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By Jakeer Shaik. Jakeer is a logo designer and freelance writer living in Proddatur, India. Please read his article and leave thoughts and comments down below.

My enthusiasm to embrace change began one day when I noticed an incredible phrase: ‘Embrace the Change and shape yourself’. I peeped through the windows of my home in my childhood to notice this small phrase on the top of an Ice-cream seller’s street cart. Immediately, I marveled and approached the merchant and inquired why he had quoted that particular phrase on his street cart. He smiled and said, “You are innocent, little kid. Grab this ice-cream. You’re probably not allowed to figure it out now, so go home and I’m pretty sure you’ll be on the ball”.

After a few years, one more incident took place that incited me to accept change. I still recall it because when my dad has come off with flying colors, I asked him, “Dad, do you truly like yourself now because you’re highly successful as an entrepreneur but not as a tutor as you dreamt”. To fill out the blank spaces in my mind, he replied, “My son, this world is not as complex as you think. It’s really simple. If you had faith to become a physical entity to serve people then you would surely become the person you believe you can be within yourself.  However, what matters the most is satisfaction in you but not others. Yeah, I probably dreamt of becoming successful as a tutor, but sadly I didn’t achieve it right now. Yet I haven’t failed in that task: it was just postponed. It is because God might want to see me make enormous achievements by putting actions to become a new and better person I wasn’t in the past”.

One anonymous writer said, “Make a difference until your last breath to become someone you were not in the beginning, and of course I strive hard to become a symbol for change”. Which is, of course, similar to the philosopher Michel Foucault’s quote.

The two simple yet mind-blowing and profound real-life incidents that happened in my childhood provoked me to destroy the past version of me and reinvent myself to cope with present situations. Many ups and downs, financial troubles, family issues, and legal issues. Anyway, we’re not surviving on this to list of our problems because everyone on this planet had problems. I found a solution to all these problems through reconstruction. Yes, reconstructing my beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and emotions helped to figure out a way to get rid of problems.

I assumed that problems are the simple representations of the conflict between your perception and reality of the world. For example, if you had a terrible boss who always makes you work overtime and tries to fly off the handle all the time, let it happen, convince yourself that it’s not high time and change your identity and assume you’re a superhuman and you could perform multiple tasks at a time. This simple belief would change you and prepare you to confront the daily challenges in your life. One day or the other your boss would feel ashamed for doing so.

I always wanted to become an entrepreneur but, unfortunately, I don’t possess enough money to initiate my startup idea. So, what I did was reconstruction. I honestly felt that I had good writing skills to impress and impart knowledge to people. So here I am. Because I believed I can become a writer I had become one. I’m writing many articles and short stories to gain self-satisfaction. If you examine carefully, I didn’t change my goal, I just changed my path to reach my goal. Now, I am a writer, soon after I start to earn money through writing I will myself become an active funder to my startup. I don’t want to rely on someone.

Everything is in your hands. It is your turn to choose to become a hero or zero. No one is zero in this world. Everyone has the power to renovate themselves, but they often lack the courage to confront their day-to-day anxieties. You can become powerful to eradicate the problems when you transform into the perfect version of you to resolve it.

Since my childhood, every single day served as a new experience to me, so I was reluctant to know who exactly I was but I exemplified to become a figurative model for change. As kids, we didn’t know who we are but as adults, we’re confused to figure out with what we’re shaped. Don’t ever think that it’s flesh and blood because I was discussing the complex network constructed inside you with the ideas.

Your mind was replenished with incidents in the past that force you to change. No matter whether you’re a writer, artist, tutor or entrepreneur, you’re constantly in a phase of transition to evolve into a better version of your past self. All my life mostly revolved between two things. The first is me in the past, and the second is also me in the present. If I was the past version of me, I would have never been a writer and my life would have been worse trying to search for a path to find my startup. I would have been spending a lot of time explaining about my startup to investors and hoping to get funds.

As a writer, I was pondering all the time to note down a few lines to explicitly impart knowledge to the people to embrace change in their lives. So it’s your turn to choose your passion and profession and to impart changes in your life according to the real-life challenges you face.

Surprisingly, all the humans in the world are enthusiastic about exploring the weird, bizarre and shocking science facts. But the only doubt that stuck in my mind was whether they’re on real-life track to embark on the pursuit of shaping themselves. Ideas, experiences, memories and of course real-life incidents induce us to choose a path to shape ourselves. Though all these things motivate us to change, the actual change couldn’t simply take place. The change comes into existence when you have the will to act. The best advice I could give to you: “continue the pursuit to search the better version of yourself until you die.”

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      Essay whitch you written is really super 👌👌👌👌in this many emotions are their and it is obviously inspiring and pakka every one learn something from this .
      Thought you got to write this essay is really awesome and finally it is lovely


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