Month: July 2011

Only The Educated Are Free

I was never a good listener in my youth, but there is one thing I will always remember my grandfather said to me: knowledge is power. It meant little to me then it seemed a standard statement said often to motivate students. Only later in my teenage years did I begin to really understand. It

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‘The state should encourage access to private education.’

Before discussing the role that private education can play in the context of developing countries, I find it useful to start with the definition of the term ‘developing countries’ from different perspectives. For instance, Dove (1986, p.2) presumes that ‘developing countries’ are those countries with high averages of population and illiteracy, and who need a

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‘Illiteracy as a hindrance to development.’

WHO ARE THE ILLITERATE ONES? Education is the bedrock of every society. It is a foundation on which this structure called society is laid. Without a foundation no structure will ever stand. A society standing or built on illiteracy will always topple over. When it crashes, rebuilding it takes much longer than it would have

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