Education is the focus road to a fulfilled life

By Eva Namani. Eva is a writer from Enugu, Nigeria. Please read her entry and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Education is the foundation on which an individual stands and gets himself/herself deeply rooted in most of the things that revolves around him/her, both physically, intellectually, socially, religiously etc.

One who opens a school door closes the door to prison. This does not really mean erecting buildings as school but one who helps individuals come out of their shadowed, shaded, inexperience and ignorant life that limits and stagnates them from understanding the world in which they live and the differences in the people around them. Helping an individual have a good knowledge and positive exposure of the four key words above definitely will bring him/her out of the prison of unknown world that he/she has been living in. enveloped blindly with frustration and possible anxieties.

When an individual studies and understand the world in which he/she lives in from his/her mentor of any status, the possibilities of his/her falling victim of going against the laws surrounding his/her place of board will be farfetched because the door of school in his/her life was properly guided and let out to by his/her mentor which was accepted with humility, thereby shutting out the of prison in their life due to the wise choices and decision he/she made.

Most of the governments of today refused to open the doors of school in their various nations by allowing ugly practices take place in the nation e.g defrauding the nation’s wealth, not fighting human trafficking properly, Electoral malpractices, Shooting and killing of innocent  souls by  lawless people marginalizing oneself, yet they are one nation. According to National Population policy (2004) principles, governments shall recognize and support the special needs of the children, youths, women and men, including the elderly and disabled. This is not properly done; the door of prison cannot be closed with the type of dangling and unsteady pendulum of governance.

In the process of education, an individual is prepared to have the responsibilities of equipping themselves with good character of becoming a good citizen in any environment they find themselves. What has a well behaved individual to do with the ills in the society? This well behaved individual will always bear in mind what the laws of the nation or state holds on any that goes against it, which may be “imprisonment”  as such will avoid and maintain the law to keep off shame and it’s like on his/herself

When the Curriculum prepared by the government of the nation i.e. Federal Ministry of education, deals more on morals and personality up build of students in the schools and the quality of teachers that teaches these students, the products of every school within the country will be patriotic in nature as the ills in the society will be minimal. Though prison yard is meant for hoodlums but the innocent ones fall victim of it due to one mistake or the other. Carefulness, observation, well guided speeches etc. are the most strength an educated individual have over an uneducated individual which will always make him/her stay off any predicted problems coming around him.

The government of the nation should pass it as a law that every school both primary, secondary, colleges of education and universities should have guidance counselors in every level of the school in the nation to help traumatic and withdrawn students find their feet in both educational. Vocational and social personal aspect of their life since it will lead them to the fulfillment of their individual life desire.

Most of the parents who notices that their children does not perform or behave well are often heartbroken and victims of hypertension because it is often said that children are the joy of every parents.  A child that behaves well adds to the good health and long life of the parents.

Nurturing of children are the duties of educated and non–educated parents, teachers including every individual in the society. When all hands are on deck, corrections, education, ideas, advice, good words etc will be taught to the children/youths in the society who are the strength, wealth and life of the future and the nation they live in.

Education which is gotten from both the  home, school, churches, recreational places and the society at large is the mirror with which one sees and evaluate his/herself determines the next changes he/she will engage in. Charity it is said begins at home when many individuals acquire good and accepted behaviors from their various homes the most good behavior which will be exhibited in the society will be the rate of making  the nation to be productive and have healthy manpower thereby giving credit to the nation’s security, economy, peacefulness, governance etc and having good inter – relationship with other nation. Knowledge is power which equips ones with various strategies with which to explore for an avenue on which to establish on, for a better tomorrow which is at the door post of every individual waiting to be handled effectively to yield a better result for oneself.

Thus everybody who opens a school and closes the door to prison does that when individual efforts comes together to direct the Children/Youths in the society when found going off track in every aspect of their life. So stagnation in one’s life comes from ignorant. A more knowledgeable individual should always be ready to help an ignorant person to explore some avenue around themselves or within.

Making this will help one become more versatile in things to be engaged in as to live a fulfilled life which will bring good health, Joy and self acceptance to him/her as this will take off the darkness around the individual which will often bring ill thought, laziness, Confusion and quick temperedness in one.

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  1. Amaechi Ujunwa on

    Nice article. Proper Education is the best thing that can happen to any man. It gives wealth, fulfilment and a good self esteem which leads to self acceptance which she pointed out. This article is so good and educating.


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