La Haine Attire La Haine

By Solace Simmons James. Solace is a creative writer who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments down below.

2Pac, in an interview over his ‘THUG LIFE’ tattoo, explained: “The hate you give little infants destroys everyone.”

How true this is because just as an African proverb puts it, ‘A war erupts when the children remember that certain warriors killed their parents’. Hate can only attract hate.

Such was the case for Lil Joe, who stood at 5’9 towering to the sky. A slender figure in confusion, with beads of sweat and blood sitting on his face, a pistol in his hand, and a dead white cop lying in front of him whose fresh blood was trailing down the black tar road.

Silence shook the crowd. A mist of unanswered questions was hovering in the horizon of everyone’s mind. A boy walked up to him and said,

“It was meant to be a peaceful protest, man what was you doing with a gun around here?”

He raised his sights as if seeking for remission from the bewildered crowd, and without prayer, a brief answer came as an older man said,

“I know this kid’s story. We all do. Nobody in his deposition won’t have been affected mentally with the trauma he’s been through. We gon’ stand for our people as they do theirs. No Black Man will be shut behind bars today unless it is all of us.”

Another man concurred.

“You shall fight for these people or fight against it. You can only stand for this race or stand against it. Enough is enough. There is no Justice out there because the people in power don’t look like us.”

“If we don’t die fighting, we gon’ die quietly. Either way, we still gon’ die. We better die fighting, because somehow we may win it.” Another voice echoed.

Lil Joe felt a little more relieved, but he could picture the outcome of what was not intentional outgrowing the sleeves of his arms into a towering crisis. They all knew the consequences, but they stood their ground because sometimes an error occurs when it is too late to be corrected. When a person feels they have been pushed to the extreme, reason becomes very scarce in the setting of their thoughts. Besides, at that point, there was no need for crying over spilled milk.

According to Ron (Lil Joe’s elder brother), their father died when Joe was eight, and their Caucasian stepmother consequently kicked them out of the house. She had no right to, but everything was easier because she was white, and she had the papers. They, therefore, had to settle with an aunt. His eldest brother who graduated from college, could not get a job, because according to him,

“This system is set up against us. It is run by the Whites to halt Black people from progressing. So, for a Black man in this country, it is either you rap, sell drugs, or you go to the NBA. And if you don’t know how to sing, rap, or play ball, you gotta stand on your feet by yourself and defend this family, brother.”

Those were his projections when he gave up the suits and ties and moved to push drugs. And so, he died in the streets shot by a white cop.

A week ago, his other older brother Sam was also killed by a white cop even though Sam was unarmed. The news had it that the officer in question killed a criminal in self-defense and was, therefore, lauded for his heroics and never charged. So, all the Black people in the neighbourhood protested. The two previous protests fell onto deaf ears and on that very day, they were marching to the Police Station in a peaceful protest again due to the unfortunate incident.

Police vans approached with loud sirens. Seeing a white officer down, they shot gas into the crowds and the disagreements erupted into violence. Stones and bullets flew from all directions. It was the authority against rebellious citizens. Many police were killed and injured. Many Black citizens died.

For days it was a state of anarchy in Queensland. What started as a peaceful protest metamorphosed into a racial war. A racial war that took countless lives and sabotaged many properties. It created new widows, provided more inmates for the prisons, and fuelled the fire of everlasting feud and hatred which would eventually be passed down to the next generation.

That evening on TV, an African American teenager said,

“I might not have stood under the scourging summer sun, or in the frost of winter on plantations picking cotton and tea, but it does not mean I’ve not been affected by history. It’s a fact that my grandmomma was a slave and that really gets to me. Back when I was in Beverly Hills High School, white teachers treated black people like they were thieves. There is a disconnection between my culture and yours. If you never wanted us in this country, why bring us here in the first place?”

