With the right plan in place, we can’t go wrong

By Sharonda Briggs. Sharonda is a children’s book author and illustrator from Richmond, USA. Please read her essay and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Victor Hugo- “He who opens a school door, closes a prison”.

The man that wrote this excerpt was true in so many ways. If seen through the eyes of a healer, a person that wants the world to heal and fuse itself back together with the strength of Zeus. Yes, it starts at the school. If we can keep the morale of a child going and strengthen the fact that if they rely on the school to move them to a height that can only be reached because of proper education, then we can close the fact that they might stay home and commit a crime that could have been avoided. Let’s teach them that with the proper education, they could be whoever they want to be. They could stand in any position they choose.

Let’s strengthen security within the schools. Without today’s active shooting stories that terrorize us today. We now have to put the drive back in students to explain to them, no one will tell you your faith if you set the initiative to strive to do better. You can be in any position that is running this world. Bias is the person that doesn’t want you to succeed. They have it set in their minds that they don’t want to improve, nor do they want anything to improve. This type of person damages the format given to a successful world. As technology is discovered and our young minds are trained, it is vital that we direct them in a positive environment to stop the negativity as an answer.

Victor lived in the 18th century and in a romantic movement from what I understand and he was set on taking education to a new height. From my eyes, Victor is saying if we school our people and children with more opportunity to achieve a higher education and don’t close the doors to what they can learn, prison will not be an option. With the proper education and motivation, it will give light to those that see education as darkness. I felt Victor was saying that if the government offer initiatives and a promise to have a job that pays for the expertise they were taught, this alone would change the way the world is molded. Instead of coming out of college to achieve a huge student loan, you would come out of college to a job that can more than pay for your student loan and live a very comfortable life.

I believe in making children give their all in learning. I started a challenge called “fistchallenge4kids”. In this challenge, children are to read a book to an adult and fist bump them after they are finished and shoot their fist to the sky meaning endless opportunities.

My mission is somewhat of the same mission as Mr. Hugo. I want the books back in children’s hands. The internet is grand, and endless education is on there as well but, the best education is in books. Some of which are not on the internet. Children and adults should not miss an opportunity to be smarter. Learn as much as possible and use it to your advantage as you grow to know how the world operates. If this is done, the thought of being incarcerated is not an option. And for those that are incarcerated, more education programs should be given to them with positive rewards as they get out besides not having a job offered to them because of their past.

The true mission for Victor being an activist was to ask could we get more programs in place to help children and people to understand different levels of education to be prepared for a future of complications and accomplishments. With the proper teaching and tools needed, there is no way to imprison their minds.

We were all born to be better. We wanted to walk, talk, and be like the other children around. We wanted to live comfortably and be recognized for what we did well. We didn’t want it to stop because we grew older. We wanted you to recognize our growth and add to the structure by teaching more and insightful skills. Schools will not teach it all. Motivation starts at home.

We can not live off of minimum wage anymore. A law should be in place for the whole United States to adjust the payrolls every five years to suit the times. That way everyone has a chance to succeed. More people would buy books and tools needed for education if the currency was made available. Some foreign countries don’t have the option to just go into a library and set down and read. This is what should be offered on so many levels. The more knowledge our people have the easier it is to find cures for illness and answers for catastrophe.

Mr. Victor Hugo’s excerpt is understood in so many ways, but if we can connect on the one thing he stresses it would make such a difference in the way the world grows.

24 comments on “With the right plan in place, we can’t go wrong

  1. Marchelle Muhammad-Briggs on

    This was a very well story. I really enjoy reading your work and I hope that you go far with this. You really say the right things when problems are going on in the world. Keep up the job.

  2. Tasha Wells on

    You speak so passionately about children Your desire to help them do better is remarkable. we need positive role models such as yourself to motivate our young people. I have two of your books and my children love them. They’re learning all the while not even realizing it. Please keep doing what you’re doing ..today’s society needs you. It truly takes a village and you are a prime example of what we need to continue to push our children forward in the right direction! Thanks Ms.Briggs

  3. Teondra Taylor on

    Great Story! I agree with you we have to motivate our youth! We also have to be role models for them as well. I love your passion for children, and the vision that you have on making the world a better place for our youth. Keep up the good work!

  4. Latrice Clanton on

    Glory to God this is soooo blessed you always loved children now this is your platform and passion Run with it!! The word say that he will bless the works of your hands and he certainly did. You so intelligent and I’m so proud of you soooo keep on following your dreams. I pray God opens every door for you that needs to be open and close every door that needs to be closed. And I decree and declare that no weapon formed against you shall prosper because the children are our future and your a number one teacher. 🙂

  5. Lucille Blaze on

    Wow! That was great! You touched so many points that need attention to regarding our children. Thank you Sharonda for opening our eyes and minds.

  6. Brandi Coia on

    This all makes perfect sense, and I hope one day it all happens. You touched on so many things that need to be changed but it all felt fluid. Great essay😊

  7. Danceinsilence on

    Books tell a story, be it adventure, mystery, fantasy, but more importantly, there are books that hold history of both North America and the world. They hold that which tells of family history. Books offer much that nothing else really can. Way back before books were first realized, people would gather in the homes or in camps and listen to a story teller tell a real life story. The American Indian did the same thing. Books make it easier to absorb what is around us. And of course, without books, there wouldn’t be writers. And of course to discover the world, the first book to be read is the Bible, or Koran or whatever work from whatever country that tells their religious start of life … This was a very good piece of writing and exceptionally informing … Sharonda … now it’s my turn to say “I Like it!”

  8. Ms Parnell on

    This is an extremely interesting read. Too many children reading can be a chore instead reviewed is an article for improving their knowledge in advancing their life. As we have all heard knowledge can be power. They are for reading more books strengthens our children and eventually our future and they grow up to become adults.


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