No Conflict, No Life

By Habeeb Moosa Kakkattil. Habeeb Moosa, 19, is a student at Madeenathunoor Islamic Science College, Calicut, India. Leave thoughts and comments below.

If there is no conflict, you may say there would be peace. What would be a story in a world without conflict? You may say stories would represent a truly worthy world and promote the wellbeing of society.

Did you ever imagine a world full of goodness? Surely it is a paradise. Even though it is a utopia, could you make a story in it?

Simply put, a story without conflict is like a school without students. A school develops into a real educational platform only when its students become intellectually vibrant. As such, conflict is a fundamental factor for a story to be considered credible.

In a short sense, I could say that I came to hear stories in my early childhood, while I was in my mother’s lap. Whenever I disdained to eat food to my mother and she told me the stories of many wild beasts, she warned me, “if you don’t eat food, beasts will come and attack you.” Oh! That was really a conflict… No doubt if there had been no conflict between my mother and I, I would never hear those stories.

When I began to grow up, I began to write stories. In all my stories there would be one assassination, murder, attack, or any other violent sins which make a story tastier. But, one day my master told me, “God has instilled many skills in you: your stories are excellent. But now I want you to write about a peaceful world without conflict: it will be more beneficial for you, because your previous writing is generating inspiration for the young to do the wrong things. Our writing must be motivating for other to do good deeds. I tried writing stories after my master’s direction, but it was as hard as caring for an elephant.

Imagine you are a good farmer in a village. You work in the field and earn a livelihood and lead a successful life. All the members of that village live like you. Is there any speciality in your life? No; nothing. Imagine you are a good worshipper, and you live among hundreds of such worshippers. Is there any importance to your life? No; never.

But, imagine you are a doctor from low-class society, who commonly earns a livelihood through making cow dung cakes. Do you have any importance? Yes, you do have importance. You have become by overcoming many obstacles. Conflict made your life unique.

All in all, your love, peace, kindness, humanity, harmony become relevant only in the period when they vanish from the world. Similarly, cruelty, falsehood, sins become part of the news only until they become rare incidents. Hence, a story without conflict in unimaginable.

You might be able to create stories about a truly good world, without conflict. But you count its readers, and the number will be far lower than your estimation, because stories are successful when conflict arises. Your readers may not be excited or interested to read a story without tension.

Our life is all about these stories. In reality, we should just create our own new life story by smashing the conflicts. Conflict is an assured gift on our life’s long journey. Those who bridle it with love and peace will be remarked in the leaves of memoirs. And those who merged with conflict and sank into the depths will be black-spotted in the new world’s story.

Conflict is the crux of ever life in this world. Our life itself quests for conflicts because it is essential for long existence. No tension means no life.

We are born in this world. That means we have selected to fight against conflicts. Yes, we are in a battlefield. We want to make a new revolution. Let us live, strive, and work hard to write conflict into fewer stories and experiences.

11 comments on “No Conflict, No Life

  1. Shibil p otr on

    Simply superb…! , dear It gives pleasure to read your words on such a wonderful spot….And The time has come for your pen to turn into something remarkable….flame your thoughts and move your pen …may god bless you…

  2. Muhammed Nuaiman on

    Hats off..very nice content…l appreciate your beautiful writing style …our life is the mixture of happiness and conflicts.the one who succeed in the life ,is the one who destroyed the shackles of conflicts..a life without conflict is impossible…

  3. rishad on

    nice one and loved inspiration to go on.
    i think a story without conflicts is not berefet.
    that can convert ones internal conflicts or ugly mood to peace and happiness.for instance, when hear about the paradise itself,often,we may hallusnate that we live there in harmony.that can thrive our good thinking and to regret our unpleasent habits.however,keep going on and try to make your writings too heart touching.

  4. Sharma preethi on

    I appreciate how you tied both an important personal experience and a more objective view of the subject matter together into one cohesive essay.
    Well written and engaging.
    I would agree – there is no escaping conflict in the real world, and so we also crave conflict in fictional stories because it helps us connect and relate to the characters.


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