A Caucasian interviewer responded, “I can’t deny that you are at a little more advantage in this country if your skin color is lighter, or that four hundred years of slavery doesn’t have its impact. But on the whole, not all white people are racist. And I know many successful black people as well as many wretched whites. My sister’s husband is black. I know a lot of awesome black people and we respect each other. Sometimes it is not about white people or racism – it is a deficiency, an inferiority complex, a question of self-worth. For Christ’s sake, Abe Lincoln was white.”

The war never ends. We still fight this war in the light of White Privilege. The war can never end because Black people are beginning to look down on each other when they believe the system is set up against them. The war thrives when the Black people reconcile and excuse their own failures and setbacks on white excuses.

We fuel the war every day with racial favouritism; with tags such as ‘Black’, ‘White’, ‘Asian’, and ‘Russian’. And until we all can accept the fact that we all are responsible, we must stop pointing fingers and act like humans. We must place humanity above all else otherwise this war will never be won but instead it will be repeated.

This war needs thinkers, not fighters. Hatred can only breed hatred. Just as the French adage puts it, ‘La Haine Attire La Haine!’

195 comments on “La Haine Attire La Haine

  1. Mercy on

    This is a beautiful piece and rightly addresses its theme. You attract who and what you are. It’s time we stop giving people what we perceive but what we would love for ourselves.
    Just as hate attracts hate, love attracts love…

    Great job Solace

  2. Ronald Porter on

    We fuel the war every day with racial favouritism; with tags such as ‘Black’, ‘White’, ‘Asian’, and ‘Russian’. Exactly what you are doing here. Do you not see it? Please, no return comments; I have said all I have to say about this writing

    • Ezra Alagbada king on

      I love this,to me this is real,the real us,how we feel,what we suffered, all combine and brought out in this unique write up. Kudos

      • Gladys smart on

        “If we don’t die fighting, we gon’ die quietly. Either way, we still gon’ die. We better die fighting, because somehow we may win it.” this is deep and mind touching, what’s the need of keeping silence when we know we gon’ die someday, the truth about death is that we don’t know that day we will take an everlasting rest…. So why not rise and battle for equal rights, why do we keep remaining in mediocrity? Why do we still remain in our past glories and comfort? I strongly agree with the writer and I appreciate him for his strong belief and mindset

    • Feyikemi ade on

      I agree, the hate you give is actually the hate you get back
      It’s so sad that humans have through various means always tried to separate each other over trival things like skin colour, believes, Race and ethnicity.
      There’s no fighting for peace, and yeah, we need thinkers.

      P. S how can I share this on my facebook wall

  3. Richie Rex on

    This piece is so lovely
    Couldn’t have been better written
    The should be voted as best write up for the year
    I love this and who ever the writer is, I love your work

  4. William Arthur on

    Wonderful write-up. Indeed we can only end this war by acting like ‘humans’ that we are. It’s a collective responsibility.

  5. Aristotle poetix on

    Wonderfully written.
    Until we all can accept to be responsible,
    We must stop pointing fingers and act like this 👍
    I love this

    • Evidence Basy on

      Truth be told so the youths can grow properly. I’m totally blown away by this epic article so, useful for societal corrections. This is EPIC!!!!!! “The hate you give a little infants destroys everyone” WOW!!!!

