A New Way To Solve Problems And Find Answers

By Madhur Sharma. Madhur lives in Agra, India. He is a student at the Pooja Public Senior Secondary School. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Why there was nothing like specific relativity 115 years before?

The answer is simple, because 115 years ago students in schools were asked to only remember the answers which were given by Sir Newton. But then came a child, Albert Einstein, who did not remember those answers and tried to solve the problems and then we got more accurate answers to those problems.

The same thing applies to the modern era, as now we have given answers to the children but we are not giving the problem.

Imagine the scenario: a war happened between country A and country B and the war ended by declaring that both countries will sign a pact. Now previously there was another pact that was done between the two countries 100 years ago. Now, does the pact between country A and country B need be the same as the old pact? No, because situations have changed after 100 years and there is a need for a different pact for them; the old pact may be used as reference but the new pact cannot be the same as the old pact. This is the case with answers and problems.

So every time it is not good that you try to explain the same problem with your remembered answers from the past; those answers may be used as a reference but they cannot be the same as the modern answer.

Hence, there is a strong need that we must give problems to children to solve other than give them answers to remember, in order to get a more accurate way to solve a problem. The problem may be scientific, environmental, economic, or civil.

There is a universal law that “Everything needs to change.” So the problems have to change and every time we must try to find new answers as answers also need to change. We cannot answer the changed problem with the same answer. We need to change the answers for better answers. So there is no meaning to remember them.

In our schools and colleges, we have to remember answers and if you do not remember them and try to find new answers then you are a fool and dumb students. This thinking of our education systems should be changed as there are infinite answers to a question. It is not right to judge new answers on the basis of old remembered answers.

There are many other benefits of giving problems to children –

  • It increases the level of creativity of children as finding new answers is a good exercise for the brain.
  • It makes children independent of others to find solutions to a problem.
  • If there are many ways to solve a single problem, there will be a pool of new ideas.
  • The new art of solving a specific kind of problem may be developed.
  • Based on those new ideas new areas and opportunities for research and jobs may open, increasing competition and depression caused due to the unavailability of jobs.
  • Most importantly, we will be able to see the world in a different way due to those new ideas.
  • Those ideas will make people more knowledgeable.

In my idea, there should be a website on the internet accessible by everyone where people can submit their own ideas or answers to the problem. This website should not be in the hand of mighty people, it must be like a community, to solve the world’s problems.

So from now on, this is our duty to give children problems and motivate them to find new answers to the questions. And it is also a duty of children that they prefer to find new answers to problems even if they have those old answers. Please do not read the article and go: I request you to bring these changes as “Together We Can” and bring a revolution in this world as this world is ours so this is our duty to make it better.

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