Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

By Enajuma Balang, who is a Computer Science graduate. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

To be just is to be guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness. Justice, simply put means fairness in the way people are treated. From my point of view ‘love is a universal language’. Love overcomes tribe, race, religion and anything that tends to cause division amongst us. Love is what helps us understand the next person irrespective of their tribe, religion or race. Love builds bridges that everyone can walk on. By everyone I mean everyone, no exception! You might ask “Why am I talking about love when I should be talking of injustice? Here is why; love and justice have a very close knit relationship to the point that one cannot survive without the other. Love brings about justice, and lack of love conjures injustice.

Injustice means acting unfairly. Injustice is truly a threat to justice everywhere just the same way hatred is a menace to love anywhere. Injustice has a rippling effect on any system the same way a drop of water ripples through a large body of water. Wherever injustice is practiced love and justice are greatly undermined and this in turn sends a strong message discouraging those who do the right thing. Injustice has the ability of crippling any system as it slowly destabilizes and suffocates it. Functionality can only survive where there is a system that operates on justice to the core. Anybody that has been cheated and trampled upon knows what it feels like to be treated unfairly. Such a person could forever feel bruised and hurt thereby further diminishing the zeal to do good. Injustice encourages a non-mutual relationship….a predator-prey type of relationship. A mutual relationship can only survive where there is justice.

Any system (family, organisation, country) that practices injustice will only produce disgruntled people as the victims of such a system will go into the world feeling disappointed and discouraged. The world is a global village, so injustice anywhere could stir up injustice everywhere leading to lack of believe in the justice system; a real threat to the just and justice as a whole. The good upbringing of a child who is taught to be just at all times can help the world in so many ways because that child will have a positive effect in the world in one way or the other. In the same way a child who grows up seeing injustice as a norm will surely promote an unjust system.

I will like to give typical examples of injustice that have been practiced for years: The ‘Me Too’ movement emanated from the fight against unfairness to victims of sexual abuse who mostly remained silent for years and finally decided to break the silence and say “ enough is enough”. It turns out that most of the victims are females and most of the perpetuators are males. We all know that there has been a long standing injustice in the world largely against women. Many cultures around the world have practiced deep seated unfairness against the female population. Males were, and are still, given upper hand over their female counterparts.  This has led to the male population misusing their power by abusing females sexually, physically, verbally and mentally. This system has remained a scourge from the beginning of time which has resulted to general increase in crime rates with prevalence amongst the males. Many girls and women who were raised in abusive environments  accept such abuses as norms and turn out to become further promoters of such unfairness by getting involved in organised crimes such as prostitution, pimping and the likes . In some cases the victims of such abuse decide to take laws into their hands by stealing from and cheating men in any way they possibly can as a form of pay back. In extreme cases notorious female criminals like Aileen Wuornos (an American serial killer) hated and killed men as a result of such abuse. Injustice only breeds hatred and crime on a larger scale. Now, victims around the world have decided to cry out and to demand a stop to an unjust system hence the ‘Me Too’ movement which started in the USA but now boasts of worldwide supporters as a way of fighting such injustice. In India, women and young girls are raped and even gang raped alarmingly on a daily basis, but this has ensued because of deep-rooted injustice against the female population that lies in most cultures in India and many other countries around the world. It is a pity that many women even look down on themselves, while the girl child is disregarded as a result of this; as they have been brain washed by an unjust and corrupt system that favours males over females. Any girl or woman is as important as her male counterpart, the truth is we all complement each other. Every human being deserves the right to be treated fairly and with dignity. People cannot sow injustice and expect to reap any good fruits. The world can only be a better place if justice is practiced and injustice discouraged at all levels.

My country Nigeria is where it is today as a result of corruption that has thrived on injustice for many years. It started small but as at today, corruption has almost crippled Nigeria totally. Although the current president, a morally disciplined person, has tried his best to fight corruption, it has been difficult as it has entangled the country deeply. It would take some time and hard work to do away with the menace but the populace think it should be an overnight job. This is to the point that many Nigerians today say they prefer a corrupt government to rule. I really wonder how a person can proclaim such, it really baffles me! It just means the people have been conditioned to think corruption and injustice are acceptable. Leaders who come to fight corruption and restore a just system are instead fought against. The people of Nigeria having lived for so long under corrupt practices now sadly see it as a norm. The truth is that we can only get better and grow as a country if we adopt the right practices and push injustice out from amongst us. The more years we postpone this right move, the worse it gets and the longer it will take to be done with. My country Nigeria has suffered too much from injustice, this is a country that is so blessed with rich natural and human resources. Now Nigerians strive better outside their country than in their own country. The intelligence and the innovativeness of the common Nigerian( I must tell you that Nigerians are highly intelligent people) is strangulated by the high rate of injustice in the country; you either have to come from a particular tribe or family of affluence before you can exhibit your God given abilities. It’s quite sickening! The bullies are made to rule over their victims while the well-behaved are trampled upon and mocked. How can a country in this state move forward if we don’t accept a change for the better?

