Hate Not To Be Me

By Francisco Pastrana. Francisco, 43, is a writer from Sedona, USA. Please read his article and leave thoughts and comments below.

Hate is a word from which evil rises.  They say where there is good, evil follows.  The evil follows in legions, flocks of humanity, to destroy that individual that is unlike the hate they wield – they are the wicked.  How does a baby grow in to this red, harsh world?  Parents that were broken before a child’s birth now break the child’s journey before they can become an individual of light, on the righteous path that beset all men in the humble life here on earth.  Time, time, and time again babies fall into families in the legion of the wicked.  Friends after a while turn to the fire of despair and hate, just to survive in communities in our world today.  Our era has now grown into one of hate.

From the occult, to our cell phones, to this mysterious #metoo movement, whether for good, for bad or just to keep this flame of hate in the mind like a possession, this entity that dwells in the temple of the head, fueled by such foul thoughts, somehow creates a network within communities.  A family of un-forgiveness is the one Enoch talks about when he mentions unholy sinners in his own book, written during the time the Bible was being written.  What are these communities that now swarm like locusts did in the story of Moses? I consider this a huge stall in our evolution and growth.  Parasites ruining those individual’s with hearts with Millennium skills.  Lonely, betrayed cults of hate now burden many or turn them to evil, to the legions of hate.

Some individuals try their hardest to move past this; but energy to those that can’t find their mind, swallowed with thoughts of death, directs towards suicide.  One may even consider this may be the cause of gun men that have been flourishing in the United States.  Year after year, there has been pressure on people to hate all, like mind control.  This new extreme world of sexuality may also be a culprit for the chain of hate reaping the world or at least the states.  For now, much sex is without love and an individual’s sex life is nothing without the solid word love that many females deny now and choose to be in the #MeToo Movement, which is wicked energy.  Why did they suddenly shift from this light of being naked with just humility?  It’s like the current of electric wires: one need a male, female in order to receive the light.  Is hate the off-switch that keeps this human condition in the dark hell-realm?

I was born into a family in the legion of the wicked.  They never told me of their secret society, so quickly they burdened me, maybe even tried to kill me by means of the legion’s occult groups, or possibly drive me away from the path.  It is a connection you can barely see even with a family in these networks, communities that have fallen in the fire of lies and deceit.  They strike unknowingly with words subliminally shot to the heart, words that they know will spike the mind after very well schemed implants – the tricks linger.  Some say they can even control minds and persuade thoughts with such hate and power I could not see it till now, now that I am awake.  Now what to do? I can’t find a job, can’t find true love.  Even the females I have met would be of this energy, this entity. Kisses, hugs the sharing of a bed are all for the tricks of mental abuse the possessed use to empower.  Why do they keep on pushing year after year?  Once they even poisoned me with a marijuana stick.  Heaven only knows how they probably used me while I had been subdued by this poison. A bar where I would go to see my favorite football team would spike my beers.  These events were opportunities to destroy my integrity, my dignity, to destory the chance of having any type of success in a world gone to the wicked legion, in the red land. Now I’m addicted to  surrounding myself with a hate that attracts hate.

I have to move carefully, can trust barely anybody.  I don’t know how to rise above this, they constantly surround me with talk of suicide and death.  Sometimes I may catch a glimpse of someone who is true to me, but it’s been so long it’s hard to tell if it’s a trick or true.  I keep writing to see if I can catch the line out of the rough muddy waters of hate and find the land of light of my own will, my own career, my own life and not look over my shoulder; have my own keys to my own place and not wonder if landlords sneak in while I am away and let hate stir my living quarters, for the energy can diminish the soul. I now burn sage, and it helps.

So now with all this hate attracting hate like a membership club in which I as an individual cannot participate, I just hope. I hope one day these words my imagination makes may give this being, these bones I carry, to a new path.  Knowing the evil will not rest but at least I can share what the chief and commander has granted me in using my stories and experiences to the best of his hand.

Be cautious: once one calls them out its pretty hard to escape their dominion.  I’ll close with this: there are worlds where the art is to hate one another.  Find something to keep your mind above hate’s attraction of it away from this energy these possessed entities.  It is just scrambling existence to the world, and to our word.  Earth is art: attract heart into art for we are children of light; but some can be dark, and the scale is becoming unbalanced on our blue beautiful planet.

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