Social Media: A Platform

By Charu Kohli. Charu lives in Delhi, India. She is a student at the Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School Delhi-06. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Just imagine if the freedom-giving social media platforms cease to exist in our digital world. What will happen to the voices of the people, the voices which are gaining recognition in this moment… the voices which inspire people to know the gravity of the situation….?????

Now let’s ponder upon these voices of fellow human beings. The refugees fighting to have a place which they can call their own homeland. The farmers who every day grow food to serve our tables but are still waiting for a full three-course meal a day. The people from the LGBTQ+ community who day and night are working to get an identity for themselves. The women suffering from the patriarchal society who will soon not even consider them as individuals and their voice will remain unheard. On the other hand, the men being played by the victim card through these women. Social media is not only giving a voice to the unheard but also to the voiceless. Human idiocy and selfish behavior will not be checked upon by others because there would be no more viral videos. This will lead to the major section of weak and poor sections to turn into weaker and poorer people and their voice will never be heard again. The soldiers on the borders will not be able to understand that they are being loved and cared for continuously and the great martyrs will not be able to live forever and ever. The sports persons and skilled artists will not be able to show the world who they are. Introverts will never get to know other people and come out of their shell whereas the extrovert will never learn what true people are. The consumer will never be able to stand up and inform others and the producer will never know what can he do to improve himself. The rural setup will never hope to get urbanized and they will never know what awaits them in the city. The atheist may never be able to cope with with this new belief and will be jeopardized in one religion or the other. The religious rebels will never get to know the thoughts of the peaceful one and they will fight with each other in the name of holy wars….No one in the world will have the decency to learn the art of questioning the authorities and only a few will think of venturing out of their box…..But thankfully this is not the situation of our world today. Today, the tables are turned: we, the humans, have the privilege of voicing out our own opinions and thoughts, we are not bounded or censored in any way. This is only possible because of our beloved social media. A site which does not only help us share our happiness and life but also sadness and failure. It is today a platform where debates are taken up seriously and the major decisions are taken over here. Here, some people are present to push you off your limits and others will give you a hand when you fall in a pothole… It helps us to develop a sense of togetherness and nation integrity at times of disaster. Social media as a platform gives us a voice that is what makes the country a democracy and people free, this is why it is punishable to use this platform in a country like North Korea where people are not free.

20 comments on “Social Media: A Platform

  1. Meera Bhardwaj on

    I agree with everything you(Charu Kohli) have said in the article above. I agree that Social media is a great and an important platform for those who are unheard or are voiceless. But like a coin has a heads and a tails…social media also has two sides, one good and one bad. In today’s world social media is misused by many which needs to be stopped.

    The article was very well written though. Great work๐Ÿ‘.

  2. Anjali Batra on

    Incredible perspective! The main intent has been portrayed in a very exemplary way. In an arena where people apparently are not able to bring into the open their say, social media, as you said, does turn out to be a saviour. I, myself, was not in favour of social media but this is definitely helping me change my mind. Perfectly expressed with thought-provoking mundane instances! Keep up the good work!

    • Neetu on

      I must say that the situations pointed out are extremely introspective and considerate. Well written blog that certainly squeezes out the point beautifully!

      • Leisha vishwakarma on

        Superb idea and concept. I agree to your idea of social media as it has good and bad side both the sides .Incredibly explained and well written and prescribed information!!๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Jitender on

    Whatever happens, happens for good. And this good is being served by social media. It’s amazing how people like introverts, women and others can voice their worthy opinions through social media without any prejudices. Great work done by this child!

  4. Hansika Bhardwaj on

    Exquisitely defined ,feelings towards the exposure to the digital world : indeed a blessing , and a platform for individuals to break the grounds , to mobilize and make themselves feel more representative ! A phenomenal way of expressing your thoughts ! Intricate details made me feel spellbound and your evidences were supremely awesome ๐Ÿ’›Keep up the good spirits ! World needs more people like you ! A social activist , an influential speaker and a good person at the same time .. To make history in the art of contemporary times !

    • Bhavika Arora on

      This article is worth reading! I love the way a student has decided to highlight the positive side of social media ! Your opinions are different and if you continue looking forward with this perspective, I can proudly say that future is in safe hands !

  5. Kohli VINAY on

    This is really gud to see n read about your thoughts.
    Yes, I do feel so that Social Media is a very sharp tool for the voiceless.
    Really a wonderful n amazing sharing from Ms Charu.
    Best Wishes!

  6. VINAY Kohli on

    Ms Charu Kohli … I appreciate n admire your thoughts since long.
    Yes, I do feel so that Social Media is a very sharp tool for the voiceless.
    Wonderful n amazing sharing.
    Best Wishes n Gud Luck!

  7. Maddy Randhawa on

    I appreciate you dear Ms Charu Kohli for good efforts on the topic social media, social media is like a tool in hands of a mechanic if he will use wisely would be able to get good results otherwise lack of appropriate use to lead to create problems.its depend on use.i appreciate your thoughts and admire the evidences that you given in your topic.Good bless you strength to write on good topics

    • Khushi Dhariwal on

      I truly appreciate that you stood up to highlight social media; and pointed out its benefits. I totally agree that social media has affected almost all of us in a positive way. It was indeed an eloquently written article. best wishes to u, Charu.

  8. Geetu sandeep suri on

    Well said charu i totally agree . A wise use of social media is best tool to express thoughts n feelings.from my point of view it is the best way to be connected with ur near n dear ones.congrats charu impressed by ur thoughts god bless .

  9. Saurabh Kulshreshtha on

    Dear Charu, really nice article and rightly said, social media platform is like walking on the sword , 1 wrong statement and everything is ruined, your relation, your goodwill your image. But it is also a plateform to put our voice but we need to learn how and to understand the thought behind the words.

  10. Dr SK Gupta on

    It is great writing with plenty of examples.

    I would like to add following ,

    1. Social media has emerged as a watchdog over the Authorities Govt. Police, Executive and even Judiciary.

    2. Print Media and Electronic Media not only biased many a times but also sold at times But Social Media being a mass media is beyond purchasing power of one and all.

    3. Social media free from orders of Judiciary while other forms of Journalism are within ambit of Judicial control thus giving the true voice to people against judicial wrongs. Like Statement of CJI about going and sitting in J and K high court was widely deplored.

    4. Attempts by Bigwigs Industrial houses and Political parties to impact social media by manufacturing Images messages and short films need to be curtailed.

    5. It is quick and powerful.

    6. It is the voice of common man, even those who can’t afford big advertisement in Newspapers and TV can display their skill and rewards. eg. Mithali the musician from a tiny town of Bihar.

  11. Aanchal on

    I appreciate the fact that the youth is stepping forward and presenting their views openly, where again, social media plays a crucial part. Keep up the good work friend!


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