The Immortal Evil of Humanity

Written by Nigina Kanunova, from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Each of us has met with acts of hatred and cruelty, from one degree or another (from neglect to contempt, from indifference to hatred).

In my opinion, hatred is a terrible phenomenon, insidious, bearing a threat from which wounds (mental or physical) take a very long time to heal.

Hatred is a twofold concept: on the one hand, it is a chain reaction, which entails a response in the form of the same hatred, the result of which is reprisal.

For example, the Lynch court, or Halifax law, when people were seized by a terrible desire to tear to pieces the one who did evil. Under such circumstances, ordinary people, at first sight, became simply uncontrollable. They behaved like a horde that lusted for massacre.

Hatred can be hidden and open.

Hidden hatred can create a lot of problems to everybody and to the world as a whole, but to my mind it has never resolved one. Sometimes we do not understand what is going on. It would seem that everything is fine, for example, at home, in the family, at work with coworkers, and there are no problems with neighbours. But we continue to live in constant tension, because someone is constantly trying to slap us in the face. Sometimes this schemer crawls out and reveals his whole essence and face, and often he remains Mr. X, leaving behind negativity. This begins to reveal itself in the form of problems at work, right up to dismissal. Or it reveals itself in the form of problems at home, right up to divorce.

The most terrible haters are slanderers and enviers. They envy you when you are doing well, when you are successful or popular, when you are beautiful or rich. Then these “components” can serve as a platform for development of a chain reaction – envy, ignorance, and hatred. After going through these three steps, a man will, easily and without any remorse, slander you and will never regret about his doings.

For instance, let’s get back to history for a second; we are aware about a system of whistleblowing that was developed in Nazi Germany, which has distorted the fate of millions of people just like a Moloch. At that point of time, all the moral foundations of man rolled into the abyss.

Nazi Germany punished and killed, fighting for the purity of the race, where the main message was directed against the Jews and Slavic peoples, who were mercilessly destroyed by a belief that these people should not exist, and do not even have the right to life.

In this aspect, we see how hidden hatred turns into open hatred (already from the side of punitive agencies).

This has always been manifested in all societies at equal levels.

After the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia, the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, came into power. They came with good slogans. In the whole history of mankind, the elected leaders speak words that are pleasant to the hearing and soul, but as soon as they got into power, much of the promises are forgotten. People are deceived, and this is an indisputable fact.

The first Decrees of Peace and Land are beautiful, but the subsequent steps confuse me, for instance, reprisals against the royal family, cruel and incomprehensible reprisal.

What are the faults of the family members of the Russian Tsar if they were so cruelly killed?

If the Tsar himself was to blame in anything, judge him in conformity with the law, how did his wife and children come in to the picture?

I do not see any explanation and excuse in the cruelty that has happened.

The killing of innocent children is a terrible act of cruel ignoramuses and haters.

This resembles that wild euphoria that encompasses a huge mass of ordinary people, who turned at once into a faceless, screaming crowd. This is the same lump from the mountain, gradually turning into a huge ball, in which everything was mixed … thoughts and feelings, words and deeds, laughter and tears, love and hate.

The terrible period could not pass without terrible deeds and consequences.

Generations are changing, formations are changing, as well as leaders, and people’s vices remain the same and show themselves the same way.

Civil wars in the post-Soviet countries is an example, just like war conflicts in many other parts of the world. Just think about the number of wars that happened since the First World War. Think about the number of innocent people that have been killed for no reason and continue to die daily. What is the root of the trouble? Human greed, ignorance and hatred.

To summarise my thoughts, I want to say that hatred is a passing phenomenon. You know, it’s impossible to hate a person because of his nationality. After all, we are not fascists.

Today we are happy to communicate with each other, travel around the world, arrange marriages and cannot understand how some highly developed countries could have reached fascist ideology in the last century.

On the other hand, today it’s hard to understand some young people in the West and even in Russia (the country which suffered most from that war) heap praises upon fascist systems, credited to Mein Kampf and quoting Hitler.

Hatred is a contagious, infectious disease; it spreads quickly if it grows in “fertile” soil.

People are able to love and hate, dream and envy, cry and laugh, think and do not hesitate to perform feats or unseemly acts.

Time is a great doctor and heals all wounds prescribing to its patients the right pills, and patients either recover or pretend to be cured (but until the time comes).

I believe the time will come when the wounds from past and current wars and bombings will heal on the body of the earth, new cities will grow, and new generations will be born. The main thing is that people will stop hating each other on a planetary scale, that they will live in peace and harmony with each other, so that hatred between people and states will disappear forever.

Peace to all in their deeds and actions, in souls and heads.

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