The Dynamics of Hate

By Semerete Miller, who lives in Tobago. Please read her article and leave thoughts and comments below.

The mind, body, and soul are three important components of the human being. These three amazing features enable the human to perform some of the most amazing things. The mind, when filled with the right energy, has a way of passing along positive energies to the body which in turn energizes the soul, making it very easy for us to feel good on the inside as well as look good on the outside.

Positive energies create outcomes for the human body, but negative energy deteriorates the body and makes it very difficult to function in a nice way. The point I am trying to make is simply that love attracts love and hate attract hate. The saying is very true: misery loves company, in the same way that hate gravitates toward hate. Hate has a very unusual way of providing comfort: when we have been hurt, we seek or relate to those who have been hurt, but what makes the attraction is its ability to attract the same type of hurt.

For instance, growing up we may have had daddy issues, perhaps originating from abandonment, and for some reason we search for a man who would not leave us; but somehow, he possesses the same qualities as our father, having the tendency to love and then leave.  For some strange reason we gravitate to this type of unhealthy love because it brings us comfort. This is the way hate operates: it has a way of soothing pain, by filling us with more hate.

Hate is toxic and it attracts other toxic energies. For instance, for members of a gang there is often one common factor amongst gang members, the need to be loved, but their way of showing that love is through hurting others so as to prove they are bad or mysterious. For some strange reason gang members are attracted to this need to prove themselves, often having similar childhood issues of either father or mother abandoning them, and then growing with hate in their hearts, generated by the perception that no one loves them. All this exists because the person they thought would be there for them left, and created internal hurt which began to fester from childhood into adolescence, the time of trying to figure out who they are with raging emotions of the adolescent period and the thoughts of those around them leaving. They are placed in a position of gravitating to similar, angry teens filled with hate and anger, somehow bonding through similar life experiences, finding comfort while recognizing they are not alone, but finds a sense of belonging through hate.

For some reason or another, the only thing they have in common is hate, which enables them to form long-lasting, ride-or-die relationships. In hate they have found the ability to be hateful towards society, even their family, for not being the best versions of what they envision. In turn, they deal with their hurt, by walking around with hate in their hearts, guns in their waistbands, and on the verge of “proving themselves” and attracting other hateful people along the way.

Somehow, believing that this may be the solution to dealing with childhood pain, they think that their negative actions and the desire to inflict hurt on others will ease the hate in which they feel. They are unable to recognize that this is only increasing their hate, and giving other young, hurting people an image they might believe is cool, and the desire to be like them. Thus, they unknowingly attract others to the thinking and operations of hate.

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