As a Christian, my religious values are purely based on love and justice. The Holy Bible, right from the old testament clearly speaks against any form of injustice. In the new testament, Jesus stopped a group of men from stoning a woman for committing adultery because they were all guilty of the same sin. He rebuked them immediately while also telling the woman to go and sin no more. Jesus practiced justice in all its ramifications. Jesus on many instances spoke against the Pharisees because they were encouraging injustice by their actions. In the contemporary world some heads of religious bodies in different locations have abused their powers by getting involved in acts their religion preaches against thereby encouraging an unjust system.

I would like to experience a world where there is justice and fairness for all. I sincerely hope and pray that Nigeria becomes a better place like it should be, as it has become a typical example of the phrase ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere. I strongly believe that Nigeria has a much more positive role to play on the world map than making headlines for being one of the most corrupt countries in the world. I also hope that the Me Too movement will in the long run eliminate sexual abuse of any kind as the perpetuators are brought to book. I can just further imagine the havoc and damage that injustice can do to the world as a whole if we allow it. We can only achieve world peace and stability if only we boot out every form of injustice from our systems. As a person representing a family, tribe, nation and the whole world, I strongly believe in what Martin Luther JR said; “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

62 comments on “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

    • okusanya olatunde on

      Sir, this is great. I pray that as many that read this article would lay it to heart to do the right thing. Albert Einstein said “This world would not be destroy by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

  1. Fidelis Ochefu on

    The article is incisive and brilliant. The writer delved into hidden crevices of injustice and exposed negative effects of injustice around the world and in her country ,Nigeria. The energy of the writer’s thought is palpable and demonstrable: Justice shall prevail over injustice.

  2. Godwin Ehiwe on

    This is a masterpiece of a treatise, woven around three legs of love,justice and corruption and it addresses our contemporary malaise-corruption here in our country. Corruption is the end product of the lack of the other two legs and hence injustice abounds and is promoted in our dear country.

  3. Fabian Dama on

    This is the Nigeria we all dream of.A free and egalitarian society.A society built on the principles of social contract.How can we attain the desired status of a developed society if there is no justice everywhere?Thanks Enajuma for bringing this to our attention.

  4. Maduabuchi Agbo on

    Thanks for this.
    Justice is indeed, the first existential condition for human beings. It’s absence makes life “nasty”, “brutish” and “short.”

  5. Patrick Eromosele on

    Enajuma – kudos for lending your voice and penning this piece. The vital importance of creating a more loving and just society by focusing on the proper formation of children should be emphasized. As one cannot give what he/she doesn’t have, our children (citizens of the world and the future leaders of our country) will not be equipped to positively impact the world if parents neglect one of their primary roles as educators. The inalienable fact is that each one of us is called to ‘sanctify’ the world – and the starting point is from within our individual families i.e. the fundamental unit of society. Well done.

  6. okusanya olatunde on

    Thanks for the word. I pray that the love of God would truly be in our heart so that we can partner with God (Incorruptible one) instead of partnering with the devil (corruptible one).

    • Ikwuyum Cynthia on

      Mrs Enajuma Balang,this article is apt,educative, very intelligent piece and simply inspiring.Love conquers all.More grace Ma’am.

  7. Ngene Samuel on

    This stream of thought displayed is like a soothing balm on a rheumatic pain when compared to the prevailing waves of coercion,torture,deprivation and denial of the basic rights of nearly all;not to mention the down trodden.
    Injustice and hatred is as deadly to the progress of the society as the pains of a tooth decay is to a sick child/ mother/father.
    Moreover,justice and love,is an efficacious medication that our society is craving for day and night,but to no avail.
    The writer has done her best to wake us all up at the face of tyranny,by attempting
    to rephrase our thoughts and further pleading that we queue up behind justice and love.
    Will our socio anthropological diversity and mentality smog allow for a true love and display of equity in this market place of ours????
    What a difficult puzzle to answer as a people?
    Nevertherless,I am for love and equity.
    Will any one actually stand for tyranny,injustice,,,,,,,,,,,,,of course not publicly.
    Why then do we torture ourselves in the face of progress,prosperity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. Jan myers on

