Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

By Timothy Nwokorie. Timothy is a student at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. Please read his essay and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Going down memory lane, I am forced to ponder on the famous words of the great human right activist, Martin Luther King Jr.; the need to throw more light on this saying has made it binding on me to elucidate explicitly the true intentions and sincere motives of the late icon when he said; “Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere”.

Injustice negates justice, human actions that abuses the privileges of others and care less about their dignity and emotions can be termed injustice. This concept also is not limited to humans; animals that are unduely killed or molested whose lives and existence are not considered precious can also be said to be victims of injustice.Different societies have varying ideologies about justice and injustice; cases that considered just in one society may be unjust in another society, but there are cases that are common to man and are generally seen as unacceptable by the average person and beyond that, it is sanctioned by a court of law to be an act of injustice. It cuts across verbal abuses, emotional distress, physical assault, forceful dispossession, human right abuses etc. Many examples of injustice include; racism, abuse, discrimination, gender inequality, starvation, poverty, politics of self-interest, ethnic polarization, religious prejudice etc.

My discussion will touch all areas of human endeavor where injustice apply:

Racism is seen as one of the greatest acts of injustice on the planet. Over the years, we have been made to sheepishly concur to the general belie that technology and science has made the world a global village; the effect of this statement is better felt on paper more than what we can relate with in reality. In the words of Martin Luther King, men are judged and treated based on the color of their skin rather than the content of their brain. Achievement has no color; yet the syndrome of psychological superiority and skin color prejudice will eventually put out the fire of individual potentials and self-worth reconciliation. Black or white, Negroid or Caucasoid, who cares? I am an advocate for originality and ingenuity rather than a crusader for racial scale of preference. What our world needs is solutions to its numerous problems, and attention should be paid more on those with the ability and skills to solve universal problems not those with the preferred skin color or better still, preferred accent. Operating on a level play ground will give the world an edge over racism and promote peaceful coexistence and mutual respect. It does not matter where, when, or who the victim is, racial injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Societal discrimination is another act of injustice eating deep into the fabric of human existence. A world where the physically challenged are made to feel less of humans, and the educated discriminate against the uneducated fellows, the rich against the poor and the elite against the average citizen, sometimes I do wonder if fortune truly favors only the brave? Because I know many brave ones who were not favored; on the other hand I am perplexed when I consider the crippled, the blind, the deaf, the unlearned and the poor, is their predicament a curse? Even if so, they deserve the right to live just like any other person. Accepting them in the society will ease their pain a little, extending to them the hands of fellowship will give them the assurance that they are not around here by accident. They are not incapacitated as such by their challenges; they still do have potentials which can be triggered and given expression by acts of love simply shown to them.

Abuse! Cases of rape against women are on the rise in India and in other parts of the world. Taking advantage of women because they are less powerful is a great injustice against humanity irrespective of where, when, and, to whom it is done. Fighting this assault against women  is beyond government protection, it is a war that needs to be won psychologically by collectively educating sexually obsessed fellows in the affected parts of the world. Raping a woman is not a show of bravery or strength but degradation of human dignity. Decadence in educational structure leads to poor sensitization and poor orientation of the young ones to desist from this inhumane act. Promotion of social media campaigns against all known forms of abuse against women and children should be supported and encouraged. Upholding the dignity of women should be a priority on the world stage.

Gender Inequality is another act which defeats the original purpose of civilization and the true sense of justice. To  those who have refused to embrace the benefits of civilization because they assume it tampers with the foundation of their fanatical beliefs or might eventually destroy the traditions which they hold sacred, I tell you; it’s high time you got out of your shell. Isolating the women and denying them some basic civic rights being enjoyed by their counterparts elsewhere is a great injustice and it is a threat to the freedom of women everywhere. Women for instance should not be denied the right to own a driver In China, female babies are being killed because of the one-child policy and their preference for males(Wikipedia). Women like Hilary Clinton, Angela Merkel and Theresa May have proved to the world that what a man can do, a woman can do also. There exists no just reason why women should be treated with disdain be it for cultural or religious reasons. Life offers everyone equal rights to exercise their freedom and live up to their potentials.

Politics of self-interest is prevalent in the world today. The fight for supremacy among the supposed super powers only leaves the third world nations in abject poverty and perpetual suffering; but the irony of the whole matter is that most of the resources the western nations pride in, are gotten mostly from the uncivilized world. Exploitation of the third world countries by exploring their abundant natural resources like gold, diamonds and crude oil and then, leaving them with polluted environments, contaminated water and bribing their leaders to turn a blind eye to their plea is a great injustice and can better be described as; ‘’man’s in-humanity to man’’. The world cannot truly say it has experienced justice and equity until every man whether royalty or in-rags, elite or commoner, educated or illiterate, privileged or less-privileged, rich or poor, black or white, Dick or Harry, is treated with equal respect and dignity.

Every citizen of the world should go out every day with no fear of being molested; no inferiority complex. Brave men should not be shown the prison door when they fight for human right and demonstrate courage to defend the down-trodden. No human life should be valued more than the other, no one deserves to starve when many can eat and have remains to throw to the dogs; for love’s sake, Let us consider the life of man precious as well as animals. No child deserves to stay out of school without having a thirst of the only tool that can refine the mind. No country should be exploited on the basis of technological advancement; no man’s property or belonging should be forcefully taken by a stronger party, none should be falsely accused and prosecuted. Ability should not be denied and exceptional skills should not be substituted for racial bias. For once in this world; let injustice be shown the exit door and let justice prevail until we come to the realization that; “justice to one is justice to all”.

