Conflict: a Bitter Reality of Life

By Hanifa Saeed. Hanifa is the founder of Crestview Tutors Academy, living in Karachi, Pakistan. Please read her article and leave thoughts and comments below.

How can you value your happiness if you have no conflict in life?

How does a story begin without conflict? Can we live a constant happy life where there is no fear, no hurdles, no conflicts and even no evil? Our world is huge and everyone is living their own life. Everyone has their own role and own story. Even words are not enough to describe everyone’s story. Each and every one is facing conflicts and hurdles in their own role. Can our life become heaven where there are no difficulties, no hurdles? Ups and downs are each a part of life. We must have to encounter it to enjoy the happiness of life.

How can a story be worth reading or telling if there is no conflict? Is it possible? No, it is the part of life and we have to face it in every stage. It doesn’t matter how long the life is; we face hurdles as time passes, from childhood until death.  If we see the childhood phase, so children start weeping while they fight, while they hurt by another. They are so inerrable. They endure dolor of smalls thing that seem big to them.

The teens and twenty’s phase of life are so important for everyone because in this phase we see many dreams. We recognize our own personality. We realize what we want to do in our life, we set our goals. After completion of school, we started to struggle to achieve our goals. At that time, we have started to face conflicts. In this phase, we see the whole reality of the world. We see our evils in the faces of our friend, when their real faces unveil. They create barriers in our life. But we use own mind and strength to solve that. Indeed, our good friends helps us in our tough times.

From the age of 18, we are going to get responsibilities of work and relationships. Professional life requires lot of struggles to become successful. This life is so tough than student life. Lot of hurdles, obstacles and conflicts we get through. Conflicts arise as time passes, but they can easily pass by us. The first experience is the worst experience, because at that time we don’t know how to overcome it. The worst experiences always give us lesson and make us stronger than before. It gives us the lesson and enough strength to tackle problems and makes us capable through which we can overcome it easily.

Gold has to melt to become a flower.

Behind every face, every smile, every happiness, there are stories that worth telling. We endure conflict in every role of the story; as a wife, as a daughter, as a husband. God is always with us and guides us in every path but also see us that what we do in worst time. We choose the right or the wrong path. As the time passes, God emboldens us to solve conflicts.

Nobody is perfect in this world. People have different qualities and weaknesses. No one can find a perfect match of friend, lover, husband and wife. Due to imperfection, conflict arise in relationships. Some people get through it by compromise, by remaining silent but some people have no patience so they fight in worst situation. But people realize in the end that what mistake they had made. Indeed, time doesn’t wait for any one. So, take the right decision at right time. Don’t panic in conflicts.

Time doesn’t remain same, it always changes. Sadness suddenly turns into happiness and happiness turns into sadness, so how any story or novel can be written without conflict? Every story inspires and motivates us to endure pain, to face conflicts and also gives us the knowledge to solve difficulties. Every writer makes story from his surroundings. He focuses on the current scenario, the daily activities of life. It doesn’t matter how the rich or poor we are, everybody is facing conflict. No one life is without it. Everyone has to endure pain and hardships in life. Conflict is the bitter fact of life.

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