Happy-Sad Alone

By Wiktoria Bialek, 17, who studies at Bexhill College. She lives in Eastbourne, UK. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Being alone plants new ideas and sense of self, it is what truly helps us discover who we are. While with other people many of us tend to put a mask to show ourselves how we want to be viewed, with this perfect image of ourselves that we created in our heads, being alone allows us to be free. It allows us to be the real people and not puppets during a play of social events. It lets us cut the strings and live. Being alone shouldn’t make us feel lonely but rather relaxed and calm. In my opinion, it should make us feel least lonely, it should be a break, in the company of the only person who can find the true meaning of our lives and our true aspirations and passions. Being with ourselves can’t be a bad company if we are at peace with our mind and body, on which we can work best by being alone and improving our self-image and self-esteem by accepting that this is how we really are. When alone, we can get an opinion only from ourselves which allows us to create an image based purely on what we think rather than mixing it with what other people see. I think getting mixed opinions can be good too but it should not affect the way we see ourselves.
Arguably, it could also be said that being alone could be the only bad company we can have because being with others makes us feel less lonely, in some cases. I think this could be the case for people who are very outgoing, people who don’t enjoy being alone and people who like being in centre of attention of a big group of friends or family.

Alternatively, it could depend on what we do when we are alone. One person could feel fine doing things they enjoy by themselves while others may prefer doing it while surrounded by some company. Everyone is different and there are different factors that could make us feel different things. It could be dependent on genetics, on how we were raised or even on our state of health. For example, someone who was raised always in the crowd of their family may see it as something normal, as a standard, so by being alone this kind of person could feel like something is missing, they could end up feeling lonely. On the other hand, always being in such crowd as a child could make such person feel that they want to finally get away from this and get a break so they may feel perfectly fine with being all alone.

In conclusion, I believe that this topic can be approached in many different ways and only an individual can answer this. Everyone is different with different opinions and different ways to see. Therefore, I think indeed some people can feel lonely when they are alone yet to them this is not a bad kind of company because this helps them shape who they are and so they learn how to deal with this feeling, they learn how to act and control their feelings which is a useful skill in everyday life situations. Meanwhile other people could really enjoy being alone and it does not make them feel lonely. Yet being in crowd could make them feel very lonely because they do not find themselves in such places, so bad company would be crowds but not being alone.

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