Hate Trap

By Nafeesa Ghazal. Nafeesa, from Faridabad, India, writes on how 'hate attracts hate'. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Watching The Hate You Give, where the story remains somewhat hidden from justice as always, makes me wonder: if they can’t afford justice on screen, what can they avail in the real world? But the real world is something I consider a hate trap.

Once, a scholarly man remarked “Hate attracts hate”. Chances are, he just blurted it out while having an exotic wine and here I am, too, defending these words wrapped up in my cozy and warm blanket, making everyone think: what do I know about hate? But that’s the thing; it doesn’t take a scientist, economist, or politician to realize it. Just some deep thinking or even common sense will do. Go back a few decades when Anti-Muslim emotions spiked, and you can see that that was a period when they were treated brutally, giving birth to hate crimes and Islamophobia. Wasn’t that the same time when there were cases regarding teenagers’ violent behaviour? And we can’t forget the fact that they had guns that killed innocent people of every colour and kind. It’s absurd to think our hate won’t affect anything because I know for a fact that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction“. If you treat someone of a different race with disrespect, don’t be surprised if they treat you the same; nor should you be surprised that your child may do the same, and even execute someone because, according to him, they don’t have the right to live. Now do you see why it’s a hate trap? Because we made the cycle of hate universal by passing our hateful genetics to the next generation and people are always attracted to it like a moth to a flame.

The 21st century is a century of hatred where humans of colour, humans offering namaz, humans of a unique gender, humans with no money – precisely all other humans – are still considered plague. Newsflash: they probably hate you, too. We can’t expect love after gifting hate to others. We have our oh so mighty Ego in the name of Self-respect and zero percent tolerance. When someone snaps at us, all we feel like is snapping their necks….you see that’s how we go. In any other century it would have been inapplicable to designate La haine attire la haine, but ours is an extraordinary society and my conclusion is that it deserves that title, as here we provoke people to hate and inject hatred into the purest of souls (that is around two percent). The question isn’t if la haine attire la haine, as ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ vanished decades ago; it’s just the glowering raw answer. I mean, Gandhi ji said “If someone slaps you offer your other cheek“, but we can’t do that now, can we? Because we all know that’s like signing your own death petition. All our lives we move around this blackhole of hatred that pulls us inside and once we have even a particle (envy, dislike, and pride are all fragments of hatred) of it, we are allured to its threshold, and instantly we are caged and get lost in this trap.

Moreover every human has an aura and vibes, and vibes get passed on from one to another, so we shouldn’t be surprised if hate passes on. Isn’t this the reason that we are at the verge of World War three? The reason may be water but that’s just a cover up. Even nature reciprocates our ideology of self love, though it’s anger is bashful but it learned from the best. We are surrounded by infectious anger which is passed on from the mindful to the mindless. Hate trap it is! (It’s not just a curse of hatred like that of the Beast, it’s a physical Hate Trap that consists of the whole Earth).

Again you’ll say I’m just someone wrapped up in my cozy and warm blanket maybe drinking white milk who knows nothing about the raven part of society, but how can I when you taught me to hate black? And then you can always say “Satan hated Adam and Eve and made them fall to Earth from Paradise and we are their children, so technically we should also hate him, but we don’t. In fact some of us are quite good friends with them” proving your point that opposite attracts. Surely they do…or maybe it just isn’t Satan…maybe it’s Us.

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