  6. William Furrey on

    As I began to read this article, my thoughts were this…. ” Here we go again, bashing and blaming the White man for all of the world’s problems “.
    As I continued to read and got closer to the end, I was not only relieved, but thankful that SOME other people understand the same things I have spoken of myself for many years.
    Throughout history, WORLD history, people of every color have committed atrocities against other people, both upon people of their SAME color, and upon others who look different. There have not been, nor are there, any innocents in this world.
    One underlying point this author presents, correctly in my opinion, is that hatred and racism are taught. We are not born with these thoughts and attitudes. We are taught them by our parents and our elders. Truth.
    I am a White American. I have many, many friends, of ALL colors. You will not find even ONE person, who has ever known me, who will tell you I have ever ,or do, treat ANYONE as less than my equal.
    I am not guilty for the sins of my father, nor are you guilty for the sins of yours. I am also not a victim for crimes committed against my ancestors, nor are you for yours. When I look at a person, I don’t care what color your skin is. I don’t care what country you come from. I don’t care if our cultures are different, meaning we may look at certain things differently or do things a little differently.
    When I look at a person, what matters to me, is THAT individual’s heart. THAT person’s integrity. How THAT person treats other people. I do not care what your father may have done, or your grandfather, or your neighbor or HIS grandfather ! I am looking at YOU, as an individual, and what I see in YOU, is what will determine, in MY mind, who you are and whether YOU, as an individual, are a good person or a bad person. Period.
    I know and speak to people in YOUR country and others. What I can tell you is this…….we are all the same. We all have the same basic needs and desires,i.e, food, shelter, clean water, the ability to care and provide for our families. The desire to simply live our lives peacefully, safely, and with a smile on our faces. We ARE all the same. The VAST majority of all humans are caring and loving people. There will always be the FEW who are violent and hungry for power. It is up to ALL of the good people to stand together against the few, and to teach our children about the GOOD in each other and NOT teach or dwell on a victim mentality. NOT to teach that because SOME people have done evil things, that not EVERYONE is to blame.
    Speak to as many people from as many backgrounds as you possibly can. You will find just what I, and this author, are saying…… ” We are all the same “. The ONLY differences in people are whether they are good or bad as INDIVIDUALS. This has nothing to do with skin color, or tribe, or anything else. The sooner we all realize this truth and stop TEACHING hatred to our children, the better we will all be for it.
    I applaud this author for his insight and his presentation of Truth !!!!

      • Star Orok on

        This is so beautiful and touching. ‘We have to place humanity above all else otherwise the war will never be won but repeated’ I agree with the first part, but is there really a war to win?

  7. Sapphire. on

    I totally agree with you. A lot of things wrong in the African society today is based on what has been passed down to us. Lil Joe reminds of Bigger Thomas in “Native son” by umm Richard Wright. He’s what the society produces ,he’s furious, scares, frustrated and disappointed and let’s say confused too,this feeling of having no control over his life but killing that man makes him feel he has power to assert himself against the whites.
    And really,I’ve thought about it “Why take them in the first place ?” It’s sad. Really sad. And it affects us all…..Africans back home and Black Americans. Also,I think Blacks could be racist too.
    And at times ,really it’s not about Racism, but well….the effects of Racism which is hatred,inferiority complex- look at South Africa for instance. Blacks have been broken down over years,the white is being idolised. We’d make a big change when out teens don’t see need to take pictures with a random white dude.
    So really,”This war needs thinkers, not fighters. Hatred can only breed hatred”(you remind me of Pastor Chris with that statement.)
    We should even see need to build ourselves,our continent than living in diaspora…nothing can history. Even with all white people did,there’s no way to get pay back.Seriously, like seriously I just wished young people actually think.
    It would be a lot whole better. It’s sad

  8. cathy mcdonald on

    i am a white and native american in the usa. we have a long way to go here. i cannot speak for africa, i only know what i an told, what i hear on tv and what i read. until human beings all realize that we are all, first of all, human beings and then certain skins, religions, nationalities, and other things, we must continue to work on this. we must never forget the past or let the young be unaware of it. growing up, everything i saw on tv – white people, books i read mostly by white people (although my mom did have richard wright), God was a white man on a white cloud. even as a kid i knew this was stupid. i knew the native americans were not the savages of history books (i did not then know i had nat american in me) and i knew my little black friends should be allowed in all the places i was. but they were not! in my lifetime, black musicians who played to white upper-crust crowds in fancy nightclubs had to enter through the back door and could not get a room for the night in this same establishment. good guys in movies wore white hats, bad guys wore black hats. even this seemingly trivial thing can plant the thought that white is somehow better. our justice system favors whites. more on death row are black, and poor, or some minority. this makes me sick and it makes me furious. as i said, we have come a long way but we have a long way to go. i believe many many blacks here are not putting each other down. they are not gonna’ lie down and be mistreated. and our politicians – many of them – are doing all that they can to help. this is unfortunately going to take a long time before we all have the same dream, but we must persevere.

