Education: a Right or Privilege?

By Shamaim Rizwan. Shamaim, 15, atttends the Bright Future International School, in Doha, Qatar. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Education is described as the act of gaining knowledge generally associated with getting it from schools colleges or universities. The idea of gaining knowledge has been part of the human race since the beginning of time, man has always been curious and it is the same curiosity that has brought us at this stage in the world where we have the medicines to cure our diseases and the technology that provides us our daily privilege. Just by gaining knowledge we have accomplished so much. Getting education has been part of our history. Until the late 1700’s only the rich and privileged had the liberty to get educated. Reading and writing was considered a thing for the rich, they got to study and get jobs at high posts. The poor were given jobs where they could be easily replaced, this gave them no room to grow or even get out of their poor life.

Education is a constitutional right of a person, just like food, water, and shelter. Without these, there is no progress in the world. Even though we have advanced this far as human beings in this earth. There may be billions of people, but millions of them still get denied their basic fundamental right to education. Everyone is told that he or she comes into this world as equals but when a person has been stripped away from his or her rights solely based on the color of his or her skin or his or her background it does put some things into perspective.

A person who does not come from a rich background will have to take out loans just to get educated; they get denied their fundamental right to education. Our education is what differs us from animals, it serves as a bridge between poverty and success, it gives us the qualifications that we need to get a job and make money, but when millions of people are denied that right, they are underqualified and have no way of getting out of their poor life. A person is privileged at this age and era to have their rights set into work. The daily lives of humans have come to a stage where all the education people before us got has paid off, and we enjoy the liberty of television, air conditioners, transportation vehicles, and many more. Every single thing we have learned since the dawn of humans on this planet is considered knowledge but when people are denied that right it stops the progress of the human race.

No one should be left behind when people around them are progressing, the reason they lack behind is that there is no uniformity of education systems, public school that are governmentally funded do not provide much for the students, private schools do but they are expensive and those who cannot pay for them are left behind. To achieve a uniform system, competent teachers should be given place in schools, those who bring out the best in each of their students and know how to teach the subjects thoroughly. In addition to this, schooling for all children till the end of secondary school should be free of cost. There is no way those with no money but with full passion can get anywhere; without their education if their passion is strong they will work twice as hard as the other students and achieve scholarships to their choice of University.

39 comments on “Education: a Right or Privilege?

  1. adiba on

    another thing schools should give equal attention to subjects of all fields it isnt fair how science students get the advantage and attention students of other fields for instance business and accounting dont wheres the equality we need equality to prosper people

  2. Rizwan on

    Excellent write up! This goes to show how do you make it important to get in touch with social norms, thoughts like this can really make a difference, well done.

  3. Jbk on

    I agree 100%. This is a great article, thank you for putting it into words. I’m so excited for what you’ll do next. Good luck!

  4. pd on

    brings up very interesting ideas! i do suggest checking up on minor grammar errors (run-on sentences) and word choices, but otherwise i think this is great 🙂

  5. Sarah on

    100% agreed. Nobody deserves to be left behind in the path of constructing their dreams just because education is expensive. We need a solution for equal, fair teaching system for students and competent teachers who earn what they deserve for creating and inspiring the younger generation to be a better person for a more efficient world.

  6. Queen H (duh) on

    I have never seen a piece of writing like this!! Absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work I hope you do a another one of these soon. #can’twait#goals#word#yaasgurl

  7. Queen H (duh) on

    I have never seen a piece of writing like this!! Absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work I hope you do a another one of these soon. #can’twait#goals#word#yaasgurl#xxxtentacion


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