Conflict – An inseparable part of modern society!

By Sandhya Ramachandran. Sandhya is a freelance writer living in Mumbai, India. Please read her article and leave thoughts and comments below.

Conflicts have become an everyday part of life. The more we try to escape them, the faster they seem to approach us. Even a kind-hearted person will have found himself or herself involved in conflict. There are so many types of wars and battles in the world. Our living room television sets are a prime destination where conflicts take place – day in and day out!

Popular sitcoms depict conflicts in a jarring manner. Many great novelists have used conflict as an integral part of their story to entice the reader. Wherever there is a conflict, there is interest and excitement. For example, a curious bystander witnessing a road accident will soon find that a crowd has gathered within no time. During a road accident, people fight and argue about whose mistake it was. Heated arguments follow, and ultimately even the media arrives at the spot. The news reporters convey the story of the accident to all viewers and people feast on the juicy titbits and other interesting details. To many, a conflict or a site of conflict is of utmost importance because it has the potential to draw a crowd and attract attention.

Veronica Roth interestingly puts it, “If there’s no conflict, there are no stories worth telling – or reading!” How true and apt, especially for today’s world, where all you need is a small reason to argue over something or vehemently put across your point. For instance, social media is full of trolls who initiate conflicts with others and people pulling down each other. Some people tend to make mountains out of molehills. They will take a small example and create a heated controversy about it. Controversies are mostly created from stories and when the tension rises, the public becomes all the more enthralled. As human beings, we must learn to be more accepting of each other and leave no room for hatred or dislike. You must not become too excited or let things affect you easily.

Life is constantly filled with drama and many people need conflicts to sustain their interest in something. Without a conflict, people will eventually give up reading books or watching television. It is the conflict in the story which piques the attention of the reader or viewer and enables them to satisfactorily enjoy the movie or book.

Psychologists, judges, professors and others deal with conflicting people every day. Our own lives are filled with unwanted conflicts of various sorts. Whether it is a disagreement between two people or a minor argument, we witness quarrels and tensions on a daily basis. Yoga, meditation and other techniques can be practised to remain jovial and pleasant. It is important to not get worked up. We cannot become preoccupied with problems. Realms like politics are full of people having conflicting thoughts and there are many who never see eye to eye. People squabble in the world and create terror because of opposing viewpoints. There are specialized judges and lawyers in courtrooms, solving conflicts on a daily basis. It is a part of their job.

Real life conflicts often inspire film directors to make movies or documentaries. Many books have been written based on real life conflicts. Suffering is a part of life and we need to ensure that we do not waste all our time and energy being destructive. Violence can also result from conflicts, hence we must be careful.

Human beings must be positive people and try to stay away from conflicts and controversies. We must avoid gleefully gloating on another’s problems. Instead, we should act as mediators and try to reduce and resolve conflicts whenever and wherever possible. The United Nations is a modern example of a humanitarian body that tries to deflect tensions and maintain peace and harmony. We too must learn from the past and realize that peace is our birthright, and conflict need not occupy our lives or hearts. We can achieve so much if we live together nicely.

There are many robberies and other crimes in the world which are constantly being reported by the newspapers and other media. There are so many people living in war-torn countries or experiencing some form of abuse. Our circumstances need not define us. When there is conflict, we find ourselves helpless and unable to do anything. People are not happy in so many different corners of the globe. Most of the stories we read or watch are filled with horrifying and shocking incidents occurring on a daily basis. However, some of the media networks try to depict facts as they are without sensationalizing the stories, which is worth appreciating. We need to address conflicts and other similar situations with an unbiased outlook. Only the ones who have been victims of some type of conflict can fully comprehend its disastrous consequences.

Modern life is full of conveniences and yet people are unhappy. You can get things done in an instant. Despite the comforts, there is no peace in so many families and countries all over the world. High divorce rates are a by-product of increasing conflict and anguish. Nobody wants to listen to others. People experience stress and anxiety due to various reasons. People will be truly happy only when peace and justice prevails in the end. Eliminating conflict completely from our life may not be entirely possible and we must acknowledge that. However, our life story should end on a happy note. Every human being has a story to tell, and every beginning should ideally have a great ending. Learn to live and let live!

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