Humans Are Changing

By Lea Belliones. Lea works in IT. She lives in General Santos City, Philippines. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Is it necessary to know exactly what you are? 24 out of 25 of my colleagues, friends, and students responded with a nod. One said, in order for me to know what move should I take, I should know first where my starting point is. For me, I would be a hypocrite if I said that his answer is wrong. Firstly, everyone has the liberty to stand on each proposition. Secondly, somehow, his answer also made sense. But I followed-up with this question. Then have you successfully known exactly what you are? The majority became silent, some answered with, “I guess so”, “maybe”, “not yet”, “haha”, “don’t know”, “no”. So, I now ask you the same question, what do you think? Would you still give a nod?

One big question. How about those who really do not know what they are? Is it really that necessary? Before anything, let’s define first what the word “necessary” means.

Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of Necessary: absolutely needed; required.

Now, let’s substitute the word “required” for the word necessary from the above main question: Instead of “Is it necessary to know exactly what you are?” Let’s ask, “Is it required to know exactly what you are?” Since the majority gave a nod, it’s no longer a question. So, let’s try removing the word “Is”. The result would be: “It’s required to know exactly what you are”. For me, this ends in a scary possibility. If it is required but not met, then I believe many will be ended-up facing one of these two things: insanity or death. I’m not overstating, the conflict could push a person towards this scary pit called depression. One cause of depression is a situation that overwhelms the ability to cope, which may trigger a depressive episode.

A famous song lyrics by Westlife mentions: “Everybody’s looking for that something, one thing that makes it all complete”. Everybody means every person. That famous person you’re always rooting for in TV might not be as fulfilled as you imagine, he might have a huge void in his life. He might seem perfect laughing all the time and looking cool when he walks among his famous peers. Or that best friend you always thought to be so strong, you thought you knew him so well; in every furrow of his brows, you clearly know what it means. But one day, you were flabbergasted with the most startling news you could ever have throughout your entire life. The very tragic death of that friend, self-destruction ‘suicide’; cause of death ‘depression’. It sounds alarming because none of us are truly complete. We’re not perfect in the first place. It is natural to feel that void and natural to seek something to fill it.

Michael Foucault has a quote: “I don’t feel that it is necessary to know exactly what you are. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that we were not in the beginning”. I totally agree with this statement.

I believe that Foucault in his quote does not admonish/stop anyone in knowing what they are. The thought was: “it’s up to you if you want to know what you are, but if you think you don’t need to do so, then it’s not really necessary”. Since the main interest in life and work is to become someone else that we were not in the beginning. Life and Work are the major factors in a person’s world. Eventually, we will change, there is no one who does not change. As an ugly caterpillar reaches a stage to lie in a deep slumber-wrapping itself with thick cocoon, knowing the law of nature, the need to undergo another death. To achieve its natural and beautiful metamorphosis.

Humans are also the subject of the same law. We choose to set aside what we are, for the interest of life and work. Humans cannot remain unchanged in this continually changing world. There will be no certain and there will be no final state. In every day passing, there will be a new experience; there will be a new understanding; there will be a new you.

You knew you are not used to being in the limelight; as part of your work, you were forced to hold that mic… You were the most unruly child in your whole family; due to your work, you become the well-mannered and most respected professor in a university. You always feel weak when you face heights; as part of your work, you manage to travel to many countries battling with turbulence every time you have a flight.

Every decision we make defines what we are, regardless of doubts. Tomorrow you will again find yourself making a new plan, and a new decision; that leads to another new you.

But remember, in every new you have never been an accident, and shall never be.

Like a mellow yellow leaf silently following the cool autumn breeze. No one knows when and where it will fall down to the ground. But there is a fact between the two elements: they do not talk; they do not ask; all they knew was it is how it is. An unpredictable rhythm of life, a beat of possibilities, a string of limitless possibilities.

Life is like a piece of an incomplete puzzle people have this attitude where we assume things, where we guess when we are uncertain. But only a complete puzzle is sure. No matter how well our plans; how sure we are with our conclusions, the future would still possibly surprise us with ironies; disappointments and rejections. So, what’s the real deal? Your ability to face what lies ahead; how open minded and courageous are you in dealing changes. Positivity and adoptability would help you overcome future challenges.

