The Beauty Of Knowing Who I Am

By Semerete Yesus Miller. Semerete, 35, lives in Scarborough, Tobago. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

First, before I begin to discuss this topic, it is very important to note we were all created for a purpose. It is very important to understand our existence upon this earth is for a specific time and reason. Too many times, we believe we are in complete control of ourselves and can do as we please, without any regard for our creator, who took the time to create us in his image and likeness.

Whether you and I want to envision ourselves and focus our attention on doing work and not seeing the necessity of focusing on exactly what we are, it is very important to know who you are. Being unable to know who I am leaves room for feelings of emptiness and many questions as to why I am here, because I would have no drive or no motivation to do things, simply because I fail to know who I am.

If I was unable to know who I am, I would feel very out of place and uncomfortable. Whether we choose to accept it or not, we were each created at a specific time to fulfill a certain purpose.

The necessity of finding that purpose of knowing exactly who I am is very important in determining where I am going. If I am unable to know who I am, I will be lost in a world filled with many directions, unable to follow because I lack direction as to who I am and where I stand in this world. It is necessary to find who I am, because it will give me some sort of clarity as to what is expected of me. I would not be led by society’s definition of who I should be, rather I would have a voice of my own to clearly and boldly express who I am. In return, I would be able to help others to find who they are, so they will be able to find their way through life and head down the path which would fill them with feelings of worthiness.

It is truly necessary to know exactly who I am, enabling me to rise each day, with a reason for living and feeling good about myself, knowing exactly who I am and what I am about, because it makes no sense living, doing work and feeling clueless as to who I am. I would find greater joy in knowing who I am and doing the work I was called to do. It would waste a lot of time and energy trying to become someone I am not and doing work I was not called to do, rather it would take less time and energy knowing who I am and doing the work I was called to do.

This way it would be very easy, knowing who I am, as it would enable me to stand stronger. I would not be easily moved by others telling me who I am and what work I should do, because I know who I am, I would choose or decide the work I want to do and not be easily misled by others, who may be bent on imposing their own values upon me and force me to become someone else.

Whether one may feel it is not necessary to know exactly who you are, it is very important to know who you are and the work you were called to do. This way, when the time comes and you die and God asks you the question as to what you did on this earth, you would be rest assured you did the work God placed you here to do.

Most of us may then ask the question, “how do I know who I am?”. When we came into this world, we were not given a guide book, but rather we were given the Bible. Some may not agree with me when I say this, but I honestly believe the Bible is our guide to assist us in finding ourselves. In the Bible, we read through scripture of the creation of man and woman and their innate curious ability.

Today, I look at myself with this similar, curious nature, wanting to learn and know more. Knowing who I am is key to my existence, what’s the point of existing if I don’t know who I am? A part of me will feel lost and constantly search for answers of who I am, making me feel very uncomfortable and miserable in my own skin. Knowing who I am gives me a very comfortable feeling, there is an unexplainable peace, it’s like no matter what others say about me, I am never moved because I know who I am.

When you know who you are, it’s very difficult for others to break you, their opinions don’t matter, because the real you is able to look through their opinions and look beyond knowing the you God created is able to do the impossible. For me, I feel limitless, there is nothing too difficult for me to do, because I know who I am. This feeling transcends because when others see me and recognize I know who I am, this encourages them to find who they are. It’s like I have created a revolution of thinkers on the verge of finding who they are. Instead of having others define them, they use their authority and find their own answers.

No one wants to be fake. What is the point of spending my time becoming someone else and miss out on the awesome and extraordinary experience of knowing the real me? Time is precious, it’s better to spend it learning who I am and doing what I was placed on this earth to do.

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