Technology is important through what we do

By Elijah Martins. Elijah is a student at the Haileybury Rendall School, in Darwin, Australia. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Has it ever crossed your mind how heavily dependent we are on the broad concept of technology ranging from an ordinary washing machine to an iPhone? How is it that the same thing used to further advance and build us up to a society to make things easier is also the same that can be used to destroy and cause catastrophic events both physically and emotionally, to the point of exposing our privacy, especially online? This is because technology is an influential part on our daily lives especially digitally in today’s modern era. However, it is essential to understand that while digital technology has become vital it is only a means of progress to help humanity and development. Consequently, it’s purpose can rapidly change with how we utilize it and its vast functions, whilst also changing its impact on the future.

It would be absurd to believe that digital technology hasn’t played a large role on a majority of people’s daily lives. The uses and benefits reach a boundless end of capabilities that we haven’t even explored yet since it can connect us with each other. According to BBC NEWS 3.6 billion people are on the internet as of May 2015 which has increased to 4.1 billion, making those connections between each of them possible (millions), in 2018. Think about that phone in your hand, think about how many people you might not be able to contact instantly without it; your grandparents, old friends, people you would have lost contact with without it. Digital technology has integrated itself into existence and in today’s world has become nearly indispensable. Isaac Asimov once said, “I do not fear computers, I fear the lack of them” (BrainyQuote, 2018). This is because technology is important, and it is a pivotal part of our lives that before we never knew we needed. Its reach spans the globe and so do we with it. Technology is absolutely crucial in how we go about doing things.

However, it’s important to understand that technology is only a stepping stone we use to make life easier. The use of technology is supposed to help use further ourselves in a wide scope of tasks such as developing skills, sharing information, entertainment and overall connecting with each other. Christian Lous Lange, a Norwegian historian and political scientist describes this best when he said, “Technology is a useful servant” (BrainyQuote, 2018). Whilst we might have come to rely on it to a large extent it’s how we use it to our advantage or develop ourselves that matters. In the words of Steve Ballmer, who was the chief executive of Microsoft, “The number one benefit of technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do” (BrainyQuote, 2018). Digital Technology was created with the main purpose of being used for the people, by the people. We are creative communicative complex creatures which should strive to better ourselves, and have created technology to help with this endeavour. The importance of technology doesn’t come from us depending on it, but from how we depend on it to help us, to build us, to use to our advantage.

Consequently, depending on how we use it can drastically influence it’s use. What is more significant is that the way we handle it can change its prime objective from being a tool of creativity to one of destruction or even just pointless to an extent. According to Steve Jobs, co-founder, creator, chief executive officer of Apple and recognised as a ‘pioneer’ in digital technology, “it’s not faith in technology, it’s faith in people” which should matter (BrainyQuote, 2018). Technology has a wide range of capabilities especially since it handles information. Information for example about the richest/poorest or most digitally secure/insecure countries can be used for pinpointing which countries to focus charity on or plan a cyber-attack. Unfortunately, this in fact was seen in recent events of the Facebook scandal which was a platform to communicate and connect with others but was used as a weapon of privacy breaches. Muhammad Yunus quoted, “while technology is important it is what we do with it that matters”. Meaning, the way we harness technology and the information and power it provides is what truly counts for anything, what truly counts to making a difference, and what truly counts in how it affects others. Technology isn’t an enemy or our friend, but it can make ourselves as humanity and each other our worst fear or our greatest connection and ally.

Furthermore, obviously the way we decide to use technology affects our future. What we do today to utilize this tool changes the way our lives and the lives of children and them after are impacted. Jaron Lanier said, “The most important thing about technology is the way it changes people”, and many people still haven’t realized this (,2018). We need to realise that technology isn’t just for entertainment or to dull the mind but to expand it, to build creativity and open opportunities for the future. What we do today with technology is the foundation of what’s built tomorrow. We need to reflect on what we do today, look at ourselves and ask am I using this to its full potential? Is what I do today with my technology making significant difference and contribution to the world or is it pointless? Because you hold the future in your hands, you have the power to change the world, from that little device. It empowers and makes it possible for us to connect, learn, be creative and build skill so use it. The way we use technology today matters but the way we use it to affect the future, is probably what’s most significant in the end.

People let’s take a stand, for what? To use technology with creativity, with passion and a desire to excel and further ourselves. Not in a way which will destroy others but one in which everyone can benefit. Technology is important in our everyday lives but let’s make it also be what helps build a better future of tomorrow, because that’s what really matters. Technology is a pedestal created to push us to higher goals and standards and a way to have an impact. The way we decide to handle, manipulate and program the technology around us is what’s important in the long run. The importance of technology is irrevocably momentous but what we do today is immensely influential to tomorrow and future generations. DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY! Grab it by the hands and use technology to great reaches to build yourself because the way you use it matters most.


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19 comments on “Technology is important through what we do

  1. Dr. M Martins on

    Excellent write up focused on reasons why we should use technology positively- to advance ourselves and others. In addition, the adding the importance of using technology to build our world of tomorrow. Also worth commenting is the need not to apply technology negatively and the so many consequences this may cause.

    The writter used many persuasive techniques uniquely to express his points. This is re-inforced by use of current affairs of real life situations and evidence. The references were informative and added to the writter’s credibility.

  2. Angela Lee on

    Topical discussion as technology has become so entrenched in our everyday lives, how would we function without it!
    Excellent perspectives with relevant and focused examples.
    Thought provoking ideals outlining individual and societal responsibilities.
    Acutely passionate call to arms which moved me to think more of how I can make a difference.
    Thoroughly enjoyable and engaging essay.

