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By Lisa Bernhard. Lisa is a teacher from Chicago, USA. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – Martin Luther King Jr. is a statement which is true, for each of us is a part of the whole spirit of humanity. When one part is injured in some way, some of the synergy (the energy of the entire group) is lost and damaged, making everyone else weaker. When injustices are allowed to flourish, unjust behavior becomes seemingly acceptable, and something that is more likely to be emulated by others, thus perpetuating the cycle. Therefore, it makes sense for everyone to stand up against unfairness and inequality in treatment of others for the good of all of humankind.

However, this is easier said than done, for whoever said that life is fair? There are injustices around us all, created both by other individuals and by the unique circumstances of the frailties of everyday life. For doesn’t everyone have a right to be healthy, both in mind and body, and to come into the world having a loving family, in a safe environment? These seem to be basic rights, which should be assumed to belong to every individual, yet it is not so: people are born into all types of situations, and must face all sorts of unique challenges that they must handle throughout their lifetime. And although an environment can greatly influence and develop a person, some are born with a better capacity to learn, while others with a special talent, there are those who have an ability to get along with others, some who have greater physical attributes, while some come into the world with physical or mental health liabilities. These things, along with the unique challenges that each one of us must face during a lifetime, will not always be equal or fair: one must deal with the hand that they are dealt, and every person will choose to manage their situations differently.

Too, the very nature of humans makes the world one which is full of prejudices of all kinds: ageism, sexism, or racism to name a few. Unfortunately too, people seem to enjoy bullying others, and there is much violence and crime against one another, sometimes injuring innocent people, who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. These injustices against each other can change, and may be modified to a certain extent, as society and individuals stand up to prejudices and demand fair treatment for all members of society, the incident of crime goes up and down depending on many circumstances, but it doesn’t seem as if, unfortunately, the behaviors are ever going to disappear completely. These situations have been going on throughout the history of our world, and it appears as if human nature will not allow it to ever be eradicated completely, perhaps submerging it at best.

That being said, an individual can make a difference, for every person has the ability to choose to act in a fair and just way in everyday situations, to model behavior that shows others what is the right thing to do, and to stand up for their principles of what is good morally for humankind, in the hope that others will follow by their example. In addition to adhering to this way of living, each person has to deal with situations that arise in every lifetime, with the realization that things in the world are not always fair and just, and that there are many injustices everywhere in everyday life and in the world all around us that will probably never disappear completely, although they may be modified with time.

To stand up for injustice anywhere is for the good of all of humankind: we will all gain in strength and benefit in the end.

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