Thoughts of a Utopian

By Tracy Wamae. Tracy lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

It’s a bright Monday morning. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The best way to describe this morning is harmonious. Every morning is harmonious. Life, in general, is harmonious. From birth, I, like every other individual alive, always knew what to do. I always knew what the right path was for me and for everyone else. We are all in agreement, all the time. The silly idea of having debates came to my head. The idea of people presenting conflicting arguments just to examine a topic is laughable. How would people possibly make headway through this? Life ought to be stable, harmonious and predictable.

I love reading the Bible. The entire story of how God created the universe is just beautiful. The human beings he created were the epitome of it all. They are obedient, with no internal conflict, therefore all their decisions are in line with God’s will. Adam and Eve had children who lived peacefully together. They had more and that’s how we all ended up living here, in the Garden of Eden. Every day is the same as the past day. In fact, all history books are filled with the same narrative. Everyone is peaceful. Everyone loves each other a lot — as much as they love themselves and everyone really does love themselves. It really isn’t difficult to figure life out. You’re born and you live a calm, peaceful life, then eventually you die. Of late though, I seem to be getting a new feeling. Something I didn’t really know existed. Everyone I speak to is completely clueless as to what this could be. I’m eager to explore it. Something uncommon seeing as life is usually very predictable for me.

I’m not as energized each morning as I am used to being. The days just seem a bit dull. If I were to just sleep through a whole day, I would wake up not having really missed anything. Maybe I crave just a little variety in life. I think I’m looking for excitement. What I am looking to answer is: what does this excitement look like? I know the answer but I am a bit afraid to admit it. I barely acknowledge the thoughts when they pop up. I usually brush them off really fast. It is taking all the courage within me to admit this to myself, let alone other people.

What I imagine is a life where everything is not necessarily perfect. I crave a little bit of chaos. I want to bite into food and have it taste different because someone else cooked it. I want to meet people and not automatically know how things will go between us. Having everyone being pleasant is really amazing and I am grateful for it. However, I’m curious about what conversations would be like if I could just have opposing thoughts to someone and not be ridden with guilt for it. What would happen if some of our interests were incompatible? Could there possibly be a chance that we could have different cultures? I wonder if that would mean people of different cultures would dress different and have varying languages. Communication would be so difficult, though I imagine I would spend my days exploring and learning these new ways.

If there was really a difference in the experiences between people, then I can imagine that the old and the young would have such divergent views. Speaking to them could reveal such interesting stories. History books would be so exciting. There would be stories about people traveling from place to place, learning from each other and appreciating each other’s cultures with tales of exchange.

That’s enough of my wishful thinking. I am living in a perfect existence. It will go down in history that I lived ‘the dream life’. My story will be just like my father’s and his father before him and his cousin’s and our neighbour’s and let’s face it, everyone else’s. I don’t know if my life is even worth recording seeing as there is nothing new. Seeing as it is the way of all our people, I am grateful. I am grateful that I have a predictable and harmonious life.

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