Shaping of Technology with Bad or Good Human Influence

By Torsten Cheung. Torsten, 16, is a student at HKMA David Li Kwok Po College, Hong Kong, China. Please read his article and leave your comments below.

Muhammad Yunus once said ‘ While technology is important, it’s what we do with it that truly matters.’ Our modern society is driven by technology, it is involved in our everyday lives, for example smartphones and laptops. These are only some of the applications of tech that are used everywhere, but the human mind is corrupted with greed, bad intentions and laziness, and even though technology helps us in multiple ways but at the same time, it fuels these corruptions.

Technology is important in our modern society, such as providing us the Internet, brings us entertainment and allows us to catch up on what is happening around the world. However, with technology people are getting lazier and lazier. In today’s world, people nowadays play video games at home most of the time, kids rarely go out and exercise and play in parks. They don’t experience the real world anymore, instead these people choose to stay in the virtual world, refusing to leave and actually do something productive.

Also, with technology, people’s  insatiable greed and avarice show. For example, even though technology makes things very convenient for us, providing us a platform to access information freely, but some people like hackers abuse this power and steal them from people, accessing their personal information and records. They may pretend to be them online and in worse cases steal from them, like their bank account or any records, while remaining anonymous and cloaking their identity from the outside world. This shows that technology can always be shifted to the wrong directions with the wrong intentions.

However, technology is good as long as you use it right. People like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs wanted to simply provide people with a portable device that allowed them to connect with people a lot easier, and at the same time permitted them with the access of the Internet at the tips of their fingers. Hence they made Apple and Microsoft, giving lower-class people like us a platform to communicate with the rest of the world easily. These people having good intentions made the world a better place.

Also, technology has made people think more creatively and innovatively. In the past 10 to 20 years, our society has come a long way, from only being able to access the Internet when you have a big computer, to it being everywhere you go. Also, the Internet has provided people with ideas, inspiring them with different stories and schemes that push them to invent, create and shape the world to a better place. Technology is everywhere and people are making good use of it, mattering to the world with their ideas and inventions.

If people remain with their corruptions and don’t change, technology will definitely drive humanity to their downfall. With multiple regions like the Middle East and Africa making different weapons to prepare them for war and defence, keeping the same mindset of gaining more from other countries, when they instead should be using technology to make people’s lives better, there are people still struggling and with technological advancement, people’s lives, living environment and health will definitely raise and improve.

Technology is important in our lives and will help us with even more in the future, as long as humanity uses it in the right way, control their bad thoughts and ideas to a fault, and restrict these ideas from shaping technology’s development down to an evil path.

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