Education in Argentina


  1. General information about Argentina
  2. General information and key indicators relevant to education
  3. The educational system
  4. Education in action

Accurate as of March 2013; unless indicated otherwise, the websites are all in English. Acknowledgement: Juhaina Goulamhoussen.


General information about Argentina 

Argentina, officially the Argentine Republic, is one country of America, located in South America, bordered by Chile to the west and south, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north and Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast.

The country is a federation of 23 provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, its capital and largest city. It is the eighth-largest country in the world by land area and the largest among Spanish-speaking nations. Argentina is a founding member of the United Nations, Mercosur, the Union of South American Nations, the Organization of Ibero-American States, the World Bank Group and the World Trade Organization, and is one of the G-15 and G-20 major economies.

A recognized Southern Cone power and middle power, Argentina is Latin America’s third-largest economy, with a “very high” rating on the Human development index. Within Latin America, Argentina has the fifth highest nominal GDP per capita and the highest in purchasing power terms. The Legatum Institute have argued that the country has a “foundation for future growth due to its market size, levels of foreign direct investment, and percentage of high-tech exports as share of total manufactured goods”, and it is classed by investors as middle emerging economy.

General information and key indicators relevant to education

The website of Index Mundi (source : CIA World Factbook) will provide you all numerical data about Argentina (information on this page is accurate as of July 26, 2012).

You can also check information on the UNICEF’s website (last updated on February 2003) or go to the website of the World Bank Group (updated in 2013) which presents in detail Argentina (@ Worldbank (1)) and even all the projects realized there (@ Worldbank (2)). You have the possibility to choose the language of the website (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian…).

The educational system

You can have information on the educational system in Argentina @ Argentour and @ Classbase and a list of educative programs thanks to @ Studyabroad.

Some numerical data concerning the educational system in Argentina can be found in Spanish @ Indec.

On the official website of the “ministerio de educación” you can find a lot of information about the education over there @ (in Spanish).

Education in action 

You want to study in Argentina ? Take a look @ (in Spanish).

More particularly in the field of education, there is a NGO named “campaña argentina por el derecho a la educación” @Derechoseducation (in Spanish).

Some associations involved in education development of Argentina are listed over there @ FSDinternational.

If you are French you can go on the website of “Horizon Argentine”, supported by the embassy of Argentina in France. This association aims to contribute to the improvement of living conditions and education of the children from disadvantaged areas of Buenos Aires: @ Horizon Argentine (in French).