“[…] The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning.” – Michel Foucault.

By Maureen Okhato. Maureen, from Kitale, Kenya, is an academy manager, and explores Foucault's opinion on the meaning of life and the change of a person. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Many people around the world do not believe in themselves because of the shortcomings they have either biologically, physically, morally, or even spiritually. What they fail to know or understand is that everyone is well placed to become someone else that they were not in the beginning. All it calls for is a change in mind, thinking, commitment, self-esteem, and the pursuit of what we want to become.

Life experiences may tear you apart, hurt you, and even demotivate you in one way or another, but believing in yourself and having a future to hold onto with the right mentorship will see you through in achieving your dream and accomplishing your mission.

A child born with a physical disability, for instance, may grow up not believing in themselves in the sense that they look at themselves as social misfits in the society for a condition they cannot run away from just because they found themselves in that state. This should not discourage this toddler from becoming what they want to become in life. What matters is their vision towards life. It all begins with accepting yourself for who you are and looking to become the best of what you want to become. The way a man thinks is related to society, politics, economy, and history. All of these things are part of our most familiar landscapes and we don’t perceive them anymore. It is a goal of many great people to show that people are universal and are the results of some very precise historical changes through the things that are part of that familiar landscape.

In my opinion, you must see possibility in each and every situation, however tough or hard it may appear for you to be successful and reach your goal. People think that individual efforts to reform are impossible because new discoveries have all sorts of meanings and implications that the creators themselves never could have understood. Whether at the workplace or in day to day life, one should know that where there is power there is resistance, and change comes in unpredictable ways.

Sampling out a few professionals, doctors, mechanics, engineers and even teachers, no one is what they are today because they really were born so. All these came about as a result of the efforts, belief, commitments, and decisions to become who they are today. “How much do our beliefs and opinions matter in this dynamic and transformational reality, anyway?”, someone one may ask.

An individual may undergo a series of awful events that may discourage them from becoming who they want to become. People may be discouraged as a result of others’ progress and prosperity; however, we should not cling so much onto what other people say about us. Why should a person’s opinion matter so much to an individual’s life to the extent of hindering you from what you want to become? Your past or circumstances have no bearing on what a touch from heaven, a revelation of God’s word, and sense of mission and calling can do to you. What most people are today are rewards of commitment and diligence. Why would someone change his life pursuit from becoming who they want to become out of sheer terror for his life? Our mindset must be awakened and changed.

Present situations, lack of money, backgrounds, language, and color should not in any way tread upon our potentialities. On the other hand, our possessions should not put us in our comfort zones. Neither should we be contented with what we have already acquired; rather, what we have should motivate us and steer us towards achieving our long term goals.

Dreams only become true through the actions that are taken for them to become real. Therefore, one should not dream and stop there. They should seek for necessary assistance to help build on the same dream which ultimately turns to be an achievement in one’s life.

There are times in life when one can be driven more than once to the abyss of despair that makes one wish to never have been created. This is also the fear that one can never attain the expected standards. Tough moments will be there to convince someone and indeed show them how abandoned and alienated by God and even by people around them they feel they are. However how one walks out of that situation with boldness and hope to win will determine who they will be in due course. People should be encouraged and understand that power is often on the heels of great despair.

Looking at great men in history, you find that their journey was not a bed of roses, but that they kept pressing on however bumpy the road to their success or achievement was concerned. They never lost hope therefore this should rise someone up and encourage a person who is yet to be where they want to be in future. Every challenge in their life should be looked at as a hurdle and to take them to the next step and not a stumbling block to where want to reach and whom they want to become ultimately

In conclusion, one can see change and becoming who we are just like a potter with clay that has already undergone the steps to be ready for molding. The potter has to first have what they want to mold out of the clay and be ready to go through all the stages necessary in molding to eventually come up with what they want out of the clay. His efforts, commitment, belief, self-realization and support all in combination gives him the best results of his input.

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are”.

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