Education is a right, not a privilege

By Kashaf Irfan. Kashaf, 16, is a student at the HKMA David Li Kwok Po College, in Hong Kong. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Education is something that children in big cities do not understand the value of since they get it easily, but then they are 61 million children across the world who know the value of Education, something that it is very difficult for them to get, mostly being girls. Education is the process of learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values. Educating a child means you are allowing that child to explore himself, his strengths, his weaknesses, his passion. Education not only includes the Mathematics, the English, but it also includes the reality of humankind, the truth about the society, it allows you to learn from the every day experiences, especially the bad ones.

The real value of education comes when it is offered to those who cannot afford it. The progress of society can only be done if we offer Education to all. This will create opportunities that will make not only their but everyone’s life better. For instance, there is one child who is very brilliant but not receiving education, receives Education and one day through his hard-work and dedication, he discovers something which can make our lives easier or safer. This shows that if the child had not been educated in the first place, we could not have got this opportunity to enjoy that discovery, so now we can conclude that by not educating the 61 million children, how many talents and minds have we wasted, the opportunity to make our lives simpler.

A human right is a right that is everyone’s no matter what their gender, nationality, race, religion and social class is. Education is a human right because article 26 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “ Everyone has the right to education”. Many believe that illiteracy is the reason why certain regions are not developing, but what about regions in development? There are there literate people, because one educated person helped all of them get that access. But in developing regions, things are not going that way. Their economic, geopolitical and political problems are the reason behind the fact that most of them cannot obtain Education.

Education can be a right until a certain age. After that, the person is able to decide what its path is going to be, to continue Education or to leave it. Through Education many of the problems of not only oneself but also the nations can be solved. Education helps them educate the future generations and helps the whole society and Nation stay strong, it allows them to explore themselves and make better decisions in life. Hence Education can also be a necessity, without which we will not be able to achieve and explore things in life. It may be Privilege to some people in developed religions like America as they tend to have more resources put on Education of the general public. However, there are those African countries whose government does not allocate enough resources for Education. Therefore Education is a right and necessity but not a privilege.

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