On My Way To Make It In Life

By Olubukola Ojedokun. Olubukola is a poet and writer. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

The beginning of human existence is the childhood, where it is incapable for a person to know where he would, in the long run, end up. As a baby, he or she would be expected to adhere to the rules of the parent, before going to be a toddler. As a toddler, the formative years are beginning to form, the characters are formed at 6 years, here , then the adulthood where one will pursue a career whether skilled or semi-skilled, to earn a living. It’s not necessary at first to know what I am, because at the beginning, I have to pursue goals, and dreams, take necessary steps and a period of training, but if I don’t put hard work to my endeavour I won’t be able to be someone else I am not at the beginning.

Life is full of ups and down, you win some and you lose some. Life makes up existence, you exist and live your daily life by doing your activities. In the beginning of your existence you didn’t have these activities and you can’t amount to anything. It is inconsequential to know exactly what I am, because at that moment in life, one hasn’t the prerequisite to become anybody. You are still in the stage of life, where by you have to metamorphose into a butterfly from a larva, these takes years of toiling as a human being and luck from God. You are nothing when you are unskilled.

Human needs indicated that men must have varying aspiration to become someone in life, must work towards achieving the success, it doesn’t matter what you are now, because you are still in the beginner’s stage. What matters in life is your achievement, your success story, which will take years of training and hard work to achieve. The ambition of men is the drive or the impetus to keep this going on.

You have a choice to make in driving your destiny. For destinies to be fulfilled, the choices you make will make it achievable. Life has varying interests, but the way you are now in your start-up in life is not so important but a person will single-handed build his destiny, and make something out of his life that is his responsibility. The only interest in life is change, to adapt and become someone else whether for good or for bad. Time is the only consensus of a low or high ebb in one’s situation . What matters most in life is to achieve and make a change. Where you are is not what is necessary, but what you do to become someone else positively would make for a better society.

You have to be more motivational in life and about the change that is inevitable as one grows in years. One has to make way for one’s growth in life. Life matter is not to be played or joked with at all. But one must work hard and train hard in whatever desire and have a solid educational background to achieve someone else. From the onset, it would not show but by undaunted efforts, one would make the necessary change to be someone else in life. When you are skilled in whatever you are doing, you will be able to make a reasonable impact on your life that will determine the necessary life to be someone else. If you put more effort in than yesterday then you will make the difference in years as you grow on in existence. What I am initially is a temporary condition to not be defeated in the following. Life’s interest is what I will become as regards to work.

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