He who opens a school door, closes a prison

By Nário Samussone Sixpene. Nário is a student at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique. Please read his entry and leave your comments below.

Blaming people for crimes without having given them the opportunity to experiment a good life in a desk, is to commit another crime without being blamed. People need to understand that education must be enabled for all citizens so that they can be able to read and interpret laws to avoid committing crimes. But blaming them without having given them an opportunity to see a teacher, discuss ideas in class and the most important and mighty thing of learning to read, is to commit another crime, because such illiterate person has no tools to judge his actions, obviously because he doesn’t know the regulators of the society, which are the laws. The society shouldn’t point its finger to people who committed a crime but don’t know what a school is. First, the society should ask itself what would that person had been if he had gone to school.

Opening a school is important, because we can close prisons, by doing that, the government will not have to spend money nourishing people who are unproductive in prison. The best investment the government can do is to open school doors for people. By doing that, it will be ending poverty, malnutrition and the monster problem, which is crime. There are few people who attended school and now are in prisons, because, perhaps what made them commit crime is to think that school is important to have money, and that is the main problem of students nowadays, as we can see that by the courses they choose, sometimes they don’t even like such course, but as they think that they will have money with that, they do it. When they finish the course and they face problems with it, the option that remains sometimes is crime. Reason why, it is not recommended to choose a course looking for money.

Man without education is like a man in a dark cave, where he can’t see anything, he just does things expecting to reach something or touch something that can help him be steady. Darkness makes him mad, because he can’t understand the situation around him. He walks to a side to side, but he just meets fences that don’t permit him get out from the dark cave. The same happens to a man without education. He doesn’t know what he is doing, he just does things because he hasn’t tools that can help himself get out from the cave of ignorance and break the fences of darkness to light. For example: In Mozambique, people who are living in in rural areas don’t have complete access to education. The majority of them remain illiterate, the question that comes up is: how can he know that killing someone can take from him five years in a jail, if he doesn’t know how to read in order to interpret?

The educational quality nowadays is the main condition for economic efficiency. Companies nowadays, need people who are able to think, to propose changes for innovation. Companies are looking for people who had gone to school in order to help them improve their incomes. Obviously, they won’t employ someone who is unable to do something productive for the company, even if the company is owned by an illiterate person.

To propose changes in a society, it needs education, there are few people who are innovators without have had attended a school. The society need people who can do endeavors for it and not people who are there just to steel, kill or harm others. The unique think that can bring solutions for the main society problems is education.

People don’t born uneducated, what happens is that they are given chances to be so. If someone doesn’t learn from his childhood the importance of school and good ways of living in a society, such person is more likely to commit crimes. In this generation, everything is around money. People learn from their childhood that being reach is better than anything else. Right, it can be. But we have to know how to tell that to our children, otherwise we shall be leading them to a dark hole where they will difficultly escape from.

The ambition of a man grows according to the level of satisfaction of his needs. This way, the majority of those who attend a school, their ambitions grow by the time he or gets a new grade or level, because he feels like he is close to his life goals. The society should provide to people all these wishes and sensations through school, in order to avoid leaving them in the hands of destiny, where the majority end up in jail as a result of education less.

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  1. Clementino Abdala on

    Firstly I want congratulate the writer of this text because it is such interesting. i think that He brouht here what really people need to know.


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