The Unseen Truth

By MisIvy Reittie. MisIvy, 26, is from Brookesville, USA, and writes on how 'hate attracts hate'. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

When it comes to personal growth, it’s true that we don’t spend enough time to self-reflect because we don’t think there is a problem. As a culture we work to preserve longstanding traditions, but don’t seem to acknowledge those who enforce specific biblical and philosophical traits for their own benefit. Dictatorships, war lords, terrorists, politicians, presidents, international efforts, the media; regardless of the form, we all spread some level of hate or disdain for the purpose of creating a response that is favorable to our agenda at that point in time. Hate is a method used to expose genuine fear, such as a fear of being forgotten and/or losing one’s self or ideology. A feeling as if something has been stolen and replaced for something new and uncommon. When this feeling is shown, this hate is brought by uncertainty, and many times, a lack of understanding. If we each thought of each other as one rather than a separate entity of shades and beliefs, then there would be less of a need to repress a class of people who appear different from ourselves.

People show hate towards mental illnesses, polygamy, androgyny, ‘un-classy’ women, soft men, black women, brown men, brown women, black men, LGBTQIA+, and any other new letters that come with it. It seems as if we just don’t like change. When there is a new wave that seems unfamiliar, sometimes people don’t know how to respond to what they are faced with in their community and that can be scary. I always find it funny how people can be so quick to judge an identity without knowing its character. It’s unfair because we normalize the hypocrisy of biased ancient traditions that have been manipulated by man and glorify those who rebuke anything or anyone who dares to defy the norm. We base our opinions of self-worth on the historical preference of superiority and forget that we just all want to live together in peace…well at least most of us want to.

Hate is carefully disguised as a form of discernment that is conservative in nature and defended by the gods. But history stands to show that such a state of mind only brings resentment and a lack of understanding. It allows and has allowed many people and nations to be separated within their own country, and has impacted a generation of like-minded individuals who know no different than what they were previously taught. The fact that a skin color can affect your level of safety, incite fear, and welcome unnecessary discrimination is the most extensive form of hate in itself. Over time, hate has created a system that has been broken down into colorism, opportunity, separation, and wealth. Altogether, hate is a fantastic trajectory of what’s to come; it’s a stock worth investing in.

Hate is a tool that is buried and reclaimed per the agenda and is used as a weapon of mind control amongst the masses of the blind who refuse to step out of line and see a different view. Many studies have shown that the impact of hate involve anger, self-doubt, neglect, conflict, abuse, and projection within our personal lives. It affects our development and the very core of our soul. Hate can be spawned from childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood, meaning that, if uncontrolled, this can be spread virally, affecting any sort of decent relationship in its path. Hate is a misconstrued sense of perception that creates a chemical imbalance within our minds. But the worst part is that sometimes the hate is within ourselves and we don’t know how to accept it. We don’t seek help or search for another view; we barely even know it’s a grudge we are carrying, so, in the end, we are bound to lose. Just like hurt people hurt people, hate attracts hate.

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