God, give me a harder conflict

By Tomiwa Olaoba. Tomiwa, 16, is a secondary school graduate currently studying web design and computer programming. He lives in Oyo, Nigeria. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Do you have a book full of the past histories of your nation? Or do you have a book that speaks about the lives of those that are powerful and successful?  Look deeply into the book, look intently and real deeply, what do you see? After a lot of reading the next thing you ought to do is reflecting on what you have read; so, reflect on that book that speaks about the lives of the successful. Look deeply, it is telling us problems. If you look intently into it, it speaks of failures and ill-luck. It is both saying you can’t win and you can win. It is both saying no way and there is way. It is speaking about war through peace – they have already passed through these real definitions of conflict in life and that is why they put it in a book which you may read. They have come to the public so that you may listen to them. These people have paid the PRICE and now they are enjoying the PRIZE.

I have studied these powerful people including the conflicts they have faced, their stories and footsteps. They have shifted the mountain when it seems like it can’t be shifted. They have climbed the mountain when it seems like it can’t be climbed. They have sacrificed their dearest lamb on the altar. Today, they have put down their experiences of conflict in a book and they have come to address you in words about their conflicts. Through this, they have become better and even the best.

They want you to study their lives and learn a lesson. This is simply the lesson that ‘if there is no conflict, there are no stories worth telling – or reading’. They faced conflicts and problems and now they are telling you stories.

Do you want to be great? Do you want to have a glorious future? Do you want to stand in front of the public to tell inspiring, beautiful and gigantic stories of success? Do you want to have a book that is filled with your successes? You HAVE TO FACE CONFLICT. You have to face the bitterness of life and you have to think of yourself as if you are the road to ‘conflict’ in and of itself. I think you are questioning your mind ‘what does it mean to call myself conflict?’ Don’t worry I will answer you. A pastor once told me ‘before you will start doing something, you have got to prepare your mind first’. The mind is a place where we make judgments, where millions of thoughts come from and where we make decisions; therefore, if you were to face a conflict in life you have to prepare your mind. One of the proverbs of my language is “If a metal falls on another metal one must be bent or broken for the other”. By accepting and telling yourself that your actions will forge a pathway to ‘good’ conflict, you embrace the mover of change and growth: you become unafraid.

Tell yourself that you can overcome conflict, that you can face bitterness of life and its challenges, that you can face harder problems and that you can cross over all hurdles. As you solemnly prepare your mind for a big success, with a radiating joy in you and in the corner of your heart, you are envisioning success. Also you must prepare your mind for a big conflict: a tough but growth-inducing conflict with a radiating joy in you, whether you are directly or indirectly seeing your actions as a road for good ‘conflict’.

Thomas Paine thought hard and said ‘the harder the conflict, the more the glorious triumph’. If you want to be great, be ready to meet a harder conflict. If you want to have a glorious triumph, prepare your mind for a harder conflict. If you want to have sweet success story to tell, then your everyday prayer should be ‘GOD I want a glorious success. GIVE ME A HARDER CONFLICT. I want to have a bitter-sweet success story to tell, give me a bitter conflict’.

‘Life is not a bed of roses’ – it is a common saying but as common as it is, it does not lose its original meaning.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought about being great in life? Are you still sitting with your legs stretched without bothering to challenge the actuality of your thinking? You are simply accepting that life is a bed of roses. If you have not heard it before, let me bring it to your hearing that ‘life is a bed of thorns’. You fight for what you want. You must wage war for what you desire.

If you don’t want to MISS your GOAL, you must learn to not MISS your CONFLICT. If you want to enjoy the PRIZE, you must learn to pay the PRICE. If you want to make it in life, then you must learn to shift MOUNTAINS. If you want to have a story to tell or you want to have one to put in the books, then you have to learn how to CLIMB the mountain when it cannot be CLIMBED. If you want to have a story worth telling or reading YOU MUST SACRIFICE YOUR DEAREST LAMB ON THE ALTAR.


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