My Mother’s Story

By Emmanuel Ogamodey. Emmanuel, 20, is a student. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. Please his entry and leave your comments below.

There are over seven billion people on this planet today. Logically, I do not think anyone would want to disregard education. As Victor Hugo rightly said, “he who opens a school door closes a prison”. There are two keywords in this statement that I need to explain before moving on – “school” and “prison”. What is a school? A school is a place where people go to learn or to be educated. A prison is a situation in which somebody is trapped and cannot escape. I will be discussing these two words which make up the fabric of Victor Hugo’s statement. We do not only go to school to solve equations and study formulas. We go to school to learn how to relate to people, broaden our mindset, and acquire information that improves our day to day activities. I know you are inquisitive about the rubric I used for my article. I ought not to be writing about my mother, but I need to share her experience to make my point. I believe whoever reads this will be inspired to make the right decisions in life.

During the early 1950s, my lovely mother began her primary education in the South African region where my grandfather resided because of his profession. She was lived and studied with her siblings. A few years later, my grandfather’s work suffered due to my grandmother’s undiagnosed sickness. Some years later, and after much spending, my grandmother passed. The state of his business was bad because of the huge amount of money he had had to spend to get his wife treatment. Due to this hardship, he relocated with his children to his hometown in the southern part of Nigeria. My mother had to drop out from secondary school and she stayed at home for three years. After that, her father managed to register her in a local school. Two years later, her father died. She had to go live with an impoverished uncle who could not support her education. She stopped her schooling because she had to hustle and work in order to take care her younger siblings. Years later she met and married my father. Wow! What a sad story right? No one would ever want to be in her shoes.

After giving birth to my elder siblings, she advanced her education. And she said some things that made me want to write this essay. She said, “when I had not furthered my education, I lavishly spent the money I got from trading, because I did not know what investing was all about. I never knew how to relate to people and I did not know the codes and etiquette of life; it was as if I was in a prison. But, after I furthered my education, everything changed.”

These are the effects that education has on our lives. Like I said earlier, education does not only teach us how to solve equations and study formulas. It teaches us how to plan, do the right thing, save and invest – not just our money – but also our time and resources. Education stretches our mind and gives us the ability to do valuable things. Being educated does not make you wealthy, but it gives you the secrets and knowledge on how to be wealthy.

Nobody has a monopoly over knowledge, but there are basic things that anyone should know. For example, some people don’t know simple things like reading, solving little math calculations, relating to other people and solving simple challenges in life. People who do not know things like this are trapped and have imprisoned their mind because they don’t know how things are done.

With an imprisoned mindset, one could end up in a real prison. Because, if a person doesn’t know rules, regulation, protocols and the way that things are done, they can end up breaking them and being detained.

In conclusion, I don’t believe messages should be long but rather that they should be deep and meaningful. It’s high time we start fighting against illiteracy. I don’t know how many illiterates are in the world right now. I do believe that a time will come when people without enough basic knowledge of how to navigate life, will have nothing to offer to the next generation. So we need to fight against illetracy. The best way we can curb illiteracy is coming together as one to help encourage people that they need education. I look forward to the time when there is no longer illiteracy in our world.

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  1. Lucky on

    This article is well composed and educating. I love your article, it has made me know more essence of education in my life. Thank you.

  2. Silver on

    I actually love this statement “we do not only go to school to solve equation and study formulas” it helps to change most people view about education.. Nice write up keep it up

  3. Chris on

    Emmanuel, thank you for this essay, it is an eye opener. The story is so inspiring and touching. I am deeply inspired to do positive things I never wanted to do. Thanks 👏👏👏👏

  4. Ikeme Chikamso Emmanuel on

    Good work bro, Now we know the difference between prison and school… You now make us understand and also know the right part to take and follow. We need more articles like this to curb illiteracy. thank you for this wonderful essay.

  5. Animashaun Joke on

    good work, you’ve really done well, with dis I believe it wil help a lot of people out there. This is what we need encouragement,motivated world that will enriche our mind…keep it up bro.

  6. Happyness on

    Education stretches our minds and gives us the ability to do valuable things…also helps us to know how to invest our time and resources… Good word! Concise and Inspiring…
    Keep soaring bro!

  7. Grace Noah on

    Oh my goodness!!! This are the kind of article people with imprisoned mindset need to read. With inspiring article like this, illiteracy will be eradicated. good piece. # I stand against illiteracy!!

  8. Kriz on

    Wow!! you are awesome. This is educative, inspiring and captivative. I love the way you arrange your article. We need more writers like this in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. I love this. # I stand against illiteracy.

