When The Tambourine Of Injustice Sounds, The Lyre Of Justice Wails

By Mamer Abraham Kuot. Mamer attends the All Nations Theological College and Seminary, in Kampala, Uganda. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Injustice is when justice is either panting or breathless. If fierce follow-up is not initiated, justice unfortunately suffocates to death. This is because truth is concealed and a lie is given the upper hand. It can be compared with a rotten egg which does not realize its smell. The one who practices injustice does not realize the wrong he is doing until he is caught red-handed. Injustice translates to our day to day reaction to our immediate environment when we choose to uplift the wrong in lieu of the right. It can also be explained in terms of court cases where a person who is innocent is condemned. Injustice can either be individual where an individual fails to recognize the rights of others. It is also public when it is carried out by a public institution like a court, the government etc. It is mainly connected with cases that need a solution. But only such judgment or action mirrors justice or injustice.

Injustice is identified especially when truth is not recognized in the society. It is identified when wrong judgment is passed on someone in a case that is known to favor such an entity. An example can be demonstrated in the case of a man who is suspected of committing adultery and concrete evidence has been laid yet the jury renders the accused innocent. In this case, the jury is guilty of injustice. But when the accused is punished, the jury is just. Therefore, justice or injustice is ensured by a person in authority. It is the decision maker who is deemed just or unjust because he decides either to be just or unjust. It is contagious thus, when the practitioner finds favor after exercising injustice. When rights of others are violated, injustice is born too. An exception is in mob justice where the public finds injustice of any kind and punishes it itself without delay. Mob justice is not a good form of justice for it normally leads to murder if authorities have not intervened.

One of the causes of injustice is bribery. Bribery is a private payment made to a person in authority so as to make a decision which favors the person from whom he has got money although he knows that the person is wrong and the practice is unlawful. Another cause of injustice is nepotism. No one will render his relative or friend wrong when he is in trouble. When this is done, it will be cited by everyone in authority through favoritism. Thirdly, it is caused where the person who needs service is an honorable person. When there is a case against the President of your country or anyone who is superior, you will not declare injustice against his conceited integrity. This sounds as if respect yet a flavored corruption. Fear of insecurity lets one choose injustice rather than justice. It comes too as a way of creating viable friendship so as to be helped in the future by the one you have lent your hand to.

Good examples of injustice are explained below. In South Africa, there was apartheid where black Africans were dominated by white colonialists. Blacks were deprived of their rights. In South Sudan, Arabs dominated the blacks and imposed sharia law on them. Injustice was practiced in Rwanda between the Uttu and Tutsi which resulted in the genocide against the Tutsi. In the U.S, black Americans were mistreated on racial ground. In these cases those who stood up against injustice were mistreated or rather killed in the long run.

The practice of injustice feels like the pain of pus under the skin. Until pus is drained, it continues to pain. This means that whoever knows that injustice is being practiced will not have peace of mind. He will have a feeling that justice should be unveiled. The more he tries to do away with injustice in the hands of the person in authority, the more the one in authority will disturb peace in all the areas he commands. Secondly, it will be the notion where it is practiced and it will be learned even by neighbors. In this case, injustice will suppress justice beyond its confines. It will become the order in that place and beyond its borders. Those who practice injustice are mentors of up-and-coming scholars. They teach these young scholars their vices. Such vices are carried on from one generation to another. Injustice becomes a sniffer dog by sniffing at those with weak thoughts, the greedy and lovers of favoritism exposing them.

The current world craves money. No one will accept to sleep hungry when he knows the shortest way of massing affluence by corruptible ways like bribery and fraud. Many people who had justice on their fingertips are spoiled in this manner. Justice therefore remains as a spoken term yet is not literally applied in the realm of life. Such justice which is spoken of and is not applied in life is called injustice. In case of a public institution, it goes with its policies. The policies of the institution will not be changed by one man who claims to have his chicken knowledge of justice which is not lucrative. Injustice will come as a result of the policies of the institution.

Institutions learn from each other. Another institution will also learn from this institution and the chain goes on. Injustice will be like traits inherited by children from their parents. These footprints will be hiked over years and justice will keep on diminishing. A president who wants to remain in power for several years will rig votes through members of the electoral committee. Those who will claim justice in this matter will either lose their lives or jobs. It has become a tradition that justice is seldom practiced. It will go down the line and could even extend to neighboring countries that are allies to your country. It is also seen in oppression of the poor. Every business tycoon will not withhold his hand from oppressing his subjects so that he will claim equality with other business tycoons. The practice of injustice is simple and seems as if safe. This is why it is eyed by many people. It favors riches and nobody wants to be poor. It favors long life and nobody wants to die young. It develops a chain which cannot easily be broken. But reality remains that such injustice will leave mortal wounds down the line.

In conclusion, injustice should be dealt with by bringing its practitioners to book and giving it a blind eye. Practice of justice should be stressed in various campaigns and introduced in public institutions like schools where children are taught. But whoever endeavors to practice justice should watch his steps. It may leave you with scars if you have not looked around before you leap. Justice was ensured when Ellen Johnson was allowed to be the President of Liberia despite her being female. Nelson Mandela stepped down after succeeding in fighting apartheid in South Africa. Martin Luther King was against white domination over black Americans. A footballer called George Tawlon (Weah) has become the President of Liberia of recent. And a musician called Bobi Wine is one of the Members of Parliament in Uganda. Another musician called Lam Tungwar was appointed as a state Minister in South Sudan. The President serves two terms in Kenya and does not vie for the presidential seat anymore. Negligence is gradually fading away. When top leadership has recognized justice and all their subjects are taught to be just, only then will injustice be looked down upon. The right intellect will have been devised then so that justice anywhere will be justice everywhere; a slap in the face of injustice.

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