Path of Success

By Hanifa Saeed. Hanifa studies at the University of Karachi and is from Pakistan. Share your thoughts below.

The uneducated person better knows the worth of education. 

Can you live a happy and successful life without education? Can you live in the 21st century without technology? The answer to both questions is ‘no’. In this century a lot of new inventions and innovations have taken place, from the latest smart phones to a wide range of larger machineries, and these things all require education to read, to know and to maintain these.

If we dig deep we will find that no one can live without education. Education is at the root of a successful and prosperous life. There are many professions which require a formal education, scholars, scientists, astronomers, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs and so on all need schooling. A major reason for their successful life is education- it leads them to sky. It makes such people capable of standing on their feet.

Every human has their own natural qualities but education is needed to uplift them into this innovative world. Primary education is necessary for all because it helps us to utilize such skills. It can boost your knowledge and helps you to find the right path, otherwise you may end up in prison. When we talk about the life of the uneducated individual just imagine a few things like how he can he read a product name if he wants to buy something from store, how can he deal with legal issues, how he can read the posters he passes in the street. Such a life imprisons a person in the walls of ignorance and there is no way out and no door through which to flee. These are merely a few issues but illiteracy can cause many more problems and create an unstable life. An educated person is more able to face the challenges in his life whether they are big or small. He can easily remove obstacles and hurdles without depending on others. The educated person may have the opportunity to live wherever he wants to in this beautiful world. He can make his position and worth in any country or society.

Education doesn’t only benefit the individual; it is also the most powerful tool for a prosperous economy. It cannot only improve the standard of living but may remove all those barriers that are in an underdeveloped country like the unstable economic conditions. It can decrease poverty because education can make it easier to get a job and so a person can make their living better. The advantages of education are not only short term but have the capability of embellishing generations of nations. An educated nation can make the economy rich, stable and independent.

Each and every country has many natural resources but only some countries utilize their resources fully and become rich in this world. The under developed countries are behind due to their lack of education, that is why their people don’t know how to utilize their fruitful resources. Poor governmental performance regarding the educational system can leave a country far behind in this fast moving, technological age. Labor and workforce require education because every business has to adjust to automation. Investing in education is necessary for all under developing countries so their people can make their living better.

Well educated nations are independent nations, whereas uneducated countries are often dependent financially on other wealthier countries. All in all, Victor Hugo’s quote is telling us about the most critical issue, that education has the ability to breaks the walls of prison. Education makes an individual capable both in his professional life and also helps him to stable to face hardships and crises of life.

15 comments on “Path of Success

  1. Syeda Farzana on

    You’ve highlighted basic points in your article
    that without education we can’t cope with our problems.yes it’s very important we educate our people to getting education make their life better and easier .I really appreciate you and wants you and all our new generation to come forward and pay your duties for this very beautiful nation.long live PAKISTAN

  2. Zoya Khan on

    Very well said. 👏
    People need to read and understand this to realize how important education is, for an ideal and purposeful life. 👍

  3. Delilah Cordova on

    Education is the greatest factor in today’s global economy, but we must all globally take a stand for it! The problem is the aid that the smaller countries receive is not spent on what they say. They instead use the money and propaganda of being a poor country to the advantage of their government. Great article with much to learn from.

  4. Sumera Nazneen on

    I liked your direct approach towards your topic…though a vast and debatable topic but inscribed in a quiet pleasant way…keep it up


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