habits, as well as helping to build the right personality. That perception depends on the relevancy of teaching, the capacity of teachers and professors, and our expectations of educational subjects. Most important is the desire to study, to have passion for math, language, music or maybe art. One other important thing is that, in order to achieve these goals, the education system needs to be high quality and efficient. It must be rooted in good values and a democratic society.

Governments worldwide invest in a lot of different and economically strong sectors. On the one hand these are good because these are the easiest way for educated people to find jobs. On the other hand, there is a need for prioritisation. Every country should first invest in the education system, in order to have the best workers for the jobs in the sectors. If the number of educated employees increase, this will also increase the capability of the workforce and empower society. In this sense, we need reform and also competitive education. Sometimes, in order to produce this you should also need intellectual abilities and creativity. To be competitive is really important, especially in finding job, because you are not alone and you will never be.

All this is needed to raise the awareness of the people about the meaning and consequences of their actions. As you can imagine, education greatly contributes towards this. Absence of education leads to poverty, deviation, criminal activities and bad behavior. Ultimately, this makes those people very weak and vulnerable to bad influences. The meaning of life, respect and dignity, without a strong educational background, can be easily changed and manipulated. This is why we need education, to help us managing the challenges in our daily life activities, to bring us out of the darkness to see the light.

So, I will say that if one country has a functional and completely efficient educational system, accessible to everyone, the society in that country will have people who work towards personal and professional development. These individuals know how to measure their own benefits but also the consequences and responsibilities that they have for others and wider society. It’s time for the people in this process to take on real commitments in order for the system to produce young and successful people, with skills, knowledge and work that will help for the development of a better society.

It’s really important that everyone to have equal opportunities for education, because this open new doors and opportunities and enhances lives, careers and our position and treatment in the society.

So, Victor Hugo was right in his statement. The mission of education is to get the best of us in front of the world – to make us better people today than we were yesterday. People with skills and knowledge are then able to challenge and change a world of ignorance and emptiness. Those are the kind of people we need.

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  1. Nika on

    The best reflection and description of what education is, and I am definitely about the fact that education leads us to “light” – a better life and


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