Hate – A Contagious Disease

By Mukesh Mirpuri. Mukesh, 34, is an accountant from Ahmedabad, India. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

In this world, on one side there are positive virtues like love, compassion, humility, honesty, etc. But on the contrary, there are negative vices like anger, hate, greed, etc. There is a saying that there are two types of dog in each human: one is the positive dog and the other is the negative dog, and it’s always recommended to feed the positive dog and starve the negative one. But the reality is that human mind attracts negativity first.

The law of attraction states that like minds attract; however, the alternative, that opposites attract, is also true. If we breed hatred for another, we can’t expect him to love us. There are mysterious magnetic vibes in our nature that send some sort of communication to other humans about our feelings, or emotions we have towards them. If we send positive vibes we get positivity in return, if we send negative vibes obviously the result is based on that. Apart from the vibes, it is also one’s body language that suggests what one is thinking or feeling. If we are not comfortable with someone, we try to avoid their company; there are multiple signals which give away that we don’t want to communicate with the other person who is not of our liking. Even one’s way of communicating with certain person gives away his/her like or dislike for the other and so the law of reciprocity works accordingly.

Hate is a very powerful emotion, and a small child learns from the elders in the family. If the elders live with hatred for a particular thing, it is most likely the child develops hatred for the same thing. Hatred lives through different generations. Once the seed of hatred is sown, it is very difficult to weed it out.

Confucius, one of the revered Chinese philosophers once said: “It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get”.

The world over, there is a sense of hatred that is breeding; it is either based on caste, ethnicity, religion, languages, nationalities, etc. Hatred is not a good emotion, but it is milked by the political class in the quest for power. Many politicos across the globe give venomous speeches which tend to instigate the masses. People who are underprivileged get carried away by these sermons and act without thinking much. Today, even educated humans indulge in spreading hatred without thinking of the consequences it can have.

All people don’t think alike, and there is bound to be difference in opinions. But there are also sections of society who think in a similar way. Social media as a tool is a very effective method of communication, but it has its ills too. With the advent of social media, spreading hate on public platforms is very easy nowadays. Around a third of the population is active on social media platforms. If someone puts a post which is showing hate towards some aspect, likeminded people who think on similar lines start forwarding or sharing the message. This is done in order to create an opinion about the said aspect; it is also a way of justifying that one’s own regressive opinion (even if apparently negative) as correct, as the number of shares and forwards for the particular post can be huge in number. It is in a way trying to impose one’s opinion on others.

Many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, teach the principle of Karma. Karma is one’s own action. It can be an act, words spoken or even thoughts.  The principle of Karma states that one faces the consequences of his own actions. It is said “as you sow so you reap”: if one plans to grow potatoes, one can’t use the seeds of tomatoes. Similarly, if one has a feeling of hatred towards another, he can’t expect love in return. As per the law of Karma, “what goes around comes around”: the religious scriptures teach us to always stay positive so that negativity doesn’t harm us. Even thoughts have the power to create vibrations. If one has planted a seed of hatred in his mind, it will have consequences accordingly.

Hate does attract hate, but when a person can control his thoughts and actions, he can create a positive environment around himself. There are various ways to control one’s negativity which include meditation, Yoga, etc. Hatred for others is a self-destructive emotion. It can have damning impact on one’s body. Not only the physical health of the person gets impacted but also the mental health is affected adversely. It is very essential to overcome it. Hate should be thought as an acronym for Healing Aggressive Thoughts Emotionally.

Hate is a very strong emotion but overcoming it is like conquering the most difficult task. A world which would be hate free is an ideal world. We should all strive to remove hatred from our hearts and spread the message of love.

In the end, I would like to conclude by quoting Martin Luther King Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that”. We should strive to follow the path of virtues and give up all negative emotions to make this world a better place for all.

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