  3. Sally Greer on

    Very thought provoking. This essay raised points that clearly I had never considered before, in so much as what I or we take for granted in our technological lives. Because of this essay I feel I will go to work today and actually think how technology is benefitting me, I will come home and appreciate the fact that instantaneously I can connect with family on the other side of the world. I am of course grateful to all the scientists/technicians/downright clever people who have brought this technology about but am very mindful of the negative aspects such as cyber bullying etc when they are highlighted in the news. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to read such an eloquent and well presented essay. Well done!

  4. Kenny Phiri on

    Well articulated, the essay demonstrates a very good understanding of the topic /concepts of technology. There is evidence of analysis of technology terms … references to the internet and iPhone. How that technology is an influential part of our daily lives especially digitally in today’s modern era. The information covered in this document is well referenced ( e.g According to BBC NEWS, 3.6 billion people are on the internet as of May 2015 which has increased to 4.1 billion…).
    The overall expression of ideas is done very well. The attention to spellings and grammar throughout the essay is excellent. I was captivated and enjoyed reading this article. My appreciation of technology has been enhanced.

  5. Tariro Tapfuma on

    Wow, this is an excellent piece of work. Never really thought much about technology and how it impacts our everyday lives, until I came across this. The essay really brings to light the good side of technology i.e communication and all other everyday transactions. Also helped me not to be ignorant of its bad side, if it is not used properly like bullying. I appreciate the writer in putting together this information that is rich and enlightening. Job well done.

  6. Anthony Apata on

    The way in which the writer expresses the fact that humans hold the Key to how technology is used is quite thought provoking. Furthermore, the emphasis placed on the fact that the way in which technology is used, does not only affect the present but the future as well, is insightful. Moreover, this piece of work allude to the fact that the use of technology whether positive or negative can have far reaching consequences. By making use of factual information and supportive references from authoritative sources on the subject, the writer brilliantly conveys a message that makes the reader reflect on how he or she makes use of technological devices. At a point, I had to question my self, whether I use the technology at my disposal to its full potential. By pointing out both positive and negative uses of technology, the writer clearly indicates that the most significant aspect is the way technology is used by humanity.

    • Dr. Norman Mike M on

      The way the writer has explained how people have the dominance in using technology is clear enough in the sense that the users are the same user and developers of the same technology to take it to the next level by means of their use. It is vividly clear to both young and old that the importance put on the use of technology has an impact on both the present and the future. In his writing, the writer echoed the fact that the use of technology be it good or bad has far affecting effects.
      The document has far searched and supported information by authority sources on the matter as the writer articulated the message reflecting to its readers advice on how best they could use technology devices.
      The writer drove home the point to technology device users to make sure they use the devices to the fullest potential. Having positive and negative sides, the writer clearly pointed that the responsibility then lies with the users of the devices to use them responsibly.

  7. Shania Hall-Prior on

    Very interesting and inspiring read. There were many factors towards technology I had never considered before, and to see it discussed in depth was fascinating. The writer discusses the critical impact technology has on the modern era and inspires the reader to use technology in a way that will be of significance to our world, and to question whether we use it blindly, without a purpose. Overall, a very thought provoking read.

  8. The Tominator :) on

    Great article. Very insightful that technology is a tool – we can use it anyway we preference but it is better to use it to build. To remember to use it for that purpose to enhance our lives. Great use of examples to support your points and well integrated.

  9. Katrina Alford on

    A very interesting perspective on the encroachment of technology in our lives, for better and for worse. The conflict between consolidation of what we have versus continuing to forge ahead is another aspect of this debate. How much can we, as individuals, control the prevalence of technology in society? Too often we hear about the superficial advancements that technology affords us but it would be nice to reflect on some of the less public yet significantly more important technological achievements that are changing our lives on much more personal and, as the writer alludes to, humane level.

  10. Nate Kennedy on

    Good job Elijah, now that was an eye opener!
    I’m so used to the benefits of technology that I can’t imagine life without it. We take it for granted and its important to remember to sometimes disconnect. Technology’s the way of the future, but learning to live without it is what’s going to make us better human beings.
    Keep writing Elijah, I’m impressed 🙂

  11. Adefunke Veronica Apata on

    What an impressive and persuasive write up. The writer seamlessly creates awareness on the need for positive use of technology for the benefit and advancement of mankind. Being able to substantiate the points with relevant quotes and events is highly commendable. It is a job well done.

  12. Tinashe on

    The writer has presented a well balanced discussion on the effects of technology, with clear, practical and current examples. This piece has brought an interesting perspective on how we as humans use our technology. It’s a well researched article with great referencing technique. Well done.

  13. michael on

    The blog that you had posted touched my heart on the impacts of technology . I’am very grateful to come across this wonderful piece . Thank you Elijah Martins for this amazing piece.

  14. Tobi Martins on

    Well done! This piece takes a fresh perspective on the topic of technology and has challenged me on how I use technology in a practical way!

    The piece starts of a bit slow but really takes on something special towards the end. Well done Elijah!

  15. Raelene on

    There are two types of writers. There are those who can fantastically compose prose with no actual meaning. There are others whose depth of thought shines through their words, even as they continue to grow into the formalities of academic writing with time. The second is a far rarer jewel than the first, and this writer is one. Well done on a thoughtful piece with a true and powerful message.

  16. Tolu on

    This was a beautifully written piece, i’m quite impressed at a lot of the standards. The writer’s use of evidence, call to action and other forms of persuasive techniques were intricately put together to make quite a compelling piece. Furthermore, the writer dives into common issues the reader can relate with or at least witness in the news or those around them, which is really engaging. Additionally, the writer goes in detail of the topic and the impacts of technology and what we the readers can do (however, it would have been nice to see more examples but for such a brood topic as technology its understandable that is quite hard). Overall this article is very moving and to a high quality standard that really get the audience to think and act on their decisions with technology and reflect on its importance and search if they are really using it to its full potential.


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