    • cathy mcdonald on

      would like to add what i should have said first. this is a great piece of writing. it brings to light many things people need to think about, as it did in me. it will i think be inspiring to the readers and encourage them to think and act in ways beneficial to all

  9. Amnesty Gimba on

    “this war needs thinkers not fighters”

    I love this. Until our wars are fought by thinkers not fighters who just want the constant flow of blood everywhere we’ll never be free from crisis.

    I like every bit of it. I love the presentation of the story alongside the use of proverbs.

    Well done!!!

  10. Eyo Inyangette on

    Beautifully written…
    I know racism no matter the kind of face it wears and even if it wears the deceitful face of ” my sister’s husband is black ” and “Abe Lincoln is white”, I see it for what it is.
    We use colors as if humans were paintings.

  11. Hayhem on

    This is a great piece and it should be applauded as same. As Solace has rightly put it, this world need none but “needs thinkers, not fighters. Hatred can only breed hatred.”

    I really laud his effort in bringing about humanistic disposition… We are human as such!

  12. Simon Words on

    Inasmuch as everyone is responsible for their actions, the mirror reflects and does not In any way create. Lucid piece I must confess.

  13. John on

    The only way forward is fighting for Humanity rather than race.Thinkers and not haters is what we need in our generation.Well written Solace.

  14. John Chizoba Vincent on

    Beautiful piece. I was watching this movie yesterday “12 years a slave” and truth be told, we really suffered in the hands of Americans and the white in General. Africans really suffered.

  15. Emmanuel Patrick on

    Great piece, although very familer. The struggle for survival will for ever continue. It is not about race or color of skin, but the nature of humans. The battle for supremacy will never end. It the character that shapes the mind of humans. An American human right activist, Martin Luther King jnr. Once said, “one day, my children would not be judge by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. We have read and watch blacks go against blacks and white against whites. The tendency to dominate did not start today but right from the days of Cain and Abel. So I don’t think there is any freedom to fight for but the freedom of our mindset. South Africans are happy cohabitating with the white today, there economy is the best in Africa.

  16. Ijeoma Ntada on

    La haine attire la haine!
    Hate only breeds hate.
    I love Solace’s descriptive ability.
    It “shows” the story.
    It’s a very fine piece.

  17. Michael Emerald on

    Wow!! “this war needs thinkers not fighters ”

    This is a remarkable piece. Africans are suffering….

    You deserve an accolade 🙏🙏

  18. Nsikan Hilary on

    Please, is this some fictional writing? Because it got me reading from the first word to the last. Captivating topic to write on. Black Power.

  19. Unyimeobong Okon on

    Our generation can only act it’s script another will enjoy global integration.. I love this piece. A great Insight

  20. Adeniyi Adekunle on

    A well written piece. These words touched me ‘this war needs thinkers, not fighters. Hatred can only breed hatred.’

    Without doubt, love breed love.

  21. Rahila Stanley on

    At first I was like here we go again with this whites are blacks problem. When I progressed, I realise the author of this piece is in more ways like me a humanists and is for one love for the race of humans!

  22. Oluwatobi on

    Really, humans need to learn that only love builds, grows and develop. No Nation or community has ever been successfully built and sustained by hate. Meanwhile both “love” and “hate” are learnt not inborn. What a piece. I love this.

  23. Mmeyoma on

    Truely, the hate you give is the hate you receive.
    Our skin color is just for identification and a sense of belonging.
    The more we see it as just a human’s physical feature, the more we’ll be able to live peacefully with each other.

    Nice write up Sir.

  24. Taiwo Ogunleye on

    I started reading with keen interest, captured by the Beautiful way the details are direct and deeply concise. At a point, I was forced to ask myself “When shall we stop this story if hate? We have gone far in and beyond this. Who will put an end to this story if hate? Why can’t we tell the story of love and togetherness; the story of our collective humanity needs to be told”. The end made me smile. I was impressed by the change of narrative. Whether Black or White, the red milk flows in our veins. Great piece!