A picture will be captured only after the shot. A colorful and complete image of what you are. So why settle to a half mirage you, when the other half lies ahead of you. Henceforth, look straight ahead and walk not backward but forward; for this how we are designed. Leaving us with this saying: what I am today, might possibly not what I am tomorrow; what I think today might possibly not what I think tomorrow, for there is no such thing as constant in this world but only change.

34 comments on “Humans Are Changing

  1. Chillis Yadh on

    I agree with this article. It change my perspective, and I agreed with We don’t need to force anyone if they cannot know what they are.

  2. Jay Cadorna on

    I admire the statement of the article that she quote ” I should know first where my starting point is” Exactly Because if you will not try to know your self first you might get loss in the path were you wanted to go. And if you have goals in life or should i say dreams in life try first to know your self if you are fitted on that thing, before you will engage your self. “Try to make a Map of your own journey, to avoid getting loss in the Middle of the Darkness “

    • Jay Cadorna on

      But in other side their are also instances that we don’t need to know who we are because as we all know that life has full of surprises, In a blink of an eye everything might be change that’s why its also Nice for us to be surprise than to get hurt knowing the reality. ” Reality Is the Best Surprise”

  3. Agnes :) on

    Every flower blooms at its own season. For us too as individuals. Life is a race, yes it is. But living life isn’t. We can’t be defined by other’s persception of what life should turn out to be. Make the most out of it. As long as you don’t commit sin by doing it. Love this article.

    • Jonna Mae on

      I totally agree with what the author said on coping up with depression and dealing life’s reality. Everyone could relate specially in this generation. Aside from that, we are defined by how we decide. Life is all about making decisions, and living by its consequences, but whether its good or the other way around, it is meant to mold and change us to become the person we were’nt yesterday.
      Good read 😊 thumbs up!

  4. Dorry on

    Knowing yourself is definitely beyond knowing your favourite colour or your ideal mate. It is about discovering yourself which will take you days, months or years. But once you do you will either love yourself or hate yourself, either ways it will be a cherishing experience.

  5. emy29 on

    I was impress with the thought of the author. “Is it necessary to know exactly what you are?” after I read this. I pose for a second. Brightly said what or where we are today is the result of the decision we make in the past. But it is not really necessary or required for us to know what we are to fill in what is the trend of this world. Because we are born unique individual. Your weakness maybe the strength of others and vice versa. And People continually changing without completely knowing the real meaning of themselves. Sounds crazy, but remember this, “bright things tomorrow came from crazy idea of today”. HAHAHA. Just saying!

    • Jay Cadorna on

      Owh were in the same reaction when i saw this Ms. Emy 29 When i read this article it change my point of view because before i am opposed with this kind of perspective but now i realize something that it also nice to just wait the right thing happen on its right time. ” Let the Egg, Hatch on its natural way, because we do not know what it truly contains”

  6. Emily D. Rosauro on

    Yes, that’s true we really need to know more about ourselves, Sometimes we think we know ourself better but we’re all wrong.. Thanks for this,now I’m more open about myself we’re I could be much better for.

  7. Jay Cadorna on

    I will also Recommend this article to my friends in other country for them to inspire and they will see great things a head through realization with this article Good Job Lea I’m one of your Fan now. keep on making this kind of article keep it up.

    • Jay Cadorna on

      exactly i want to see this author someday if given a chance. would you want also to join me Ms. EMY29 Because i though you also a fan of this article base on your comments. Let this kind of article change our perspective for us to became more informative and Open for new possibilities. thank you Lea see you soon.