  9. Christian on

    excellent article!!! Wonderful and well composed. I am deeply impressed that a young boy like wrote something like this. You did well. Keep the good work up. # I stand against illiteracy.

  10. isaac on

    This is really an eye opener to the youths in the world and mostly in Africa. I appreciate you for using this true life event to explain your point. People like you will change our continent. Please just keep the good work up. 👏👏👏👏👏. # I stand against illiteracy.

  11. Daniel on

    Emmanuel you really did justice to this topic. Your points are natural and educative. You are affecting the world positively and I love it. I follow the trend # I stand against illiteracy.

  12. Progress David on

    Emmanuel you just solved the problem of illiteracy with this well articulated essay. I am really impressed with this.

  13. MD Jazz on

    This is well projected and with articles like this, we can fight illiteracy. You are so down to earth. 👏👏👏👏👏👏. Our government needs to see articles like this.

  14. Henry on

    you’ve done well bro, I am deeply impressed with this. You wrote from your heart. You gave a real life example in order to elucidate your point. We need fight illiteracy from this world. # I stand against illiteracy.

  15. Margret Ogamodey on

    Bro, I love how you are concerned about fighting against illiteracy. You have always dreamed to inspire people and make the world a better place. You are always concerned about improving life. I am glad you are doing this. Please keep it up. 👏👏👏👏👏👏.

  16. Joseph Mazi on

    Wow!! This is a really nice article bro.. I love the way you always relate your write ups with things happening around you.. Nice grammar compositions.. Education is really the key bro.. Thanks for this heart touching article. # I stand against illiteracy.

  17. Alex on

    This is a top notch article. The story is very emotional and motivating. I completely understood the message you are passing. I love the point you made: “Being educated does not make you wealthy, but it gives you the secrets and knowledge on how to be wealthy”. When we fight against illiteracy, we also fight against poverty. Thanks for this great write up. # I stand against illiteracy.

  18. Sunday Egbuna on

    Well composed and articulated articulated article. Bro, you wrote this with your heart and I am uplifted with what you wrote. You had to use personal issues to explain your point. I am deeply happy for this. The change has started from you. 👏👏👏👏. I follow the trend # I stand against illiteracy.

  19. Thomson Rajunoh on

    A “Complete human being” requires a complete
    and comprehensive education which is
    elaborately & nicely focused in the writing of young writer Emmanuel Ogamodey. Simultaneously
    he pointed out some gridlock & placed
    suggestions for overcoming the problems
    for proper national development.
    Many thanks Emmanuel for your good writing in lucid language and pray to God for his success. # let’s fight against illiteracy.

  20. Seyi on

    Wow!! Again a fantastic and sensible article Emmanuel. Your articles are always a motivation to everyone. These articles and your thoughts are beyond the imagination and you make it possible so easily. This is deep in enlightening. We are waiting for upcoming articles.
    Thanks so much for your clarification. I hope many more people get to read this enlightening piece of yours. # I stand against illiteracy.

  21. Babsli on

    Emmanuel, the article is very well written . You have put forward the view by using both logic and emotion from real life. This is one of our leaders of tomorrow. You also write with your heart. Here in Africa, we have an issue with people not wanting to further their education, not because of finance but because they don’t value it. I am very happy that a young boy like you values education. I pray you win this competition, because you wrote your best and so that you have money to further your education. I follow the trend # I stand against illiteracy.

  22. Usang Samuel on

    Emmanuel, this is the best inspiring and heart felt article I have ever read. This is well articulated and motivating bro. I am really really impressed with what you are doing. The world will become a better place if we have good writers and leaders like you. Keep it up. # I stand against illiteracy.

  23. Olayemi Jimoh on

    Your title caught my attention and I became very hungry to read your article. I am very happy view your points and heartfelt story. Your diction and arrangement is really nice and understanding. I was really motivated, and I will be sharing your article to people that needs it. Emmanuel you have done a great Job. I can see illiteracy gradually evacuating our planet. I support you in fighting against illiteracy.

  24. Adesina Moses Timi on

    Emmanuel, you gave the consequences of illiteracy and you also gave the solutions. This article is top notch and world class. Not every writer uses personal or confidential issues to explain their point, but you did it in order to elucidate your point. I completely understand your article and I love the way you explained the “imprisoned mindset”. Joined the queue # I stand against illiteracy.