    Godwin Balang this is a super article, as we all wish this that are honest hearted, but “man will always dominate man to his injury” says King David Ecc 8:9, it is sad, man for 6 thousand years have not solved these problems. Gods 4 qualities-attributes are – love, justice, wisdom & power. The reason this will never be accomplished is Satan the Devil rules this world and all that choose to follow is ways. Soon, very soon he and his followers will be removed, Psalms 37:10,11. The most high God Jehovah – Psalms 83:18, will send his son King Jesus forward to conquer and we will have peace beyond imagination. Revelation 11:18. Then you will see the fulfillment of Rev. 21:3,4, with no more death, Gods original purpose of living forever will become a reality here on Earth. Here is a web site where you can explore and have a Bible study to learn all you want, it will come true soon one day. I really see how honest hearted you are and longing for a better world, perhaps you will learn how this will come true one day soon through all the promises spoken of in the Bible. The theme of the Bible is Gods Kingdom by means of his son Jesus.
    Again your article was very heart felt, many see the atrocities and still don’t know how to fix it, and as you say, it starts with us individually, Col 3:5-10, Eph 4:20-31. It can be done with Gods spirit. Please see and see there are 8+ million trying to achieve what you speak of. It’s not a dream

  9. Oladokun patrick on

    Hmmm. Every form of injustice in a nigeria has political undertones. Its only grace and divine intervention that can help us in this country. Weldone ma for this rich and digestive article.

  10. Paul on

    Intresting insight from Enajuma as regards co-relating justice/love injustice/ hatred and how each is catalyst for one another. I agree with every substance in the article except the part that described President Buhari as morally upright😁 but that’s another story for another day…Kudos to the writer!!!

  11. Charles Nwosu on

    I honestly do think, that as people we could do a whole lot more to help others, just because it does not affect us directly or we do not know anyone who it has happened to does not mean it’s not happening to others.

  12. Temidayo Esther on

    I must say this is amazing, so real! This write-up should be published for everyone to read, it will probably help in opening our blind eyes. Thanks for this.

  13. kayode ajiboye on

    Injustice is not only injurious to love but also there can be no peace when there is no justice. A thought provoking article. Let they that have ears hear.

  14. Esi Mene on

    Interesting read

    Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens.


  15. Jennifer ijiko on

    Our responsibility to man and God is to uphold these values without which our world becomes increasingly chaotic.simple yet deep.

  16. Nene Affiah on

    What an inspiring and very interesting article. Great job!
    Simply put, we all need to rise up and fight injustice for a better Nigeria and a better tomorrow.

  17. John Enenche on

    Awe Inspiring! the writer is in a class of her own. Many ills and challenges confronts the world today. prominent among then is the danger of injustice and corruption. in her many examples the writer not only highlighted the hot spots and problems but also gave an insight on solutions that should be the mantras and code of living necessary for any society and the world at large to move on. we need peace, respect, love! which is easy and justice. nice work.

  18. Mariam on

    This is a beautiful article I must say… Well written too. The truth is if love exists in a society then there would be no injustice as We would do unto others what we would like them to do unto us… This way we all live in peace

    Well done Enajuma

  19. Eyitayo Yusuf on

    A thought provoking article. The injustice is everywhere, even in the western world. Covering the injustice is also injurious.

  20. Balang Dung Balang on

    Thats a good master piece that touch all aspect of our life. The girl child the oppressed and the deprieved and all injuries caused in our society by our (Master s) the greatest of all love that have no boundary pure love from the heart that goes with forgiveness same as Jesus did to the woman that was about to be stone, Oh a good lesson for all of us. Our enemies may rob us of liberty and confine us in prison cells but they cannot shot us out of the throne of mercy and communion with God. In the society and our countries those that cause the pain of yestrday cannoy control our deatinies our tomorrow and our future they can only destroy today but cannot make tomorrow. Just like Joseph he was sold but later helped his brothers. Forgiveness with true love is centre of your piece. I know the future of our youths is crying and they are asking what seed are we sowing today for their tomorrow and future. Those on the wheel s today and driving us might be passengers tomorrow, we driving them love and forgiveness must speak. We need more of your write ups that will touch all aspects of our society which will surely change lives and the world at large. God bless Ene Balang Godwin. My sister may love lead.

  21. Wilson Enobakhare on

    Honestly speaking this is one of the best articles I have peruse this year. I appreciate the writer, I say well done to you. I recommend this article for reference of any kinds.

  22. Assa on

    Great piece Mrs Balang.
    In a world where there is division , injustice, discrimination and hatred this article is recommended. Keep it up.

  23. Abah Isaac on

    This piece is so inspiring. Injustice is a menace that should be dealt with right from the family cycle to the global community. Justice and equity should be maintained across all board irrespective of whatever affiliation. Let the humanity in us guide us as we relate with everyone.

  24. fom simi martha on

    This piece is educative,informative&very inspiring..injustice is one of the major contemporary issues in our nation today whiich has to be tackled with alll sincerity

  25. Henry Balang on

    This piece is so inspiring….Love florishes where there is Justice. Justice’ when in place makes even the less priviledge peaceful the message has been able to send some ripple of hope that could go a long way to flush elements of oppression in the society today. If justice alone is applied in all spheres of life and applied to ourselves as humansthen all negativity will fall back to place with less efforts and most of all God’s initial intention for us will beam its light on us.Nice piece Aunty ANN…keep it up.


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