  8. Yeon Jant Bjierd on

    I like this Article. 👉Humans cannot remain unchanged in this continually changing world. So, We change for many reasons, because we need to change, because we want to change, and because it is the right thing to do. What gives us the courage to have the strength and courage to make real and lasting change.
    “But you’re so busy changing the world. Just one smile can change all of mine”…yeahhh 😊

  9. Juday Valenzuela on

    Wow, that’s just made me realised that I’ve been wasting my time so long knowing my self all the time. Yet, as stated in the article that some instances will change your self in order to cope with certain situation like our work. Yes, what if you have successfully known yourself, you have determined your purpose..but after that what will happen? It will again change into a three hundred sixty turn after you had serve that purpose. You’ll begin again after you retired and start thinking again knowing yourself of what will you be now.,because yourself build up what attitude, personality and behaviour to depict in order to overcome a certain circumstances of events in your life. It will just make you confuse because it changes. Constantly changing over time.

    • Arthur Pomida on

      “Humans cannot remain unchanged in this continually changing world. ” I agree with this statement, because people are continually changing in every aspects of a person, either in a good or bad way…

  10. Ronalyn ardemil on

    Very well said Lea Belliones. No permanent in this word except the word” change”
    Just like u my gusgusing kababata since birth but now an poet, an author and professional one. God bless u always yum and live life to the fullest

  11. chao2x_08 on

    I agree with the article, it really changed my perspective toward life existences especially one’s own personal attributes and viewpoints. The author has a deep understanding towards diversity and complexion to reality. People in today’s generation are struggling for this kind of settings finding one’s self, creating unchangeable situation that leads to dramatic tragedy that even humans can’t comprehend. I’m looking forward with more of the author’s articles.

  12. Mariel Moso on

    I agree to this article. Yes indeed! What I am today might possibly not What I am tomorrow. For there is no such thing as constant in this world but only “change.” Thank you Ma’am Leah. It’s a reminder for me that there is no permanent in this world. This world is just a temporary.

  13. Kreizelle Mae Cuenca on

    This article is a big help for all teenager like me. A positive, inspiring and motivational words of this article that give us hope and help us to change our perception in life. Thanks to the Author of this article😍☺

  14. Stephen Roy Falcis on

    I agree to this article. We must know who we really are in order for us to know our purpose why are we living for? In knowing our puropose we can establish commitment to that. What you are today is the result of your tomorrow.

  15. RichelCas on

    Very well said! Everything was change, no permanent in this world except the word “change” because all attitudes of people Not permanent like my attitude I did’nt know who Am I. Thanks for the person Who made this article .

  16. Ivyjoy calamar on

    Everything is constantly changing.
    We can’t expect anything to remain unchanged. Nothing is fixed. There are no certainties. Good things don’t last forever, bad things don’t last forever. Everything has its season ; everything has its time; and time continually moves forward.

  17. Nathan Medico on

    Life is a wonderful journey that’s constantly changing. Everything has a beginning and an end, and things that were there yesterday might vanish tomorrow. Accepting this reality allows us to live in the here and now more peacefully, enjoying the things we have in our grasp, without worrying about whether we might lose them or not.

    It’s so important to learn to close stages, chapters, or stories in our lives, because that’s what it means to live: changing, renewing, and not remaining in the famous, blissful comfort zone for longer than necessary.

  18. Christian jay Paran on

    This kind of article are big help for everyone. we people are not 100% exactly know what they are, so that this time we need to know who are we because everyone of us have a purpose in this world , live life to the fullest because life is not a movie that you can repeat every time you want .

    people change whether we like it or not we cannot control the people`s live all we can do is do a good things in our life because God has plan for us to know who we are or what they are.

  19. Airene Delposo on

    Our bodies and our physiology have been carefully tailored by nature and evolution for hundreds of thousands of years. During our evolutionary journey, we as humans have been designed (and redesigned) to withstand the physical and emotional challenges of everyday life. Our current state of evolutionary development makes us well prepared for such challenges.

    I want to share some qoutes about depression:

    “There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”

    -Laurell K. Hamilton

    Having depression is being in an abusive relationship with yourself.

    -Emily Dotterer

    Nowadays,Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.
    -Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein
    Tags: change, human

    God Bless😇❤️

  20. Aicelle GEllegani on

    Knowing better your self knows you with by that ultimate satisfaction and happiness may achieve. Human is changing to adapt herself to life changing ,for improvement not to ruin himself,by knowing itself!will avoid the unecessary results of changes in human 🙂


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