Conflicts and the World

Written by Olajide Olaoye, from Osun, Nigeria. Olajide, is a writer and student at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. Please read and leave your thoughts below.

A wise man once quoted, “The greatest battles are born in conflict.” I stand to affirm that if there is no conflict, there will be no stories to tell at all.

If all was peaceful and tranquil, who will remember the valiant effort of the warriors that fought for their clan’s freedom? No great king would be on record for alleviating the suffering of his people.

There will be zero tales to tell about the world’s richest men who scaled through the world’s hurdles to rise above the conflicts surrounding their story.

Conflict is the plot of everyone’s life story. Only the dead soul witnesses no conflict. Conflicts give people reasons to live. The end of a conflict is the end of a man’s role in life.

There will be no good story without conflict. The world’s greatest stories started with conflicts and the process of resolving them made up the life story of each character involved. It took a Dark Lord to breathe life into Harry Potter’s world.

Legends are made off the backs of the greatest conflicts the world will ever see. The backstories of many nations are riddled with the incessant conflicts inter and intra culture that lead to their existence. Every being has a tale to tell, only by the magnitude of the conflicts they faced.

If there was no conflict, we will have no cause to be motivated. Another’s story will not inspire us when we are all on the same page. Conflicts and the need to solve them has given birth to the world’s brightest minds. A desire to quell the darkness brought about the invention of light.

Conflict brings about change. A lot of issues arise that bring people to the point of pain and inspires them to taking drastic life changing measures. It breeds a sense of responsibility in people and causes them to grow exponentially.

Without conflict, we will all be rooted, and tongue tied to the same spot. Freedom fighters and activities would be non-existent. The world wars would never have taken place, the United States would never have existed. Some countries would never have existed.

The teeth of history are buried deep in the neck of conflict and like a leech, it sucks off the blood of never-ending conflicts; history suckles at the breasts of conflict like a new born baby attached to its mother.

The greater the conflict, the more memorable the story. The world still remembers the deeds of Adolf Hitler; his part in conflict shaped the world as we know it.

If the world was void of conflicts, there will be no song to compose, no book to write, no bedtime story to tell. The museum will be filled with nothing worthy of remembrance. The birds will fail to chirp, the waters will cease to flow.

The world will come to a standstill without the conflicting events that keep it revolving. Everyday there is a tale to tell and a reason for valiant men and women to rise up and etch their names on the table of time and history.

Many will agree that the world will be a better place if there were no conflicts, but I strongly dispute that; conflict is the fuel upon which the world runs. The world as we know it, thrives on conflicts and names are made for every conflict you are able to resolve using your abilities.

Mahatma Gandhi of India would be just a plain old impoverished man if he had no conflict to resolve for his people. Martin Luther King Jr would have made no impact if not for the racist conflict that shook his community.

Ben Carson inspires us by the victory in his own conflict as well as the rest of the world whose stories motivate us.

Conflicts have always been the reason we want to keep living. People die for conflicts and also, live for it. If there was none, we will have no heroes to save us. Without conflict, we will not have a reason to hope. The world will be boring, lifeless and silent because living itself is a conflict. Conflicts make us who we are and determines how we become who choose to be. It’s occurrence in our lives gives us a story to tell and not just a story but one worth sharing for generations to come.

Conflicts make us different. We will all probably be speaking the same language if they don’t exist, and what would be the fun in that?

Conflicts, no matter how bloody, make for amazing history and sets a definite way of life for anyone who happens to know their backstory.

Conflicts may end the world, but it has a higher chance of improving it. It takes conflict for the world to grow and ultimately, change for the better.

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  1. Ezigbo Ekenedilichukwu on

    this can be viewed as controversial. really but every lines carries a bullet that shoots down the will to retaliate to the controversy.

    I commend the write up as well as the writer!!!


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