Curiosity, the bedrock of all achievements

By Taiwo Olawore. Taiwo, 18, is a student at the University of Lagos. He is from Oyo, Nigeria. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Would you agree with me that what people call intelligence and creativity boils down to curiosity? There is no denying that.

Some would probably say the passion and desire to do something would make one exceedingly skilled. This is a good point but what about curiosity? Does passion bring curiosity? A little bit. But passion does not bring actual curiosity. Is that hard to understand? Let me try and make you answer ‘no’ to the question.

You may have seen a lot of people who love reading and yet still fail their examinations. With passion, one can read everything — notes and textbooks. But without curiosity, one would not be able to go in depth and walk the extra mile. One’s passions and desires are sufficient. But by being curious, we learn even more. By being passionately curious, we continue to learn and this makes us even more curious and by being more curious, every answer to a question raises a new question.

I’m sure you have heard of this amazing quote by Ken Robinson who said: “Curiosity is the engine of achievement”. How could that be?

I want to think outside of the box. A car would definitely not move without an engine. When the engine is removed or becomes faulty, it would stay where it is and remain stationary until the engine is fixed or a car operator had been called to repair it. This also applies to us human beings. Curiosity is the engine that we need in order to fly like an eagle, to touch the sky, to conquer the world, and do the impossible. A car with an engine can be likened to a man with curiosity and likewise a man without curiosity can be likened to a car without an engine.

You may be wondering, what does all of this have to do with the title? It really emphasises that curiosity provides the foundation for our learning and passions for life. We cannot ignore and overlook its power.

With curiosity, it enables one to go the extra mile. It makes one do more research: the research which gives one a head start over others, the research which later brings creativity and the research which leads to a high intelligence quotient. This invaluable gem, when coupled with a passionate intellect and an unwillingness to let a problem sit unfinished, will allow us to become practically unstoppable. The more one learns, the more one understands how much is left to be figured out.

We become even more curious because, like fractals, the closer one looks, the more there is to see. We only stop being curious when we cease being passionate about a topic. While a passionate curiosity for everything will take all of one’s time, focusing on a topic or two would allow one to stay curious. It will keep our brain active and allow us to be ready for work and inspire creative ideas.

With curiosity, one could learn about anything one desires  and one could gain knowledge on anything. It encourages growth, competition and hard work. When we activate our sense of curiosity, a new, unique or extraordinary object inspires our interest.

There are many benefits to curiosity: It allows one to remain a survivor in the league of great, powerful and intelligent people. It brings happiness as a curious mind always seeks knowledge and with knowledge brings understanding and joy. It boosts one’s achievements and with curiosity, health and wealth also increases positively.

Have I managed to convince you and justify that curiosity is the bedrock of all achievements? As I have discussed, it is the secret and hidden quality in all interesting and great people in life. Is curiosity not needed by all?

The essence of the entire quote cannot be overemphasised. Curiosity is the engine and bedrock of all achievement. And to dot my i’s and cross my t’s, passion, curiosity and a desire to succeed is needed in order to be on cloud nine and live a purposeful life.


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