Never The Same Again

By Jessica Nielsen. Jessica, 35, is a certified HCA and the mother of seven. He lives in Calgary, Canada. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

As we are growing up people always ask what do you want to be when you get older and how will you get there? These questions as a child are unscathed by society, our education and our imagination. We can essentially be anything we want, a fire fighter, a doctor, an astronaut, the possibilities are endless in our imaginative minds.

Then as we progress, we find that we lack in some subjects, some extracurricular, we learn that we have limitations, not only ones that we place on ourselves but ones the world around places as well. As we begin to discover these faults, these evident weaknesses and these rules our minds become less imaginative. We begin to realize that we cannot succeed in everything and anything. We begin to strive for less and we succeed less.

In today’s world it really does not matter if you know what you are, who you are or who you want to be though, you can always change. Change is the inevitable directions of life. We make choices, we switch paths and we grow.

When I was a child, I thought being a mom would be what I always did, the stay at home take care of the kids never do anything else type of person. Then as I grew, I thought of many other things I wanted to do but, when I lost my father, I decided I wanted to travel. I did not want to just survive life, I wanted to experience life. So, I started leaving my kids behind and doing that as much as possible. After a few trips away I wanted to go back to school to be a travel agent assuming that would be a great decision. Well that did not pan out, not that I didn’t try or complete that education, I did, I just couldn’t find a job in the dwindling economy. So I went off to school again. This time I would become a health care aide, caring for those was always a strength in me. I did that for a while and now yet again here I am trying to figure out what to do and what to be. After two injuries and no longer being able to continue as a caregiver I am now sitting here not knowing who I am or what I want to be. But, I find my time is consumed by writing, yes, another thing to try. Another thing that may not work out and another thing that I may fail at. However, all of my education, my jobs, my side endeavors and my time as a parent has only made me grow. I continue to grow every day, I learn, I fail and I succeed. I become someone I was not before, I become a new person who is wiser and more diverse than I was the day before, the month before and the year before.

We all become more, no matter what we choose or don’t choose we are never the same person as we were. We never go back to being who we were, something in us always changes. Everything in life makes you who you are, which is not who you were in the beginning and that, that is the whole point of it all.

You can be what you want, who you want, when you want. Change, grow, fail, succeed; make your life worthwhile for yourself. There is no set plan for you, I or anyone else in the game of life and therefore you do not need to know exactly who you are in any moment of it. The evolution of daily living will change us all, try not to fight it, try to embrace it and take it in strides. Taking time to learn to flow more with life instead of constantly questioning everything allows changes to become a less stressful factor. When you can just enjoy the moments as is and

become a new you with each piece you endure, you can realize just how much you didn’t know about yourself.

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