I have no special talent. I am passionately curious about it.

By Sylvia Agbo. Sylvia, 16, is a student at University Secondary School, Nsukka. She lives in Enugu, Nigeria. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

A talent is a natural ability to do something well. It is a God-gifted seed, that is planted in everyone’s life, waiting to germinate and bear fruits. This simply means that it is embedded in one’s self and, unless the person realizes the talent he or she has, it would not bear any fruits – and hence not help others – in his or her life. Talents can also be abused or neglected by some people who think that their talent is not good.

Often, we do not appreciate the talents we have been given. Others may look from outside, and see what we have more than we do. The people who know their passion, but do not have the courage to pursue it, end up facing problems like anxiety and demotivation.  The people who do not realize their passion not only fail in their work, but are considered as failures.

For all manner of reasons, many of us end up somewhere we did not intend; side-tracked by circumstances, events or necessity. One of the best ways to break this unfulfilling cycle is to discover and follow your passion: something that motivates you so strongly that it has the power to put you in a new direction. When you are passionate about something, obstacles that may have seemed insurmountable can be overcome.

I have been blessed with teaching (training people to cultivate a positive culture in their lives) and I also have a passion for the sciences – especially biology. In the area of teaching, I have really helped a lot of souls. I love teaching in the sense that I help my mum whenever she has supervisors coming to her school for inspection. They might tell her to prepare a topic on a particular subject in order to present it when they come, and I help her to compose it in such a way that they will understand fully. She always wants me to study education so that I can be a lecturer, but I told her I cannot, because I will study medicine at my university (I love biology very much).

But I am curious about this teaching and as to what may be the outcome, because I am the shy-type. I do not dare talk in class during a debating competition, never mind speaking to an audience in an auditorium or classroom. I am curious  about:

  1. Of all talents, why teaching is the one that I have been endowed with.
  2. The kind of questions that will be directed towards me during and after teaching.

A friend of mine once told me that I am mature for my age when I was helping him and training him on how to overcome sleep whenever he was reading or being taught. I saw that as a compliment, and I worked hard every day to improve my maturity, both in talking and dealing with other cases. Tackling my curiosity, I think, is going to help me a lot to know where I stand. I cannot neglect the seed planted in me for whatsoever reason, be it shyness or what have you.

I think there is a reason for everything , including why I have been blessed with teaching of all talents. The only way to tackle it is by accepting it and working towards achieving a goal with it. I will be prepared to answer questions being thrown at me, because I believe I can do it.

Secondly, in the case of science – especially biology: I love biology with so much passion that I want to study medicine at university. Biology is a very interesting subject. There are many aspects that interest me. They are:

  1. How can all the systems (digestive, excretory, etc.) be inside one person, because when they all are drawn, they are so big?
  2. How do kidneys filter blood in our body every 45 minutes and blood still circulate to other parts of the blood?

These and many more all that tickle my interest. They make me wonder and keep my curiosity going. I do not think I can ever stop being curious about so many things.

In the end, the quote “I have no special talent” means that one has a talent, but putting it in action is a problem – either out of curiosity or as a result of being scared of bringing it up. I would like to say that to following your dreams and your passion will never deceive you. Once you find out that you have a talent – for it is not easy to find out – just accept it and work towards achieving positive outcomes from it. If you are curious about how to start, just like me, simply bring it to the attention of your parents or friends to help you in tackling it, so as to let your light shine in the dark. I might not have much to say, but in the end, if you do not think you have one, start to find it now.

127 comments on “I have no special talent. I am passionately curious about it.

  1. Ogbonna Kosisochukwu on

    This was intriguing and to think its coming from such a young mind it should be encouraged.Winning this competition will be such an encouragement

  2. oge on

    I am. impressed
    nice one baby Sylvia
    for a young girl of your age to be able to write this is amazing, keep it coming. u have my full support..#oge

  3. Chinaza on

    Well crafted and endowed with wisdom…Nice work Sylvia, you really deserve to be the winner in this competition.
    God’s grace dear

  4. Deco on

    I will not say that I am surprised, because I know what you can do, Keep improving. I will come to you to confirm my own talent 😉. Nice write up 💯👍.

  5. Ezugwu Anthony on

    What an amazing write up from a little angel.

    I am submitting that the society should look for her and give her a maximum support

  6. Igwealor Geraldine on

    I am woaed at your piece of work, you are not just talented with the said talent here, you are a good writer and should be cultivated and put into consideration, our generation needs people like you who are young and eager to do more for the society, winning this will be a source of encouragement to you, so I highly recommend you for this award, well-done dear

  7. Doris Ezinne on

    This is so real and interesting
    I strongly believe it so so real in terms of your imagination.
    Kudos dearie you deserve the award

  8. Ugwu Kossy on

    Amazing write up coming from Sylvia
    Looking at it from an angle, you see how comported it is and to think it came from a 16 year old person, wow interesting and intriguing
    Kudos dearie u deserve it. Keep it up

  9. Echa Jeremiah U. on

    Sylvia…..hmmmmmmmmhhhhhmmmmm! In this piece, I see a different person from the one I see daily @ school. Truly, there is MORE to people than meets the eye. You came “alive” and “all out” on this piece. Dare I say you are the next Sydney Sheldon. Beyond the piece though, great potential lies beneath. Birth it Sylvia, birth it.

  10. Ifebuche on

    Nice one dearie but you need to relax and think well in the choices you have made in life to avoid mistakes
    Your article is so so real and endowed

  11. Martin C on

    Good article Sylvia but in the area of obstacles being surmountable is what I do not agree with because some are actually not that easy to overcome. Good luck dear, heavens best

  12. Marycynthia on

    Wow is this actually coming from a 16 year old girl. As I was reading this, I was carried away with the beautiful work. But I don’t agree with you in the third paragraph which talked about problems of not discovering ones talent on time because surrounding issues may hinder them. God’s grace dear Sylvia

  13. chioma on

    Oh My God, this article is so encompassed with true facts happening. Dear, I wish you best of luck in these because it is so competitive.

  14. Nnenna El on

    O my goodness!, I’m so impressed. I’m not really a fan of novels or articles but what you wrote is so impressive. keep it up Sylvia aka Natalie. Legend of Awesomeness, sweet.

  15. Mma on

    Interesting write up dear. I had never imagined that a 16 year old would do something as amazing as this. Keep it up dear Sylvia but paragraph 2 wasn’t agreeable for me. More grace to your elbow

  16. Emma on

    What an interesting article my dear. You really have put in your best in this and God will favour you. I am not that clear in paragraph 3 of your essay but all the same, best of luck.

  17. Victor on

    This article is so endowed with facts that blows mind, I mean it is so so full of meanings inside. Sylvia, I never knew you could something like this. Keep it up.

  18. Kosi on

    My dear, you have done well because your article is so amazing. But in paragraph 3 about obstacles being insurmountable,is it always true? Keep it up

  19. Asusu kelechukwu on

    Wao! this is fantastic, seriously I have learnt something, as the Senior perfect of my school, I think I will use this article as a speech in the school. Keep it up.

  20. Stanley Nnamdi on

    Nice one dear. Your article is so nice and well arranged in a way that any angle you view it, it is a true fact. Good luck dear


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