    • Collins Samuel on

      Intriguing. The narrative conveys to readers, the stark reality that prods to divide us as humans.
      If we nurture hate, it grows and comes to haunt us, later. We are one people, though of different colours.

      Thanks for this story.

      • Rainy de bow on

        I love this art work. Because we’ve been brainwashed about what we’ve been called we divide ourselves from another. Nay, there is NO white nor black just human with different color.

  25. Kolawole Muktar on

    In as much as i agree with this write up, I must however comment that it’s not that easy to “move-on” or to forgive especially in a situation where u see a supposed fellow human being take away life out of ur loved one without the society giving a hoot about it. I sincerely believe it takes a gradual process to heal and the power to fully heal lies in Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can help in such situation. Shalom

  26. Sunday on

    This is a very nice write up. I’ll like to read more. The past is gone, we should focus on the future to make it right for the generations to come.

  27. Aniekpeno udo on

    Nice excerpt I may say, the truth of d matter is dat racial discrimination has nt just started now, it has existed for many decades and will continue even to the third generation jet unborn.It is only civilization dat will help curb this menace a little bit but this tussle will last d test of time!!

  28. Ibrahim Clouds on


    Quite a long time I read an author spark conflicts and twists into a diversified subject matter by leveraging on the beauty of dramatic irony. And this author has made a balance to clarity doing so, a thing most difficult to achieve to most authors even when they follow the generic “Put your character in hell and great conflict will ensue” idea.

    The flashback to the death of Sam “Joe’s brother”… not one that sweeps the reader’s feet off the moment for storytelling, this one was a bumpless transition, a clear-cut portal from the “now” of the present to the “now” of the past. In this part of the story, I enjoyed the balance kept between showing and telling.

    Looking from the vantage point that gets us to see the employed devices and technicality of a work of art, one will begin to appreciate the use of historical allusion just in the most appropriate place in “I might not have stood under the scourging summer sun, or in the frost of winter on plantations picking cotton and tea, but it does not mean I’ve not been affected by history.”, and the anachronism in “If we don’t die fighting, we gon’ die quietly. Either way, we still gon’ die. We better die fighting, because somehow we may win it.”.

    This is what a good fiction should be. Every device, and every sounds used should put the readers in the scene(s). The narrative voice should be less heard so as to give readers a real-time and an original experience of a familiar theme.

    And lastly, reversing to command a clear-cut look at the subject matter/the narrator’s point of view shared of the theme, I must say that I go with the narrator’s opinion. But I’d rather not talk about it as I would have to make a tilt to an edge of the lever which would rather bring about the “racist” tag from wherever.

    Overall, I loved and enjoyed the read.

  29. Theddy Theddy Theddy on

    With the article hitting the nail on the head and doing it perfectly.

    All I can say is, “keep up the good spirit” we need more of such knowledge and understanding to rightly structure the future.

  30. Bronnie on

    Thought provoking read! Our actions are defined by our thoughts, our thoughts define our perspective. Achievements can be gained or lost by our perspective and the perspective of those in our society.

    Thank you for writing this and sharing your thoughts.

  31. Pentsunami on

    The write up is simply incredible….. It started in a critical fashion before it equalled all the world in a round table to justify peace. Sir you’ve indeed written the mind the world ought to have. Ignorance and sentiment is the ruin of the world. For in ignorance sentimentality thrive…. Nice work.

    • Omonuwa Esther on

      The message in this beautiful piece of art is amazing, the rate at which discrimination and racial prejudice is increasing in our society is alarming. This piece has addressed that and the diction and imagery is on point. 👍

  32. mark fishbein on

    Hi Drey. So glad you have so many fans! People, this young man has the gift (and curse) of a great poet. Read his poems however you can.
    Drey, there is a great famous quote by Auden from the poem “Sept 1919” that is used often but always rings true:
    “we must love one another
    or die”


  33. Godwin Udoh on

    The depth in this piece is overwhelming. The diction is apt and the images stand out. I’m glad my expectations were not cut short.

