Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

By Sara Maarefi. Sara is a freelance writer from Ahvaz, Iran. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Justice means “respecting the rights of individuals” and the opposite of that is oppression. Human beings have the greatest oppression against themselves, for as long as they do not know themselves they do not understand the power they have.  The interstellar space and the silence between musical notes is a vacuum. We can only sense material objects. So why can we understand the interstellar space and the silence between the notes? Albert Einstein said: “I want to understand the mind of God; other things are details.”

What does all this mean? How do we understand the vacuum?  The answer is, because inside us is vacuum. In fact, 99% of our bodies is vacuum or vigilance. Life has infiltrated us in the form of a vacuum. We are free-form consciousness with some happenings happening to us. We are like the sky, and the happenings are the stars.

The mind is space which life gives us and the plan of life is that we should be in our minds for a while, and with learning knowledge, we can live in this world. But the mind, regarding the purpose of life, cannot give us a response. We do not properly use the mind’s tools and most of the time we use them to destroy life. How? Through the formation of  “Ego”. What is Ego and how is it formed? Ego constitutes an illusion or image. In fact, Ego constitutes a meanings of things that we mistakenly believe in.

The sense of happiness and peace come from the depths of our existence and not in outer things, but Ego only knows outer things and expects happiness and peace from other people, our home, car, money and so on. Ego imposes on us an external situation at each moment to earn happiness and when it cannot gain, it will suffer and become painful. After a while, the result of Ego work is the fear, the sadness, the dissatisfaction, the anxiety, the jealousy, the sadness, the judgment, the feeling of regret for the past, the concern for the future, the comparison with the others, the anger, the hatred and the accumulation pain.

We are imprisoned in the mind and we have no way out. This centre has painful vibration and in relation to others, we create the same vibrations in them. For example, we get angry and force others to react and get angry. Every thought and action comes from a centre of greed and jealousy, full of a sense of defect. He considers others to be separate from himself and does not believe any rights for them. In this way, all of the work we do is injustice and oppression against ourselves and others, and anywhere where there is justice we are against it and a threat to it. When Egos come together, they cause war in the world and the destructive effects will remain for many years.

After some time, life in many ways makes us understand that we are in a mind dream (maybe this article is a way for readers to be aware of). Sometimes life brings about something bad. The purpose of experiencing pain is to understand what we are? And what should we do? The mind is painful and cannot be our place and we must be born of mind. We must be born first of the mother and second we must be born consciously of mind.

At this moment, there are two types of happening: one happens outside and one happens in the mind by the thoughts that relate to the past or the future. If we resist this time, Ego will form. For example, at this moment we lose some of our property or remember the bitter memory of the past. We begin to judge and blame ourselves. We get stressed. Blame others or we get angry or fight in the mind. All of these reactions are resistant to this moment and create the Ego.

Rumi says: “In the game of polo, the ball does not resist the hit of a polo. We should be like a ball. Let’s surrender to the events and not resist.” (Masnavi – part 121). We have to surrender against the incident of the moment and what ever will happen. What is the meaning of surrender? Do we have to let others trample our rights?  If we live in a difficult situation now, should we always accept the hardness and not take any action?  Not at all…

Surrendering means accepting that every event is good or bad without complain and blaming ourselves and others; accepting our current situation, without the adjudication of the mind. And what is to be done to fix it? By acceptation we will turn to the surrounding space of events and will not be a victim of events.  When we accept the moment, the solution will be from our inside. What is this solution? No one knows. This is unique. But mental solutions are conditional and predetermined and the same is relevant to anger and fear. It’s similar to if a snake bit our foot. If we act on the mind, we get angry and follow the snake to kill the snake. In this case, venom spreads throughout our body and we will die, but if we accept and consciously look at the situation, instead of pursuing the snake we take care of our foot and we will prevent the spread of poison and will live.

Rumi says:” it’s like a raceway of salt water and a thirsty person sitting and gazing next to it. Now, one person comes and says: “It is bitter water, it is poison, it is not for drinking. Open your mouth to put rain from the sky into your mouth.”

We are that thirsty. We are thirsty for the wisdom and joy of life. Awakening occurs slowly. We have to be patient and accept this moment constantly. Of course; admission is sometimes really hard for us. We need to focus on ourselves and sometimes the event is painful. But we are aware of it all the time and very soon the pain becomes calm. But when we are in the mind, we get hurt regularly. It is an internal transformation. With this transformation, our centre becomes joy and peace. Every our thought and action comes from it and we gain justice. We do not know ourselves separate from others. Life inside us will be alive. We want the greatest joy, peace and enjoyment of the blessings of the world for ourselves and others. We have a vibration of joy and calmness and create the same vibration in others, for example, when somebody is shouting over us, if we do not respond quickly, as soon as we feel calm inside we can spread our calm vibrations to the opposite side. There is a difference between what happens to our lives by life and what happens to our live by Ego. We know the difference between them inside.

As much as we have a bigger and stronger mind, we will act more against justice. Of course, the mind raises questions and asks why there is injustice and war and hunger in the world? How can justification injustice against people? Let us remember that the universe is governed by a whole wisdom. We cannot judge with mind. We can only focus on ourselves and take responsibility in our waking. In this case, we will have a positive vibration. We extend justice and we will have a positive effect on our life and life of others. Injustice is everywhere, but how much it can threaten justice? It depends on the amount pf people waking from the mind.


9 comments on “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

  1. Majid on

    It is an interesting article, but I a question, if some people are in pains and need help, what we should do? Is it our duty to help them or just we should keep calm or mind?

  2. shafi khan on

    Thank you, Sara Maarefi has highlighted the great awakening and personal and social insights and hopes to be useful and effective to all the respected readers so this article is gerat .

  3. Sara on

    Dear Majid, Thank you for reading the article carefully.
    I will try to answer your question based on the dear Moalana’s guidelines… Surely against injustice you can not be silent! But the point is to do what is right? Whether compromising ourselves can be the right answer to the tyrant?
    Can a sense ofا frustration, mental suffering, anger and waste of life energy be constructive?What did the great mystics of the world react to injustice?
    Has Gandhi endangered the people’s lives and property against the tyranny of colonialism or, with the message of peace and friendship, defeated colonialism?
    Rumi is living in Iran at the same time as Mongol invasion, What did he offer against the oppression of the Mongol?
    He founded the secretariat with the creation of 18,000 bits of Masnavi.
    That is the only practical solution to any injustice in the world.
    Silence is against injustice irresponsibility.
    But the point here is, what the answer is correct…

  4. Mahta on

    This article offers an interesting new look. Can be a guide to life,. The tips for this article recognize us, calm down and build a constructive way.
    Injustice does not exist, we attract the same kind of energy that we give birth to.

  5. Hamid on

    Hello sara dear
    The text and research of the urethra is about social justice. Indeed, social justice is a bit meaningless for third-world countries because everyone is thinking of earning money from injustice. But you succeed my dear friend. Hamid


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