If You Cannot Love, Don’t Hate!

By Nikita Jain. Nikita, 22, from Delhi NCR, India, shares her opinions on the emotions of love and hate in the following article. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Love may or may not attract love, but hate always attracts hate. Love and hate are like the two sides of a coin; they are not very different emotions. They are just positive and negative, respectively. Human nature is known to soak up negative vibes faster than positive ones. It is much easier to go down the wrong path in comparison to walking on the right one. It is child’s play to learn to use weapons while it might take one years to learn the use of the pen.

If telepathy is taken into consideration, we can literally send messages to our loved ones just by thinking about them. Now, if this is true, then ‘hate vibes’ and ‘love vibes’ can also be exchanged in the same way. Every one of us has encountered an incident or two where we didn’t like a person before we even talked to them. Why is this? This happens because our subconscious receives some negative ‘vibes’ regarding that person. So, even if you don’t tell the person if you hate him or her, they still get the idea.

It is very hard to make someone realize and accept your love, but with hate, it’s a smooth process. This is a somewhat harsh reality but that’s how nature works; if you take a look at wildlife, you might be able to note their peculiar love and hate relationships. A deer always knows that he has to run from a lion, whereas he can chill around an elephant. An elephant can knock a deer out in one go but it doesn’t hate it and the deer knows that. Similarly, other animals are able to quickly judge the vibes of other animals around them and react accordingly.

You don’t need any special sixth sense to sense hate. However, it requires effort to predict love, and even more struggle to conclude if it’s true or not. The major difference between love and hate is that, though you can fake love, hate is always real. Another remarkable difference is that ‘breaking’ love is an easy task but breaking hate is a tedious one. Once you come to hate someone, you might take years never thinking of them otherwise. Love can be one-sided, but hate is never one-sided.

Hate is like a magnet, where no one can repel it. That’s why it is said that if a love relationship starts from hate, it tends to be stronger and deeper. One of the reasons is that hate is naturally an intense emotion. You can love lightly but hate always feels heavy on the heart. Sometimes hate gets overlapped with fear but it never loses its existence. For instance, cats hate rats, and even if it doesn’t have to eat it, it takes pleasure in killing it. Rats also hate cats, and are scared of them, knowing that they are enemies, but won’t skip the chance of hurting it.

You cannot hate everyone. If you have a long list of people who you hate, then you are probably just a weirdo who can’t like anyone. But, here too, the concept of ‘hate attracts hate’ applies: if you don’t like people then obviously people won’t like you.

Both the emotions of love and hate make people extend their being, and both of them are an effortful task. However, hate will always win in a competition about attracting emotion. The eyes may convey both of love and hate but living beings tend to read black words faster than they are able to read between the lines.

These days people hate themselves too and this rocky relationship with one’s own self becomes the cause of many problems. Hate gives birth to revenge and a need of proving everything. We want to be better than the person we hate most and we also want to prove it to that person. Hate signifies that one is superior and no one wants to be inferior. Hate signifies that one is up and no one wants to be down. So, it’s a never ending cycle.

Last but not least, it’s easy to hate but, in the long run, it is hard for the heart. It’s hard to love but, once again, in the long run, it will be easy for the heart.

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