Love overshadows everything

By Gomathi Sridevi Radhakrishnan. Gomathi Sridevi, 22, is a graduate student in Sociology. She lives in Thoothukudi, India. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”- Martin Luther King.

We can witness hatred in simple games like Cricket and Football. People would be furious during India versus Pakistan, England versus Australia matches, and Manchester United versus Barcelona. It’s just a game, but people see it as a war between the two countries. A game just turned them to hate others for no reasons.

Here people don’t see any racial backgrounds or social status, but hatred prevails just because they are from another country.

La Haine, a French film was directed by Mathieu Kassovitz in 1995. People who have watched the film might understand how hate forms.

“Heard about the guy who fell off a skyscraper? On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to reassure himself: So far so good, so far so good, so far so good. How you fall doesn’t matter. It’s how you land”. It is a famous dialogue from his movie called La Haine attire la Haine.

Society lets things get worse and worse because “so far it’s good” isn’t taken into consideration.

During my school days, I hated my uniforms. I got the chance to wear a colorful dress during special events in my school. In my country, college students don’t have a dress code. So, I waited for my school days to end. I threw away my school uniforms once I entered college. At first, I was happy and excited to wear it. But later I found it suffocating. My college mates started to discriminate and bully people based on their dresses. The haves and have nots came into the play.

People who were rich bought branded dress and others wore normal wears. The haves and have nots were the main reasons for building the gap. That’s when I understood the value of the uniform. In school, we didn’t find any differences in others. We didn’t see their social background, status about rich or poor. We were friends, despite our cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Hate is not born within us. It is learned, through the course of our life. We started learning to hate from our early childhood. I learn to hate toppers in my school when they compared me with them. I learn to hate mathematics or chemistry when it became tough to study. I learn to hate teachers when they were biased. While growing up, we learn to hate people who don’t have the same ideologies as us. We learn to hate the system, and finally, we learn to hate everything.

The obsession over superiority is also the root cause for hatred, conflicts, and wars in today’s world. This obsession has been existing in our society for many years, it started with patriarchy. Humans have the urge to establish their dominance to prove their superiority.

“Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

People express their hatred through terrorist attacks, racism and wars to prove their existence. If you use violent, forceful, or underhanded methods against other people, you can expect the same. Vengeance not only kills others but, themselves. The easiest way to destroy one’s own life is by holding a grudge against someone. With hatred, one can achieve nothing in their life.

According to Newton’s third law of motion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When we hate something or someone, in return we get the same. If you love others, you will be loved by them, and if you hate others, it’s the vice versa. Whatever goes around, comes around.

Our society consists of 42% of youth’s population. This generation is supposed to be the generation of change. We should develop an attitude of sharing others rather than snatching, of caring for others rather than dominating, living in harmony rather than inducing in fights. We must not let the hatred rule the humankind.

No human beings are alike, and we are meant to be different. Everyone has the right to think and act differently. We must accept and embrace the differences in each other rather than hating others. If we succeed in establishing the love all over the world, there will be no such thing called world wars.

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  1. Gurunathan on

    Wow.. Nice Humanity defined by hatred inside of every human. Love is not a word but the world needs to live with it.. The society needs to learn lot from the every learner.. Even You are absolutely one among them, I appreciate you for more to come.


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