20 comments on “Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

  1. Goodnews T.O on

    This stands a chance of winning a silver ware. It hits the nail on the head without mincing words. Well structured composition and a detailed article; words spoken with grace and seasoned with salt. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ayegba Emmanuel on

    This is where the truth lies… “We have to show injustice the exit.” At a time when truth, fairness, equity and justice are fallen in the world’s streets, what else do we need than a timely and needful clarion call from people who have metal-pen of diamond points.

    I had to re-read the opening paragraph times over, and in the end I knew this was not fetched from the bottom of the barrel. You have hit the nail on the topic, and we are thankful for allowing us drink bountifully from your cup of wisdom

  3. Dare Patricia on

    This write up is stating nothing but the explicit truth,we need men like you to tell the world this truth that has long be forgotten…keep it up.

  4. Job Oche on

    Thank you for addressing these monsters that are tearing apart human existence in this planet of ours. Truly, the world will be a Better place if will realise that ”injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

  5. T.A.A on

    “JUSTICE TO ONE IS JUSTICE TO ALL”.-The writer’s key!
    The writer has been able to state some few and important forms of injustice for brevity, more are prevalent between humans and/or human-animals. However he successfully opened wide the exit gate for injustice with this key; “JUSTICE TO ONE IS JUSTICE TO ALL”. His key, a key also for all, if dilligently used in every crannies and corporations to open the exit doors for the unjust with their loggage of injustices; we would in time be left with none. THE JOB IS DONE!


  6. Kolawole Jonathan on

    Nice write up. You’ve said the truth and obviously nothing but the truth
    This planet is in expectant of individuals like you to change the world.

  7. Akinyoola Sunday Bolaji on

    If justice must prevail; this essay must be shortlisted for the whole world to see and read and fight injustice. I’m highly optimistic this write-up will make a positive change in the world if many will read it. This creativity at work. Kudos to the writer and I wish you good luck. We wish to read more of your essays in the nearest future….

  8. Ajie lucky on

    Iam perturbed to to write some because after i read d writes up , i was very benevolent and contented that indeed such person exist , iam very much happy for the word of advice not only for individuals but also for the whole world.
    Injustice has prevails in our world today and with my optimistic mindset , this will be the drug to the drug . thanks for the writesup is indeed a great one .
    Injustice is inimical but people enjoys it alot , thankGod i read all this and iam very Happy for it . no one sees this and never drop comments because indeed is d word that bring forth joy and happiness to the world

  9. Ajie lucky on

    All the tips been mentioned alll said it right
    I know this will be a solution to the world, and i urge u to spring it up for the world to apprehend.
    The words are drugs curing diverse of diseases ,
    Injustice is inimical in our society or country but people enjoys it as their birthright
    Justice must surely prevails as these writes up are involve
    Injustice kills faster than any world dealy but justice prolong life , bring peace, unity , love and integrity lifestyle
    With my optimistic mindset i know this will keep to a stop to this germane thought of ours
    Iam very much happy that indeed some persons like this really exist , thanks for u writes up ànd me keening in to it.
    No one can read this and not commenting because indeed is a lovely one

  10. Owolabi Esther O. on

    This is beautiful and timely. the world needs to see this truth so that it can become a better place for everyone to live peaceably without fear. I vote for this essay to be shortlisted so that the perpetrators of injustice can read and be enlightened….

  11. Farohunbi Favour M on

    A very good write up. I wish this can be published such that everyone can read and have a change of thought about their fellows, most especially to the privileged ones. Thanks for this wonderful thought you expressed

  12. BABALOLA Ruth on

    This is a timeless piece as the case of Injustice is one that been, that is and may still continue to be if not addressed. I really wish that write ups like this would be made to circulate the internet to bring about more awareness. A thumbs up to the writer

  13. Alex Onatunji on

    Thank you very much on your essay on injustice. Permit me to add some environmental injustice going on in our world.
    Scenario 1: People are paid to destroy their inheritance with the hope of making ends meet. Alas, they are like the Biblical Esau who mortgaged his birth right.

    Scenario 2: A development project is sited in a community such as plantations with the hope of providing a source of livelihood for the people. In the long run, the ecosystem is degraded and the people used as a second level grade.

  14. Oyinlolu Odetoye on

    This essay is a very intelligent discussion of the facts and evil of injustice today, on local, on national and on international scales

  15. Ayoola Oluwatobi on

    Just reading this now, and I believe this is a eye opener to general occurrences currently happening in all works of life. This article has carefully touched all facets of life working principally towards conquering issues that are germain and highly fundamental towards having a society void of societal issues.

    Kudos sir, and more wisdom to your knowledge

  16. Benard John on

    This is an interesting and eye-opening essay. I am enlightened and inspired to join in the fight against injustice in our society and the world at large. I encourage others to join in the battle to ensure that justice prevail everywhere. Thanks to the writer.


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