Two Birds, One Stone

By Mthobisi Buthelezi. Mthobisi, 19, is a writer from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Please read his entry and leave your thoughts and comments below.

It’s a no brainer, I totally agree.

I mean why do you think that people in relationships fight? Huh? They just won’t care to understand each other and the matter at hand. All they care about is telling each other how they are feeling. Hitting up one with that “first of all, I’m not the one who…” line as if they were keeping records.

But can you blame them though? No. Because you cannot always take it lying down like a dog and choosing to avoid an argument because you are afraid of losing what you have so instead, you try to understand something that doesn’t add up, like seeing a talking cow. And besides, if you are the kind of a person who understands everything, then you end up being a walkover and it’s also not attractive. No one likes a person who is too nice and gives out everything like it’s Christmas.

Sometimes you’ve got to lose your head and do what the real estate agent does best, because people tend to lie sometimes and as you know, lies sound better than the truth. And if you went too far, apologise. I mean that’s what apologising is for, righting the wrongs, right? After all, who wants red roses and wine everyday? even your birthday isn’t everyday. And what I’ve also learnt is that if somebody doesn’t like you then rest assured that they will always find a negative thing to spot in whatever that you say.

Take it from wooing a girl that you like, if she likes you back then she will meet you half way no matter how much you stutter. But if she doesn’t like you then all she will be focused on is telling you that she ain’t interested.

And social media is a good example of this. Artists release their best work today and people are quick to make comments on it. Those who understand where the craft is coming from, will praise the work. Because it will be connecting with their needs. But the haters will ridicule the work.

People also criticise people who come out as homosexuals. Especially here in Africa , there are nasty comments made about them and ridiculous questions that are asked as the way of trolling you. But hey, I guess this is where the world has come to, people replying without thinking. Sure, no one expects everyone to understand how it feels to be gay but all you can ever do is to just support these people after telling their stories or just say nothing at all , if you’ve got nothing good to say.

I mean have you seen how high the divorce rate is, huh? and it’s all because people are ignorant. When the priest is asking, “do you take Sam or Precious to be …” and people are quick to jump in and say “I do”, even before the pastor could finish the sentence. At that particular moment, none of them care to think about how much weight those words weigh.

So it’s just better to know for example, if you were sexually assaulted today, the people who would instinctively listen and sort of understand your story are the ones who have been in that situation or are in that situation, mostly. But that’s okay, this is a world with different kinds of people and you are not money which most if not everyone, would attentively listen to , if it could talk. But anyway, you would still have your truth and yourself.

Like I had myself when I was still in high school. I wasn’t the best of students so I didn’t understand everything that all teachers taught because if I truly love and understand something then I sing along to it like it’s God’s plan. And among the subjects that weren’t in my good graces was, especially, Life Sciences (biology). So what I did was, I only crammed the important info before examinations and tests so that I could move on to the next grade. And I would do pretty great or good enough to be amongst the top students and again , luck was on my side because none of my classmates ever asked me to tutor them.

And this goes for relationships too, 8 out of 10, your partner won’t always say something that is Pulitzer-worthy but if you really love them, instead of blowing them off, you could try to move with the wave and that is called support and comprising. Which proves that sometimes a reply is more important than understanding.

Phew! Oh wow! …. it seems like I ended up killing more than two bird

So what do you think good people, am I right? am I wrong ? let’s talk about it.

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