Transforming into a better version of me

By Sundhar Velpula. Sundhar is an article writer and blogger from Proddatur, India. Please read his article and leave thoughts and comments below.

Albert Einstein once said that “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”.

When I read this quote, I realized that I was trapped in a circular loop neither pursuing meaningful goals nor creating any. I was constantly in a hurry to complete one cycle each day: I became a man who rushed to burn the candle at both ends though I was dissatisfied with my life. I ended up looking to my peers to see how they were handling it and did not find any useful solace. Tired of performing boring and monotonous tasks in the office, I went home and watched useless YouTube videos. Finally, I hit the sack feeling no closer to accomplishing a sense of contentment. This was a never-ending cycle all of us were imprisoned to.

Staying trapped in that loop forever became my biggest fear. But fortunately, I eventually found enlightenment. One day, I finally realized that I was on thin ice because in a steady diversifying world, it’s a terrible addiction to refuse and reject change. I evaluated my inner self that day and concluded that I must alter my mind set, beliefs and habits to stay ahead in time. When I read about philosophy, I interpreted that humans were born on this planet to discover themselves through a never-ending phase of fluctuating circumstances which we might call ‘hurdles’.

I was misled, misjudged, perplexed and devastated at various stages in my life and this resulted in a continuous inner battle with myself. Furthermore, I started to meticulously analyse myself every single day and it revealed some shocking facts in this pursuit of an unknown path. I felt so unsure because I thought I wasn’t capable of traveling this journey.

My brain had sluggishly moved across the routine and conventional paths which I had taken every day. However, I felt inspired to travel towards an unusual path which would help figure out my purpose in life and survive against the odds to become a totally new person. Transformation and reinvention are indeed part of everyone’s life. We know that trees shed their leaves in the autumn season to survive harsh weather conditions. Similarly, humans also need to shed parts of their old personality to survive difficulties and inspire new and positive changes.  Because the world is constantly changing so why shouldn’t we? Ultimately, the path I pursued eventually transformed me into the man I am now, one whom I never would have guessed I could become.

My changed beliefs motivated me to restart pursuing my goals through unconventional approaches and creative strategies. I came to appreciate the growth of my personality. Unless I shifted my perspective, I realized my old strategies and beliefs wouldn’t be enough to reach the destination I had in mind.

My past beliefs perpetually restrained me to stop looking at anything beyond the norm and those beliefs helped me look like a nice guy in front of others. That’s amazing, right? But sadly I wasn’t happy. These beliefs had limited me to encourage my passion.  However, my pursuit didn’t end because I was in an everlasting journey that was undertaken to morally cleanse my heart, body and brain from the external as well as internal demons such as guilt, anger, selfishness, envy and grudge.

Ultimately, I learned life isn’t a piece of cake. It’s an enviable opportunity provided by God to realize our deepest passions and philosophies, to use that to create a vision. The change you make in yourself would certainly inspire others to change themselves to overcome the hurdles they’re facing in their life.

Perhaps, I assume that every human has to go through hurdles to realize the importance of transformation. In our childhood, we were spoon-fed by our moms to do this and to act exceptionally correct and righteous. However, though our parents made us learn many norms, they never facilitated opportunities for us to do something outside of the box. This might be due to their own reasons which they had in mind which they call ‘risk factor’: they may not want to encourage change because they assume that it is risky and dangerous.

Our society blames us for the mistake we committed in the past but rarely appreciates the good endeavors we do in the present. All these rationales have entangled us and place a restriction to not cross a sweet line between our past and present self. Moreover, these sets of constraints convince us to stay inside a box, confined and trapped as if we were slaves. For this reason, I believe that we were prisoners to our minds and beliefs. These fully-formed beliefs never let us transform because we are fearful of whether society accepts the new change in us.

In the end, I have been on the right path after I convinced myself to change my personality by creating new ideas and beliefs. I had successfully taken the pain and suffering and transformed those pessimistic energies into ones which are optimistic with my newly built confidence and enthusiasm.

You must never be afraid to be on the right path. Stop telling yourself some rubbish reasons like wanting to be liked by friends, family and society. If you’re on the right path, then everyone will grow to like you. As the saying goes, “Don’t end your pursuit until you find the perfect master in you”.

Many of you might have faced all the above-mentioned situations in your life. So it’s time to take action and put the effort into a new direction in order to achieve success.

I advise the readers to constantly find inspiration from great personalities and try to change their assumptions from time to time to uplift their spirit and stay curious. As I said I continued and will be continuing my pursuit to find a better version of me, so I hope you will also start your journey to realize your potential and know what you can become.




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