Is Education A Right Or A Privilege?

By Dimitri Nkouamen. Dimitri studies at the International University of Grand Bassam, in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

The fact that education might be a right or might be a privilege is a very pertinent topic I think we should talk about. This topic is really debatable due to the fact that opinions vary depending on people’s vision of the word education, some people are for the fact that education it is a right while others are for the fact that education is a

privilege. But before arriving to that we first need to know what is education. Education is the transmission of knowledge, values and habits, education is not just a matter of book learning but equally the acquisition of knowledge that might be helpful in order to adapt to society or even in your daily life; an example can be learning how to cook. From this definition, one can therefore have his own perception of education on whether it is a right or it is a privilege. But before having a perception on something we first need to know its importance, so what is the importance of education?

To begin, in today’s society, for one to be able to earn a good living and have a good living condition he must be educated. This can be justified by the fact that the society in which we live is built in such a way that the easiest way to earn a living is to pass through education, be it passing through school or even a farmer teaching his son how to farm.

Another reason is that when counting on education it brings in a

positive mind set since logically, counting on education is a safer decision hence it assures that someone who has been educated has an assured life.

Also, in order to adapt in the society and be acceptable by others one must be educated, in order that values be transmitted so as to facilitate socialisation.

One of the reasons why education is important is equally because it brings in respect and confidence. The reason why it brings in respect and confidence is first because concerning respect, in our society in order to stand before an authority and be able to express what you think or for your opinion to be considered, you must be educated. Also, educated people are very respected due to the knowledge they have – it brings in admiration for the educated one.

Education is equally important because it gives us the opportunity to learn on different things that are useful in our daily lives and that can be productive. Some of the things we can learn are how to treat  acough in a home-made method or even learning how to cook, it is equally useful because it helps us to analyse situations critically and make logical decisions and make us able develop productive ideas and avoid making or repeating errors which can ensure a better future for the up-coming generation which will then ensure a better standard of living.

So these are some of the reasons for the importance of education, from which one can therefore have his own perception of education, on whether it is a right or a privilege, but what are the reasons why someone can perceive education as a right or as a privilege ?

The reason why education can be perceived as a right is  because education is a human right which implies that everybody should pass through education no matter his sex, nationality or any other thing and cannot be taken away for any reason. Which implies that legally and according to the government education is a right. But even though education is officially said to be a right, in some cases education can be revealed to be a privilege. This can be justified by the fact that not everybody has access to education. The reason for this is because education is said to be a right but there is a critical hindrance which is the issue of money mostly in less industrialised countries. This is due to the fact that not everybody has a high standard of living and are not able to provide education to their children, which therefore explain why some people say education is a privilege because in some cases if you do not have the privilege to be wealthy you therefore cannot have access to education which means in other words that one does not have the privilege to pass through education.

These are then some reasons why some people see education as a right and others as a privilege but my own point of view is that education is a right, this is because even though one cannot have the privilege to be educated it does not remove the fact that it is a right for him to be educated, no matter someone’s origins, sex or even financial status he has the right to education, it is not just a matter of having the means to be educated or any other reason, education is a right and cannot be taken away for any reason.

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