I am dying to find the real me…

By Imesha G. M. Imesha, 22, is a student at the University of Peradeniya, and lives in Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka. Please read her article and leave thoughts and comments below.

Set foot in distinctive facets, restrict your musing upon what you were and what you are now. But get the essence of past to create a strong human being within yourself on life’s journey. “You were the worst, but now you are the best.” If you can hear the words that I mention then you are amazing, since the annoying spirit in you has transformed into a nice person. That’s what we all expect from someone in the world in which we live, even though Foucault asserts it’s not necessary to identify what you are. In the package tour you expect more than you deserve. Therefore, to create a different perspective within you, and to build a creative person within you, you must know the position of yourself. Behold you past, and realize the bitter and the sweet that you have experienced so far. Attempts at reaching your dreams would be fruitful if you could also accept the biggest mistakes you have committed. Unless there is a beautiful view, don’t think twice or thrice to look back. But I proclaim, “look back when you have both admirable and terrible things behind”. It is required to understand the reality. We have to accept both the good and the bad in creating someone else that we weren’t in the beginning.

Foucault confirms that to become someone grateful, you must deviate from the personality you had in the beginning. Let’s first perceive the spirituality from my point of view: you think you were an annoying creature, and that no one would accept you. However, if you could really change, and smile to everyone that walked by, giving your hand to guide someone who is in the dark, and working hard to create a united nation all over the world with your fulfilled kindness would benefit the world.

I’d like to invent a metaphor here: “life is a novel containing a fixed or an unfixed, well-structured or non-structured beginning, unsolved conflicts, and resolutions that are clearly solved, and resolutions which aren’t obvious”. In turning the pages of the novel, we have to be intellectual like Foucault and many other philosophers, artists, scientists, and writers were. We should be vigilant and flexible in our decisions with not being so hurried in taking life decisions. Imagine then, if you will learn from your childhood pains and delightful memories, that no one can complain on you. Thus, wear the light-hearted smile you could have all the time.

I am sure from all the stresses that are forwarded you from family, social media, social opinions and from many other areas you know and don’t know have made into troubles because it is difficult to find out “who you are”, and “whom you can be”. When we are born into the world, our parents hold a lot of expectations. However, we are genuinely free in our childhood. We are independent and experience the naturally free life. While I am connecting each letter, forming words to develop the blog post, I can enjoy the nostalgia. But why am I writing this? Because I’m in the mood for hunting my passion and being a different human. I’m hoping to be someone I wasn’t in the beginning. Now I tend to read, and to create a single phrase a day. I feel I’d find someone in me as Foucault found the philosopher in him. I found who was creative when I was schooling, which faded when I stopped at school. NUHA, I am glad you gave me the opportunity to find the self I had lost.

All of us hope to have happiness. If you can be someone who is creative, courageous, and passionate, also to think what you want to do most heartily, I am overwhelmed to say that you have found the great being within you.


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