Do It Your Way

By Robert Reimers. Robert, 28, lives in Uniondale, USA. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments down below.

The quote that Henry Ford said is super important and will always be relevant in anything you are trying to accomplish. In this world today, if you keep asking everybody for an opinion on something, you may never get the solution you are looking for. That is the main point. Most times, your vision is the answer to a problem you are trying to solve, whether it is an invention, or solving problems in your own life.

Think about it – advice is amazing and wanting to get advice from people you have respect for in high positions, or getting advice from people you love, can put your mind at ease. The problem is that following your gut can take you to places you have only dreamed of. Especially in this social media era, which is a blessing on one hand, with the level of connectivity everybody has now; but it can also be a curse because, now, people can chime in on anything posted without even having any knowledge of the subject you are asking about.

That is why this Ford quote may even be more important now than back then. Things would be really funny if, in society today, we were riding on something that was made in the image of a faster mechanical horse. It would look really silly especially since Henry Ford had, in his visions, the mechanical car. That is backwards thinking, as an actual car can get you from point A to B faster. It can give you more privacy because of the doors. Also, it is more stylish and you don’t have to deal with a horse that may be giving you a hard time while you are trying to ride it. Riding in a car is way more comfortable than riding on a horse.

That is why you have to do things your way, and in your vision, and live with the results. If you just take everybody’s advice instead of listening to yourself, you might be missing out on creating or doing something great just because you are listening to people who cannot even see the greatness you are manifesting in your own mind and in the physical sense. That is why a lot of people wake up one day being older and realize that all the time that was wasted by them was because they were listening to the opinions of a lot of people that are sheep.

Doing it your way can be tough because sometimes you do not see the results right away. This can be tough because you might feel like nobody understands your vision of what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it. But the positive aspect that takes all of that doubt out of your mind is that you live with no regrets. The reason for that is because you learned to listen to yourself with a process that you had in mind and you had goals set to accomplish it. That is exactly what Henry Ford did and that is the main point of the quote. Not living with any regrets, and being able to see that people cannot do what you can do. They can only tell you what to do from their perspective. It is deep that some people want the best for you truly and honestly, but really at the end of the day, they cannot put your vision together for you – only you can do that for yourself.

In the end, choosing to do it your way gives you independence, confidence, and leadership qualities that you would not have if you always followed what somebody else was telling you to do. That doesn’t mean you do not have to listen to advice. Sometimes it is about adding some advice to your already growing vision that can truly unlock a world full of possibilities and opportunities that would otherwise be closed if you just did what everybody else told you to do. That’s exactly what Henry Ford did. He listened to what his heart and mind showed him and his visions came out as a car, which unlocked not only opportunities for himself, but for so many people who needed to travel faster and also for the people in the future, down the road – pun intended.

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