  25. Abraham Gift on

    Wow!!! This is superb!!! At first, I thought the prison being referred to here was the physical imprisonment. But now I understand that illiteracy can put a person under some deeper kind of prison which is worse than the physical one. Thank you for this great article Emmanuel. Let’s fight against illiteracy.

  26. Anene Christo on

    This is magnificent, natural, well articulated and inspiring. Bro, you are the best most inspiring writer I know. You always fight for liberation. Look at the way you composed this article with everything you’ve got. I am sure your mummy will be very happy wherever she is right now. You are one of the great people we need to change the world. I really love what you are doing. # I stand against illiteracy.

  27. Ejiro on

    You just said, something similar happened to my aunt. She was in total darkness and could not understand the normal code of life. So many people are facing issues like this mostly in Africa. They live an unfulfilled life because they don’t have basic knowledge of education and they don’t know how to navigate life. I am very happy I’m reading this. I believe if a young boy like you wrote something like this, our world is gradually going to become a better place to live. The trend # I stand against illiteracy.

  28. Ayomide Omoniyi on

    Wow!! This is really great and wonderful write up. I love it, it is very challenging. This is a good work. I support you bro. Let’s fight against illiteracy. 👏👏👏👏

  29. David Gold on

    A big thumbs up bro… thanks, you given us a good write up and story to work on. I find this story inspiring and motivating. I am deeply move to do positive things I never thought about. Am Proud to know someone like you. #I_stand_against_illiteracy

  30. Maxwell Ukaegbu on

    This is really great bro, I am very overwhelmed with what you wrote. You wrote this from your heart. I just pray you fulfil your dream of inspiring and uplifting people. I am very happy I met you, because you have impacted my life with great things. Just keep the good work up. I support your point. #I _stand_against_illiteracy. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  31. G Musbau on

    WOW! Ogamodey this is so brilliant of you, We all need to be educated in these world. we are just poor children born from a poor home. we all trying our best to go to the university to become our own future but the government are shutting us down by rising the tuition fee every year. it may take time bro but i believe we will be educated later or sooner. May Almighty Allah Strengthen Our Faith And Give Us More Energy To Work And Be Educated. ( Amin ) Thanks Bro 4 D Articles. Blessed

  32. Mercy on

    Emmanuel, this is one hell of a great article. I love it. And using an anecdote of your mother, that was just brilliant! Keep Going. Keep Growing. Here, from Kenya, rooting for you as you go all the way up.

  33. Akpevwe Steven on

    I am crying right now because this story is very touching and inspiring. I love your articles because you always write from your heart and your articles solves problem. You are unique in your writing because you don’t just write, you express yourself from the depths of your heart. Illiteracy is one big problem we are facing in Africa. I am glad you wrote about it. I remember the times you inspired me. You are a blessing to me, and to the world at large. I am very privilege to know someone like you. #I_Stand_Against_Illiteracy.

  34. Joshua Daniels on

    Thanks for this Emmanuel!! This story is the exact thing that happened to my uncle. It’s one of the issues we are having in Africa. I deeply appreciate your writings. I love what you are doing bro. You are one person I won’t want to loose as a friend. Thanks for making our world a better place bro. #Let’s_Fight_Against_Illiteracy.

  35. Diana Monica on

    Emmanuel, I had to come to come and comment on your article because after reading your story, I keep hearing similar stories like this. I spoken to few aged people. A woman I met in the market selling fish told me that her dreams was to become an accountant, but she never had to opportunity to further her education. I also met a man of the same age as my father that dreamt of becoming a lawyer, but he never had the chance to further; now he sells newspaper. Illiteracy has eaten many people in our country. Emmanuel, all you said on this article is true. Thank you for this wonderful article. I will keep sharing. #Let’s_fight_against_illiteracy_now.

  36. Asika Henry on

    Thank you Emmanuel!! This is it, you completely explained the problem of our country. You still gave the antidotes to them. You said if everybody in this world would be selfless, the world will become a better place. I totally agree with you. We all need to come together and fight illiteracy. Our world will become a better place with great and heartfelt articles likes you. Thank you for this great article Emmanuel. #I_Stand_Against_Illiteracy.

  37. Emmanuel Ogamodey on

    Thank you all for your encouraging and supporting comments. It’s time to fight this foe called illiteracy from our planet. I promise to continue writing educative, inspiring and problem solving articles.
    For more information about my articles, email me: Once again, thanks 👏👏👏👏😀😀😀😀😀.

  38. Emmanuel Ogamodey on

    Thank you all for your inspiring, supportive and encouraging comments. I promise to continue writing inspiring and problem solving article. I’m really very happy i’m impacting my world. Thank you.


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