Inside Voices

By Jaya Linfoot. Jaya is from Vancouver, Canada and goes to Burnaby North Secondary School. Please leave any comments you have below.

New apps pumped out by the minute, boasting bright colours and sing-song chimes. Our thumbs itch to reach the next level of whichever game has topped the charts today. Tomorrow, we will find a new game, one with the same basic algorithm, same addicting qualities. In this age of instantaneous enjoyment, it is easy to be distracted. But what would happen if we all focused on our thoughts? I’d imagine we’d be much more entertained. What we conjure in our brains is far more complex and graphic than any mindless game produced. If one finds themselves bored despite having access to their full range of memories, emotions, and imagination, they will never feel truly comfortable with themselves.  

You hear that voice in your head as you read this? Become acquainted with it, and soon, befriend it. You might as well, as that voice will be with you your entire life, and it has some interesting things to say. It may guide you often and torment you sometimes, but either way, if you don’t give it a platform to speak, it will be drowned out. Firstly, it is essential to create a strong, positive bond with the thoughts in your mind as it is your only company when you are alone. That voice is what forms your ideas and allows you to converse even without someone else there. If you are comfortable with what your mind is producing, solitude will never be daunting. Adding on to that, it’s important to let your mind run free once in a while. Like letting a dog off its leash, your imagination needs room for it to thrive and keeping it bottled up or ignoring it will degrade its integrity. Giving it the necessary space may require periods intentionally set aside for isolation and thinking. This way your thoughts can evolve and grow. Furthermore, you should view the conversations you have in your head as being as normal as talking to another person aloud. In other words, give your thoughts and ideas as much attention as you would if someone else were explaining to you theirs. This self-validation of your views helps that voice in your head know it is valued. The ideas you generate on your own are weighted just as significantly as those sparked by outside interactions.  

Now that you have been acquainted with the voice, you must know how it can benefit you. Ultimately, it eliminates all feelings of apathy or weariness if used favourably. When in situations that are not very stimulating, a stirring imagination will prompt a better attitude and therefore an elevated interest. Sitting in a waiting room, for example, would be the perfect time to paint a mental picture and let it whisk you away from the less than favourable present scenario. What is referred to as “daydreaming” just might be the grand solution to everyone’s ennui. Additionally, a dynamic mind will promote creativity and productivity. The voice will remain active at all times but is most useful when your attention to someone else isn’t required, when you have free reign to think. This occurs more often than many may realize. You have these opportunities when waiting at the bus stop, lying in bed at night, taking a break between writing paragraphs, and more. What could be filled with boredom and blank minds is replaced with the intricate thought trains, the voice in your head creates. Your time is much better spent if your brain is working. Thinking about the homework you have to complete, or analyzing the lyrics of the song you’re listening to is far more productive than scrolling aimlessly on social media.  

You’ll really start to love your newly befriended inside voice when you use it to improve your self-respect and confidence. Many are afraid to delve into the recesses of their minds for fear of what they might discover. They believe there is a possibility they might not like who they meet in there, so they avoid the introduction altogether. What they fail to realize is that they will indeed make a new friend, possibly a best friend, but relationships aren’t built up immediately. Time must be spent getting to know the voice. Soon it will be apparent that the voice gives good advice and is your biggest supporter if you let it be. Having a constant cheerleader is bound to put a pep in your step. Moreover, the voice will impress you with its wit. It will conceive some rather intelligent points, maybe an epiphany or two. If you pay attention, you will see just how hard your brain works.  

Shockingly enough, the voice and you are one and the same. As you’ve learned to enjoy it for its brilliance and fervor, the love for your own personality has increased. Though it may not always be preferable to be in solitude, you are never actually alone. There is an entire network of untapped potential waiting for you to unlock. Inimitable and unique to each person, inside voices will always keep us company.  


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