  34. Omonuwa Esther on

    Beautiful piece of art, the rate at which discrimination and racial prejudice is growing in our society is so alarming.
    This piece has addressed that and kudos to the writer for the incredible diction and use of imagery.

  35. Bro_Nenye on

    We fuel the war every day with racial favouritism; with tags such as ‘Black’, ‘White’, ‘Asian’, and ‘Russian’. And until we all can accept the fact that we all are responsible, we must stop pointing fingers and act like humans. We must place humanity above all else otherwise this war will never be won but instead it will be repeated.

    this paragraph is just the whole.

    love breeds love
    hate breeds hate
    until we have thinkers, the narrative remains same.

    Black or white, we are humans

  36. Abasi-ifreke Bassey on

    Creative write up with good facts that requires attention…. I think this article should be given rightful recommendation.
    Good job drey!!!

  37. Laurel on

    This is a beautiful writing, and needs more publicity. Though some may have problem with the ideas, I still believe it’s a beautiful writing.
    Thanks for this writing!

  38. TiToluwaNiMi on

    Hmm, calls for deep thoughts. Reminds me too of Native Son by Richard Wright. Though there were blacks like Bigger Thomas who felt justified on the bad stuff they did because they suffered much from Racial Discrimination, there were also whites like Mr Dalton who gave money to a school where coloured children attend. It’s true that our minds play a big role in this hatred game, teaching ourselves and our children to love is the only solution to this problem.

  39. Chreez on

    Wonderful write-up.
    Although I feel the issue of racism has been overbeaten, but like the gospel, the message should still be passed on. Blacks and several other races that have been discriminated against owe their lineage these stories. We become better people by knowing our roots.

  40. ObaniJesu Idowu on

    The story is deep, educaive and pathetic but not withstanding is no cause for any African to engage themselves in an unlawful act. This is the reason why many people going into internet fraud(yahooyahoo/yahoo+). But in all we are African and not black people there is non of us that has black skin we may be dark in our skin we are not black we are not wicked, we are good people and great continent.

  41. Francisco pastrana on

    js hey they say tupac is still alive…because he’s beyond thegaslightning race of hate but hey would you want to be hear in america…its not what you think

  42. Willimena on

    We really need to stand together…. Honestly speaking not all whites are whites and not all black is black….It’s not racism , it’s us…Nice work 😍… being a “racist” is not about colour… it’s the mind”….What is it racing at?👍👍👍

  43. Kufre James on

    This article is the best I have read in a long while. The fusion of storytelling in projecting the author’s stance is compelling.

    At first you think he pushed blames, but the twist spurned everything to magic.

  44. Kufre James on

    This article should go to places. It addressed a recurring societal ill.

    And yes, I agree that this war needs thinkers, not fighters!

    Great read. Thanks a lot for sharing…

  45. Charles Castro on

    Being from the US, I seem to relate more. And as the article puts it, we all have to take responsibility and stop pointing fingers…

    I think I need to learn more about African Proverbs. They seem to be filled with wisdom. This particular line fascinates me.

    “‘A war erupts when the children remember that certain warriors killed their parents’.”

    All in all, it was the best among the few other entries I have read and this deserves more publication.

  46. Shariz Uzfar on

    Beautifully and objectively written. Well done and keep going strong. Take care and all the very best in your future endeavors. Take care and god bless.

  47. Allan Pope on

    Wow! This got me emotional. Whenever I am dealing with people, I will never forget that ‘La Haine Attire La Haine’ as the French proverb puts it…

    I wish you all the luck. Your article rock!

