“He who opens a school door, closes a prison”. – Victor Hugo

By Judith Shedul. Judith, 21, studies at the University of Jos, in Nigeria. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Ignorance they say is a disease. It blindfolds us and makes us crippled on a whole lot of opportunities. Its imprisons us making us slaves.

The decision to remain ignorant by committing to an ideology despite scientific proof is a dangerous mindset that can inhibit an individual from discovering the truth and therefore developing as an individual.

Whether factual, objectual or technical ignorance, eradication of the enemy though difficult is paramount. Acquisition of knowledge through education is the biggest antidote known.

As stated by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world.” It is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. In this world which is so plainly the antechamber of another there are no happy men.

The true division of humanity is between those who live in light and those who live in darkness. We demand education and knowledge so that the number of the latter be diminished and that of the former increased.

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison” irons out the fact that opening a school door closes the door to a prison of ignorance. This saying gives credit to knowledge pointing out education as the key to get anywhere in life.

Closing the school gates means we are opening our future to poverty, social callousness and a whole bunch of incriminating activities, and if we do not help the vulnerable, how do we help our society to develop and advance?

How do we seal up the doors to the prison of ignorance?

It is crucial to never stop learning as it opens doors to a lot. The importance of education cannot be overemphasized. It grows you, shapes you, and even changes you.

Education helps us understand what to do and why we do it. It helps us differentiate right from wrong and helps us make choices, hopefully, good ones that will help us become useful to ourselves, our families and our society.

You feel more confident in yourself when you are knowledgeable. Education helps you learn more about yourself, your immediate society and the world at large. You need confidence and self-belief to be able to achieve anything in life. Being able to form useful opinions and contribution when others are speaking, because you are educated, will help you feel confident.

Education makes you aware. You know what is around you, you consider logic, culture and beliefs before choosing what way you think is right. It clears darkness and leaves you with light and clarity.

Education is the very tool for everyone to succeed in life and get something different. It helps a lot in lessening the challenges of a difficult life. It opens various doors to the opportunities of achieving better prospects in life so promotes career growth. It brings feeling of equality among all people in the society and promotes growth and development of the country.

Education plays a paramount role in the modern technological world. Nowadays, there are many ways to enhance the education level. The whole criteria of education have been changed and now we can study through distance learning programmes after the 12th standard together with the job.

The means of economy and money-making have changed with education. It is the primary cause of rising in the employment opportunities all over the world. Without education, a person can only perform lay jobs using his hands and legs. But due to education, he can work using his brain.

The mind gets matured by proper education and training. A person can judge what is right and what is not. Education makes a person independent and helps him abide by the rules of the land.   It also helps us to improve our discipline, self-control and even sense of responsibility. Proper education of masses can cut the crime rate and other sorts of social violence.

Transfer of knowledge from one generation to another or from one country to another is possible with education. Histories and theories can be spread to masses to a complete extent with education.

John Dewey said that “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” Indeed, as stated by Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Praise the bringers of education for they close prison doors.

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  1. philip on

    I wouldn’t agree less but,unfortunate the educational system in Nigeria does not support your sensible write ups,it feels educational is for certain group/class of people.


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