  48. Adam Holmes on

    Beautiful. Very beautiful article. The author uses simple language structure and an interesting story to project and send the message. And it was definitely delivered. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Viktor on

    Some times this kind of piece got me like ” this is not a fiction ” coz of certain Americans are one of the most leading practician of tribalism, with their ladder of racial hierarchy, always at the sandpiper demeanour of being always right and on top,

    Sincerely i don’t like Americans because of this , and i love this piece for your honesty and resolving it all by the consideration of humanity first,
    But who knows if they still goes with the rhyme :if you’re white you’re alright, if you’re brown stick around and if you’re black get back.
    Lovely one Drey

  50. Taylor Iverson on

    I doff my hat for the author. Apparently, this is the best article I’ve read in a while. Stories truly keep the reader’s interest intact.

    Most of the articles just go out listing things in a boring way. This one uses a story to show us the intention.

    It was a nice read I really wish you good luck


    wowwwwwwwwww….at least I learnt something “hatred begat hatred” the unending war of race and right among blacks and whites…nice one to you sir….may the crown fit the king!

  52. Matthew Dominic on

    “White or Black” is just the carton print. Humanity is the content.
    The our is now when we should start judging an act not by first looking at the person’s race but by the principle of natural law.

    Good write, man!

  53. Abdurrahman Baffa on

    Nice piece of writing.

    It’s really enlightening. And it deserves some

    Halfway through reading it one might be
    reminded of Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raising in
    the Sun; and, the Richard Wright’s famous Black
    Boy. Not living the Tu Pac’s famous song,
    Changes. For it truly depicts the struggle of the
    African Americans’ life. The story is so poignant
    and sad that it really needs brain fighters to fight
    it; and not of the fisticuffs.

    And besides the title, I really like the striking
    opening that quoted with, again, a Tu Pac’s
    interview; and the powerful, eponymous African
    proverb. Notwithstanding, I also love the
    commanding closing that had all summed it all.
    Indeed, “La Haine Attire LA Haine”.

    Now, all the best for this writer.

  54. Francisca Nwaoyibo on

    We must place humanity above all, This statement I so much love. It’s a very nice piece and it got me thinking too. This war needs thinkers and not fighters is also true but we no longer think and its making everything insane and difficult.

  55. Sunday Dickson on

    This is well expressed.
    The idea is amazing. I keep saying that the world will be a better place if we can abide by this idiomatic expression and biblical principle: “do as you would be done by”.
    Your article preaches peace and it’s commendable.

  56. Aletha Tjaden on

    This artists words always pulls the world together for me. Everyone’s fight is unique and yet the same across the globe. He deserves to win and have his words brought to a wider audience.

  57. Ada on

    This is a good narration. Although using terms like “black”, “white”, “Caucasian” within the story and then saying they were racial tags which emphasizes the divide between humans at the last paragraph was a bit too contradictory. The overall message is well understood, regardless.

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    games you can perform in 2019, also it was developed simply by
    a company usually cited since the finest casino developer, IGT.
    If you’ve watched the Wheel regarding Fortune show before, you probably realize how it performs.

    In this game, you play typically the role of
    one of the contestants, and it can under your control how very much money you want to wager upon each spin.

    this game lets a person win a whole lot of money if
    you are blessed. The income could be huge, but a person must bet some cash to get this.

    this game is amazing for everyone who is playing the overall game and wants to be a
    part of the show rather than just observing it on TELEVISION, watching other people get excited
    although they are sitting at home. If you have actually desired to be a part of
    typically the Wheel of Lot of money, this online on line casino may be what
    you are looking for!

    Just how Does Wheel of Fortune: Hollywood Version Work?

    This sport is in fact a representation associated with the famous TELEVISION
    show, where an individual gamble the gamble and spin typically the wheel.
    Your earnings increase based on exactly how much money an individual bet,
    but they usually are also tied to the payoff a person get.

    As well as that, this specific game has far more features to provide.
    An individual get a possiblity to obtain a random goldmine bonus.
    This will be seen whenever you rewrite the jackpot
    wheel and an icon appears in your display screen – with every spin you choose, the particular jackpot increases.


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